When The Signs Show Their Worst Face

Show Their Worst Face

When The Signs Show Their Worst Face

Seeing a Libra in a bad mood can change your life, but witnessing a Scorpio’s bad mood can be even worse. Just like seeing the dark side of the eternal positive Sagittarius, this is so, no one is ready for it. It is also quite strong to witness the anger of a Cancer, or the last-minute outbursts of a Gemini. Just like it causes a lot of respect when a Taurus gets angry or when a Virgo plucks up their courage and says UP HERE. Not to mention how affectionate Leo or Aries is when they make things clear, or Aquarius when he gets fed up and sends everything to the mess. And Capricorn, that friend who seems colder than an ice cube and burns like hell when he gets mad. Be that as it may, all the signs leave their mark when they bring out the worst side of it. Read on if you want to find out what can happen The signs show their worst face: 


Aries can be at its worst when chasing someone who walks very slowly. He also brings out the worst self in her when he has to work or be next to someone with very little blood in his veins. Slowness in general causes Aries a very bad mood because he is a very energetic person and cannot cope with the lack of energy of some beings that inhabit this planet. It is a feeling that he cannot control because he loses control and only thinks of things that can help him go faster…


Taurus brings out its worst face very rarely, it is very rare to see the bull losing his temper over something foolish. Now when he does it he leaves a mark. Taurus is very stressed by the lack of attention or concentration of many people with whom he, unfortunately, has to deal. He doesn’t like it when you ask him the same questions multiple times. An example: a friend asks you a question. Taurus invests time and dedication in giving the best answer. Then that friend asks the same question again to a different person. That’s when Taurus brings out the worst face in him…


Geminis show their worst face when someone pushes their noses with the subject of bipolarity. For Geminis, this is a very delicate topic that should not be talked about just like that. He brings out the worst face in him when they accuse him of being very volatile or when they put him between a rock and a hard place with that issue. Gemini would like to be freer in that sense, he doesn’t want to feel that he has a thousand eyes watching every step he takes. He wants to be free to fail, to learn, to do and undo as he pleases. He wants to change his mind as many times as he wants without having to explain himself… 


You cannot say to Cancer “Hey, calm down or relax your mood” when she is in a moment of maximum crisis, because that annoys her even more. She brings out the worst face in her when she feels that she is not understood. She doesn’t like that her friends or her family give her that kind of bad advice because to receive that she prefers not to receive anything. When her people ask her for advice, the crab tries to give the best reflection or intense action in the best way so that her people are well. Damn, because in return she asks for the same thing, neither more nor less…


When Leo puts out his worst face, he leaves his mark and the truth is that he is quite affectionate. The lion does not like to hesitate and even less if he or she is the protagonist. He likes to be told the truth to her face even though it hurts because he doesn’t want to live a lie. If Leo finds out that he’s been the victim of a hoax or some kind of personal con, he’s out of his good vibes. Leo does not play nonsense in that sense, he has suffered a lot to let some people believe that they have power over his emotions.


Virgo is very destabilized by things that are poorly done, excessive noise and lack of hygiene. When he witnesses any of these three things, she’s done for. There he shows his worst face and does not bite his tongue. He says whatever he thinks about it because he puts up with that kind of thing. It’s like when she’s at her favorite restaurant (pizza or pasta time) and sits next to someone who chews with their mouths wide open. In the end, she ends up making the worst of it because she can’t stand the lack of education or hygiene in that regard. 


Nobody wants to see Libra angry. Truly, no one is prepared for that. Libra is always in a good mood and when he puts the worst face on her, people don’t know how to act. Libra can get the worst out of him when he feels like no one is listening to him. There is nothing that she hates more, she does not like to feel ignored. When she’s talking about something important or some drama, she needs attention. And if her friends are all the time looking at her mobile screen, she feels like a mess, because she feels that she is wasting her time. 


Scorpio brings out his worst face when he sees some injustice. The Scorpio cannot witness unfair situations in which the weakest person ends up losing. He can’t stand conceited people who take advantage of weaker people. Scorpio can be very cruel to bad people who do such things and can be cruel without any conscience. When she feels she has a responsibility to help weaker people, she gives her all and goes to the death with people who need it. 


When they make you wait longer than they were told, Sagittarius can enter the dark world of bad mood or frustration. Sagittarius is not worth it if you say “I’m coming” if you still haven’t left the shower or your house. He prefers that you tell him the truth and not waste his time. The worst face of Sagittarius comes out when people hesitate or when he feels that they don’t take him seriously. He cannot be without doing anything for a long time, his element is fire and it is what it is, he needs vitality and energy… 


Capricorn shows his own face when he witnesses some sign of rudeness or when he witnesses an unfair or very ugly situation. Excuses are not worth Capricorn, everyone can be educated in this life and the goat is not going to change his mind about it. When someone does not say “thank you” or when you witness a rude scene, you cannot remain silent. You can’t bite your tongue, your darkest part comes to light and puts anyone in their place. The goat is not worth rude gestures… 


Aquarius does not like conceited and haughty people. He hates situations of inequality or social exclusion. His worst face comes out with these types of issues, Aquarius cannot breathe the same oxygen as people who look over their shoulders or who practice that type of evil. Aquarius has a serious problem because you can’t bite your tongue and end up at the center of controversy for helping. And be careful, because when he brings out his worst side, many people are left stunned because no one sees it coming… 


When someone assumes that Pisces is okay or will get ahead of whatever, the fish is disappointed. It hurts him a lot to see how others take for granted that he is going to get out of everything. You would like to feel that you have more emotional support and that you are with people who care about your well-being. The worst side of her comes to light when she opens her eyes and discovers how much others take advantage of her kindness. The fish would like to be a little more selfish in that sense because then she is the only person who really suffers and pays her frustration with someone who doesn’t deserve it… 

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