5 reasons Aries are so drawn to Pisces

Pisces are gentle and compassionate partners who need to be worshiped and pampered by whoever they love.

They imagine their perfect partner as a mixture of passion and rationality, but also with deep emotional devotion.

The one they love has to make them feel something but also trigger their lust for life while enabling them to fully trust and rely on them.

A person who can do all of these things for Pisces may seem like an unlikely match, but it is the fiery Aries.

Aries people are real realists who live by the words “survival of the fittest”, while Pisces often live in a dream world and avoid any kind of pain.

Pisces firmly believe that the reality you create is also the reality you live in, while Aries never see life as something simple, which is why they always fight their way to the top.

These completely different mentalities, therefore, make them interesting lovers, because Aries believe in love at first sight and platonic tendencies, while Pisces believe that soul connections can be established and achieved over time.

From this statement, we can see that Aries, no matter how strong and realistic they are, have a hard time accepting love and being in love, so they are not very realistic when it comes to this subject.

They are so hard to love because they are thoroughly honest and transparent, which makes it difficult for someone to accept their realism.

Pisces, on the other hand, are delighted with their interesting characters, freedom and the way they express themselves.

They are two artists who together transform their whole life into something more pleasant and something bigger than life itself.

Because of their differences, they are not an ordinary couple, but it is precisely because of these differences that they are a couple that is able to grow beyond their comfort zone and develop their full potential.

1. Aries loves to play the hero, while Pisces love to be saved

Aries is very attracted to vulnerable people because this is a trait that is completely opposite to them.

They are brave to the last breath and therefore always like to show their bravery.

Pisces, on the other hand, are wonderful poets, actors, artists, and lovers because their feelings always overwhelm them.

You always feel too much of everything and therefore often feel helpless and prone to being used.

The ram as a knight in shining armor puts an end to this and saves them from drowning in their own tears.

As their protectors, they give them a sense of security, while in return they give the Aries a sense of appreciation.

After all, Aries like someone’s use, and Pisces are always in some form of need.

2. Aries likes old-fashioned love, and Pisces are super romantic

Pisces are deeply romantic, while Aries have a hero complex and love to impress their partner.

Because of this, they are a heavenly couple and can create a fairytale romance.

Aries will take responsibility for dates, buying gifts, showing Pisces their worth and making them feel strong to have such a seductive partner.

On the other hand, the Pisces will surprise the Aries with romantic movie nights, long bubble baths with candles and flowers.

Aries keeps traditional gestures alive, while Pisces create moments worth living for, and together they work perfectly in their differences.

After all, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces the last, but together they form a unit that is stronger than anything that separates them.

In this pairing, they teach each other so much, and sometimes it seems like it takes a lifetime for them to explore each other to the fullest.

3. Pisces calm the fiery temperament of Aries

People born under the Aries zodiac sign have a fiery temperament and are prone to outbursts of anger.

This is mostly the case because they want to always be in charge, but also because they are more emotionally involved than people really realize.

That they sometimes have a bad temper doesn’t mean they are bad people, but sometimes they become their own enemy because others are not properly aware of their emotions.

They get instantly nervous when things don’t go the way they want, but also when they fail at something they worked hard for, but luckily, Pisces are there to help them calm down.

Pisces teach them to be calm and serene when something bad happens, and they assure them that everything will be fine in the end.

They also help them overcome their need to constantly argue and control things, which ultimately makes them a more balanced person.

After all, it takes dreamy fish to teach rams how to be more tender, and they do it in the most wonderful way.

4. Aries simply cannot resist a kind soul like Pisces

Aries are well known for their independence and ability to endure even the toughest of situations, but even so, sometimes the hero wants to be saved too.

Because they always rely on themselves and people rarely ask how they are feeling because of their harsh exterior, Pisces become their favorite person to rely on.

They gladly accept the love and help of Pisces because it is so deeply sincere and nurturing.

Pisces know that their Aries partner can do everything on their own, but still, helping them will serve as a way to finally relax more.

Aries independence and drive is something that draws them tremendously, but they know they have been strong longer than is good for them.

That’s why they offer them a helping hand and make them feel like they are taken care of after all the hard times.

5. Pisces teach Aries that intimacy is also an expression of love

Unlike Aries, who see intimacy as a quick act of gratification, Pisces see intimacy as a way of connecting.

For Pisces the act of intimacy is itself an amalgamation of love and passion, and for them making love is the ultimate expression of love.

This difference confuses and excites the passionate Aries, who has never found intimacy to be pure or unifying.

For them the act of love is raw passion and an absolute expression of their dominance, which makes them appear almost like a brute towards the fish.

But even the strongest ram will turn into a gentle lamb when he comes across dreamy fish that appreciate just being in their presence.

In this way the Pisces learn to Aries that making love is the connection of souls and a way to feel completely devoted to your beloved.

Aries also admire Pisces’ willingness to try new things and also fall in love with their ability to remain affectionate even when expressing love.


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