Your Lucky Charm According To The Zodiac Sign

Your lucky charm according to the zodiac sign

The lucky charm that will bring you the most happiness according to your zodiac sign

For many centuries, people have been using all kinds of talismans and lucky charms to find happiness. Myths and legends give these items a certain magic and are still very popular. Most lucky charms work for pretty much everyone, but your zodiac sign can tell you which one is best for you.

Here are your lucky charms based on your zodiac sign

Check out this list and get your lucky charm. You will quickly notice that your life is changing for the better.


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1. Aries needs to look for a key

Of the twelve zodiac signs, it is easy to see that Aries is the most industrious and energetic. You don’t give up until you’ve got your heart’s desire and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Because of this, one of the keys is personalizing yourself. Just like a key, you help people get to places they couldn’t get to without you. People turn to you for advice and guidance when they have problems.

2. 7 is the magic number of Taurus

A Taurus is usually too rational to really believe in the power of talismans and good luck charms. Hence, the number 7 works best for them. It is your lucky charm and is considered a symbol of good luck in different cultures. Scientifically speaking, it’s a perfect number because 3 and 4 are perfect shapes that represent triangles and squares. It even shows up in other places, like the days of the week and the colors of the rainbow.

The bull’s connection to nature and acorns

Your connection with nature is strong and you intuitively know that what it brings forth will bring you good things. The strong Vikings viewed acorns as harbingers of good luck, especially when placed on window sills. They used them to protect themselves from storms.

3. Fuzzy cubes are for twins

Large cubes have always been considered lucky charms and fluffy cubes are very popular these days. This is the most suitable talisman for a Gemini as they are always in fashion.

Twins are sociable people, and they like to be part of the latest and most fashionable trends. Hence, any talisman they choose has to be something that is very popular with everyone, and since fuzzy cubes don’t go out of style anytime soon, they are your best bet.

4. Ladybugs are Cancer’s best friends

Cancers are loving and caring by nature, so their talisman needs to be something they can love and care for. They always treat animals as equals. Ladybugs are considered lucky charms in many cultures and in Germany they are even known as “lucky beetles” or “lucky beetles”. The redder they are, the more luck they will bring. Don’t keep them in cages, let them live in peace in your gardens.

Bamboos are good for crabs

Bamboos are valued in China and they are said to bring you great luck if you give them to someone else. If someone gives it to you, you should keep it in the part of your room that faces east; that will purify the energy there.

5. Leo’s treasure gems

Each sign has its own lucky stone, but for Leo all gemstones work miraculously. Like a gem, the lion is alive, beautiful, loved and elegant. They love to have the spotlight on them and wearing pretty jewelry is only for that purpose as it gives you more confidence and attracts attention. Amber is the happiest stone and many believe it is part of the sun. The sapphire is also said to bless the wearer with special gifts from the gods.

6. The evil eyes protect the VIRGIN from herself

The Evil Eye not only makes you happy, it is also supposed to protect you from all kinds of bad vibrations sent to you by others who would wish you bad. And as a VIRGIN, it’s easy to get other people to be jealous of you for being an amazingly capable person with many talents. An evil eye talisman usually comes in the form of a palm with an eye in the center or in the form of green and blue pearls with eyes on them.

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7. Triangles stabilize the balance

For thousands of years triangles have been believed to represent the cycle of birth and death and our connection to the universe. They are seen as signs that bring balance and stability and that is the type of person who is a Libra.

They are excellent mediators as they are known for their diplomacy and impartiality. Just like triangles, they prefer to find a balance between two opposing sides without going into depth.

8. SCORPIOS go for the standard horseshoe

Scorpios always put their beliefs outward and they prefer talismans to show the world. Originally, they were considered lucky charms because they were made of iron, a metal that was believed to repel any tricky goblin or cowardly creature.

9. The classic hare’s paw is perfect for the archer

This comes from ancient tribal traditions that believe that the left hind paw should keep evil spells away from you if you are stuck in a cemetery after dark. Of course, you should get fakes that have all of this power without having to do anything to a live rabbit. If you’re a Sagittarius, you should always carry one with you so you can stay safe.

10. The rare four-leaf clover is a lucky charm for the Capricorn

Four-leaf clovers represent faith, hope, affection and prosperity. These are important for Capricorns who love to surround themselves with beautiful things that they need money for. You are also nature lover and the shamrock provides a pristine connection to earth.

However, not all four-leaf clover are happy. Only the white clover plant serves this purpose and although rare, ibex will be able to spot them.

Like Daenerys, ibex are related to dragons.

Some cultures think dragons are signs of danger, but others see them as signs that they bring good luck. Of course, you won’t get a living dragon, but you can find a pendant or a figure. You are ambitious and it is said that they will make you a great leader and they can help you hone your skills and improve your position at work.

11. Crickets sing to the AQUARIUS

Those who have seen Mulan will know that they have been considered lucky charms for centuries. People who listen to their music at night are comforted with a sense of camaraderie. Her silence also warned people when danger was approaching. As an AQUARIUS, you want to experience adventure and someone who takes care of you is the perfect gift.

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12. Dream catcher for dreamy fish

Pisces are natural dreamers, and there is nothing happier for them than a dream catcher. These are supposed to prevent bad dreams from invading your room at night and by letting you have pleasant dreams they help you feel rested and peaceful. You can place one near your bed or even wear one as jewelry. They can even bring good vibes when hung around the office.


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