These 4 zodiac signs are real trendsetters

Whether fashion or politics, fashion or music, behind the term “trend” there are people who make decisions and thus influence other people.

To be a trendsetter, it is not important to look good or to be charismatic; you need to have a keen sense of timing and a keen eye for human nature.

A look at the stars can tell us a lot about our personality and our style.

While some zodiac signs don’t care about fashion, there are some who are known for setting new trends over and over again and knowing before everyone else whether something is trendy or not.

You are familiar with the latest trends and always have a must-have in your wardrobe.

Astrologically, these 4 zodiac signs have a keen sense for fashion and style and are real trendsetters.

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4th bull

(April 21st – May 20th)

The Taurus is a real connoisseur and he loves to indulge in luxury. Because of their materialistic desires, they sometimes spend huge sums of money on expensive brands.

These people cannot go unnoticed when they enter a room. Taurus have a huge appetite for shopping for brand new designer pieces.

So it is not surprising that your wallet regularly suffers from a shopping spree.

They have this innate taste for fashion and they always get compliments on their clothes and styling.

Taurus-borns love to indulge themselves every now and then and as real trendsetters they are passionate about their style.

This fashion-conscious zodiac sign knows what suits him well and what goes down well with his fellow human beings, and they show that with a lot of pride and self-confidence.

3. Leo

(July 23rd – August 23rd)

Like the Taurus, the Leo has a penchant for luxury, the satisfaction of which makes him extremely happy. He loves buying expensive outfits from big and popular brands.

Leo-natives are always up to date and always dress to impress. Hence, they put a lot of effort into planning their outfits.

They love to follow the latest trends on Pinterest and Instagram and set new trends themselves by giving trendy outfits their own twist.

They always get compliments on their looks and styling, much like Taurus-born ones. The quality of their outfits is almost always impeccable and they are always perfectly styled from head to toe.

They have the confidence to flaunt even the weird and bold styling because they just love it when all eyes are on them.

2. Virgo

(August 24th – September 23rd)

The Jungfrau is a fashion-conscious trendsetter who always knows what’s trendy and always makes an effort with her styling.

The demanding and perfectionist Virgo has an unmistakable style and a good sense for trends and is always up to date.

This earth sign loves to buy expensive luxury items as well as it-pieces from the thrift shop. And it always looks flawless, elegant and fashionable.

Virgo-borns follow new trends as soon as they come and fill their wardrobes with the trendy looks as quickly as possible.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t like the classics. You are able to wear vintage items too and combine them with new trends and breathe new life into them.

Whether in terms of interior or fashion trends, the Jungfrau knows what is in before everyone else and also sets the tone.

Her extremely pronounced sense of aesthetics enables her to display authentic and creative styling.

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1. Scorpio

(October 24th – November 22nd)


The majority of fashion designers and true trendsetters in the world are people born in the zodiac sign Scorpio.

That’s because they’re instinctive, creative, and fearless. It is imperative that you achieve something in your life and then earn praise for it afterwards.

They are also smart enough to know that to deserve this praise they must create something great – something influential, life changing, effective. And that is exactly their specialty.

They don’t like being in the spotlight, but they are happy to accept it when they find themselves in a position of authority and control.

Regardless of whether it’s about technology or fashion, they always know everything and have a strong sense of the coming trends.

You are always open to new ideas and will not stop at anything. These characteristics make it a real trendsetter who is clearly a leader in style and taste.


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