Your Finance And Career Horoscope For 2023

Horoscope For 2023

Your Finance And Career Horoscope For 2023

The last two to three years have not been particularly successful for most people. In terms of work and career, we haven’t made much progress. The global world situation was more such that we focused more on health and on the collective in general. Which was, of course, quite normal in such conditions. But now it’s all a bit different.

We can say that now is a good time to start thinking about our money and career. You see your own situation more clearly and can better assess how it can be improved. No year goes by without difficulties, but the 2023 money and career horoscope is urging us all to step out of our currency comfort zone. This year’s cosmic weather foretells bold and innovative ways to improve our professional reputation and grow our bank account.

What is each zodiac sign expecting in 2023?

Whether you’re ready to start a new chapter in your career, take the leap of faith and start a business, or want to double your stash for bad times, now is the perfect opportunity to focus on financial freedom and at the same time put your personal goals in the foreground.

What career and money intentions do you want to reinforce for this year?

Before you prepare for a year of financial and career changes, check out your 2023 Money and Career Horoscope to see what the rest of the year has in store for you based on your zodiac sign. Please also read your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a complete picture.


This year has the potential to be a successful and productive year for you, AriesThe year 2023 started with Jupiter, the planet of luck, in your zodiac sign. This will remain so until mid-May and will give you a lot of motivation and many open possibilities.

This means that you should take advantage of all possible opportunities to boost your finances. This is especially important now that Jupiter will switch signs and enter Taurus starting May 17th. You can see for yourself, but a big lucky charm in the sign of the zodiac, which symbolizes money and wealth – can only bring good things. Especially for your wallet.

Any efforts you make before May 17th will bring you big gains afterward. Invest in a project you care about or your own side hustle, but it has to be something you’re passionate about.

The north node, which symbolizes destiny, is in conjunction with Jupiter in your sign on July 18th. This will set you on a purposeful and fulfilling career path and give you even more reasons to celebrate.

Remember that one door can open when another closes. Don’t let that discourage you, but try to stay optimistic like you usually are. This mood will bring you even closer to an unexpected reward or career advancement. (Not so unexpected now, you will be prepared). But don’t forget to share your progress with others and always keep your social networks up to date!


Get ready to fully enjoy the fruits of your past engagements this year, Taurus. You deserve it. All the bulls that made an effort last year will be rewarded in 2023. This reward can come in the form of an unexpected gift or a bonus at work.

In 2023 there is a great opportunity for you to achieve not only sustainable money growth but also long-term success. That’s because any Mercury retrogrades this year will happen in earth signs. Yes, you will have to work hard, but it will be worth it!

Saturn’s position suggests that you need to be more disciplined with your spendingWhen it comes to online purchases, be especially careful not to overdo it. While it’s tempting to push ahead with all your might, you should get used to keeping a slightly slower pace. Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and fears about money that bind you to a job or financial obligation and don’t fulfill you. These energies will be especially strong around the New Moon in Aries, which occurs on April 30th.

But be careful after July 18th. This is a good time to think about balancing work and family life. During this time you can try to seek and get more support in the office (but also at home). On October 14th, during the solar eclipse and new moon in Libra, learn more about how work-life balance can impact your professional and financial goals.


Get ready for a big glow this year, Gemini! What you dreamed of is now becoming your reality. Huge social expansion and long-desired financial healing are predicted for you in 2023. The beginning of the year was difficult until retrograde Mercury ran straight again. Since then you can breathe freely and take good care of your finances. It’s only going to get better as the year goes on, so don’t worry!

What started in January is ripe by March and ready to either bear fruit or develop further. Whether it’s quitting your 9-5 job altogether to start something new and unique, or just changing jobs.

The lucky planet Jupiter moves through your 11th house until May 16th, which governs themes like teams and technology. For this very reason, leading a team project, launching a new website, or simply having more influence on social media are all ideas and areas that could bring you success at this time.

Responsible Saturn, the planet of long-term planning, moves into your 10th house on March 7th. This house symbolizes your career and therefore you can expect great changes in this area of ​​your life. He’ll stay there until 2025, which means you’ve got quite a bit of time to prepare for everything. Saturn also urges you to stop idealizing your plans and dreams. From now on you must constantly improve yourself and practice self-discipline so that you can achieve all of this.

We know how dreamy you can get with your plans and desires, but – and this is a big BUT – you need to step out of your head into real life, right now. Because you have all the tools you need to turn all your desires into reality here and now.


We know that 2022 was a rather quiet year. That is why the Money and Career Horoscope 2023 bring fire into your life, Cancer. This time will give you enough space to reconsider and reevaluate your current work relationships and financial plans. Between July 3rd and July 17th when we have Cancer’s New Moon in the sky is the best time to attract and keep aligned partnerships and income opportunities. These will support your personal goals, and that is what you are striving for now.

On March 23 Pluto will move into Aquarius. This will affect your 8th house of inheritance. This is a unique event in astrology that compels you to reduce your debt and increase your investments. It may feel tough at first, but building a legacy for the future brings you a lot of joy.

When the full moon in Pisces on August 30 illuminates your 9th house of adventure and long-distance travel, treat yourself to a vacation. But a real vacation where you won’t work. You will need plenty of rest, especially now that Saturn has entered dreamy Pisces.

But there is one more important event in the cosmic sky. Until January 23, 2025, the North Node of Destiny will pass through Aries. During this transit, you may realize that you want to pursue a  more authentic avenue of engagement. The best thing would be to break away from outdated ideas about who you are and what kind of work you should be doing.


The year 2023 holds great potential for you Leo. Especially for your bank account. As the year progresses, you will feel the urge to discover higher earning opportunities. That’s because playful Jupiter is crossing your ninth house of adventure in the fire sign Aries. So you should take your chances by May 16th.

The North Node will be in Aries from July 18th to January 11th. He prompts you to take a bold step. Depending on the job you do, you might be able to go on a business trip. There is an opportunity to complete an apprenticeship or to work with an international company. Be aware of any opportunities that come your way, as each of them could be a potentially lucrative client or an opportunity for your dream job.

Of course, this year also has some warnings in store. Keep an eye out for stumbling blocks as Venus goes retrograde in your sign. When Venus retrograde ends on September 3rd, you could be in financial trouble.

With Jupiter conjunct with the lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus, one could focus on the discipline and self-reliance this new phase of professional life requires. But as long as you focus on staying true to your values, you can never lose.


Since 2020, disciplining Saturn has been in Aquarius, bringing with it more duties and responsibilities not only in the office but also at home. You had your hands full and loved it. But on March 7, Saturn moved into Pisces. He encourages you to say goodbye to draining jobs and environments where you’re overworked and underpaid after three years of putting other people first.

He asks you to concentrate and finish all your started business. But you started a lot, virgin! We know it’s all up to you. We’re just saying that you should focus more on yourself and what you really want out of life.

March 30th sees money-bearing Venus and spontaneous Uranus in Taurus. what does that mean to you? It could give you the financial breakthrough you want and need. With that extra money, you should invest in something that could bring you long-term interest, such as real estate.

Stop buying unnecessary things like bags and accessories as you won’t get any real benefits for doing so. If you want to buy something, ask yourself: What is the return on this investment? If you remain persistent and disciplined through the end of the year, the answer to this question could be VERY high!


According to your career and money horoscope, 2023 will be one of your most social years, Libra. If you want this year to be as successful as you want it to be, you should network. Because that’s what the stars intended for you.

Pluto’s brief preview in Aquarius shows the success that can be achieved by accepting a leadership role. But most of the upheaval will happen around April 30th – when we not only have the solar eclipse but also the new moon in Aries. You should learn to actively negotiate at this time. If you do, you could get a raise, land a profitable business partner, or receive a large sum of money.

No matter how good this year and your success is and will be later, you definitely have trouble with self-criticism and overthinkingYou have to overcome these negative traits because you will soon find that they do not help you but have the opposite effect.

After you rid yourself of them, recognition for your work will come. This will also be visible to you, especially from May 2nd. The full moon eclipse in Scorpio will take place on May 2nd and will help you to realize your plans.


The cosmos is cooking up a huge shipment of wealth for you this year, Scorpio. Your ascension is already on the way, but it will not happen overnight. I’m sure you already know that because you’ve never gotten anything in life so easily. But it’s wonderful to know that your hard work always pays off.

This year, the cosmos will shine a light on everything from your productivity levels and work-life balance to how well you manage your household and money. If you change your habits and stop spending as much money on things you don’t really need, you can save more money. Not only does this help you achieve your financial goals, but it also gives you more freedom to choose what to do with your money.

In the period between May 16th this year and May 25th next year, it is important to be careful who you work with. To be successful in your career, you need to be valued and respected. Working with someone who supports your goals and ambitions creates a positive work environment and allows you to reach your full potential.

A momentous event began on March 7th – enterprising Saturn entered Pisces and will remain so until 2026. This can be a great time for anyone looking to start a new business as the energies of Saturn and Pisces can help bring structure and organization to a creative and imaginative endeavor.


This is your career and money year, stop shrinking, Sagittarius! With Jupiter as your ruler in Aries, you have the power of good fortune and abundance on your side. Make the most of this auspicious time and invest in yourself and your dreams. Take a leap of faith and find out where it will take you. Taking the initiative now could really pay off in the long run. Just believe in it!

As Saturn moves into sensitive Pisces, you should prioritize more pressing matters like buying a house or getting your kids started at school. It’s not good to make a decision alone, especially when it’s a big or financial matter that affects not only you but your whole family as well.

Before you make your decision, you must discuss it with a loved one, and you should both be comfortable with the outcome. Otherwise, you could hurt her feelings (which is really not too hard to do now with both Saturn and Sun in Pisces).

At the end of the year, you will feel more inspired and confident than ever. This is also helped by the new moon in your sign, which will give you new motivation on December 12th to achieve your goals and make the most of your potential. Don’t be afraid to show the real you!


Capricorn, your money and career horoscope for 2023 is telling you to take it easy. You don’t have to be so focused on work and order every year. Without a little fun and enjoyment, life can get too harsh. We understand that it’s hard for you to let go of work and money when you’re not working, but it’s only for your own benefit.

But you should set firm boundaries for yourself this year. In terms of your work-life balance, of course. Even you need some rest. That way you can be even more productive when you get back to work. Those who take their time benefit from better pay and more opportunities to showcase their work in publishing or education. You will be able to produce higher quality work and you will be viewed as a reliable and trusted source for professional services.

By 2025, when the symbol of Destiny – North Node enters your 4th house in Aries, you will understand why it is necessary to take it easy. If you haven’t already done so, you might consider working from home. You don’t need to be supervised by others so this could be a great opportunity to explore this year.


Your money and career horoscope for 2023 wants your professional profiles to show you in the best possible light, Aquarius. Even if you are satisfied with your current situation, you should not put off your job search this year. You’ll find that stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring other opportunities can significantly improve your career.

Beginning March 7th, when Saturn entered Pisces, you will notice a change in your income or bank balance. Maybe it’s a raise at your current job or a whole new opportunity  – either way, more money is coming your way every month.

The year ends with lucky Jupiter in Taurus. This transit offers you the opportunity to explore your working style from home (or anywhere). We know that you are a sociable creature and like to connect personally with people and your partners. But now may be the time to give yourself and your personality a little more freedom than you desire and deserve.

Maybe you want to slowly adjust to your new lifestyle instead of rushing headlong into work. It’s okay to start small and gentle. You can start building something on top of your regular work, and when it bears fruit, you can just switch course.


Have you thought about settling into a more stable and profitable profession, dear Pisces? If so, you should move and do it by March 25th. Until then, you have a positive influence from Mars in Gemini. For he is in your house of achievement and public approval. So we’d say this is the perfect timing for it.

This year you’re looking for exciting and profitable ways to make a name for yourself while growing your investments. Fortunately, this is very possible in the years to come.

Jupiter’s transit in Aries through May 16 encourages you to get serious about expanding your income streams. The great teacher Saturn in your sign advises you to take it slow. Because it brings structure and order to every area of ​​your life.

He will be in your sign until 2026, with a retrograde period from June 7th to November 4th. At this time, you should take it slow but still be serious enough. Especially Pisces, which has its natal Saturn in Pisces.

Your new lifestyle is just around the corner, possible and visible, you don’t need to rush into anything. Just let this energy guide you and enjoy it.

Final Thought

This year began with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn until mid-January – and this retrograde phase was a prime opportunity to reflect on your long-term vision. You will appreciate the wisdom and structure that this thorough transit brought, as Jupiter, the planet of luck and prosperity, is in Aries through May 18th. So your inspiration to create and start over will be bigger than ever.

On March 7th, Saturn entered Pisces, beginning a three-year journey. Saturn in Pisces reminds us that we are worth more than our paycheck and that we should act as such.

The bountiful planet Jupiter enters comfortable Taurus on May 16th. Since Taurus rules money and values, this is the perfect time to brush up on our financial literacy and embark on a savings or investing project.

Use Jupiter in Taurus to answer the question: What can I do to make my money work for me? If you make smart financial decisions, you can make a profit on your investments before the year is out.

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