Your Dark Part That At The Same Time Is Your Luminous Part According To Your Sign

Your Dark Part That At The Same Time Is Your Luminous Part According To Your Sign

Each of us has something in our way of being that, depending on the day, can be a virtue or a defect. Balance is always the best. When the balance is tipped one way or the other, it can make us an angel or a devil. In some signs it goes for days or times: either they are great or they are unbearable. In other signs, in the most changeable, sometimes it is on the same day. And we go crazy trying to understand them. But when you love someone, we all know that it is in the good and the bad. So let’s keep our fingers crossed: let’s enjoy the good and hope the bad part will pass soon. And now, know what is your dark part that is also your luminous part according to your sign.


In Aries, his strong character and initiative make him a born leader. Nobody like Aries to make decisions and put them in motion, firmly. Those who have an Aries in charge never complain because they know they are in good hands. And if everything goes well, Aries will say that it is everyone’s credit. And if everything goes wrong, Aries will take the blame first. However, there is a day when Aries sins of impatience and acts moved by the desire to do something now, no matter how it turns out. And if it doesn’t work out, he goes crazy, gets angry, and reproaches rain down on everyone. When everything calms down, Aries knows how to ask for forgiveness and does so with such innocence that it is difficult not to give him a big hug.


Taurus, it is important for you to surround yourself with people you can trust. If you take so long to consider someone a friend, it is precisely because you do not want to be wrong. Perhaps it may seem that you are doing your thing, of course you are doing your thing! It is your life and you choose, it would be missing more. And you are not usually wrong. But oh when you are wrong. Suddenly your virtue becomes a defect. That kind side, that friend of his friends, that generous person becomes inflexible, and it does not matter if it is with someone he loves so much. Taurus goes from white to black, and has no qualms. You said no, and it is no. And the tears of whoever they are run down. Give him time if you think you are right because Taurus is tough but his big heart knows when to give in.


With Gemini everything is always very easy. At his side it is difficult to be sad because he knows how to make you laugh, reassure you, say the right words for that moment … That is why Gemini is so appreciated at home, by his partner, by his friends or by his coworkers. The problem comes when Geminis are not well, something that can happen many times because of their changeable and unstable personality. Then Gemini also infects you, but now not with their joy and good vibes. Now his slump infects you, or he changes your plans at the last minute just because, or he does not respond as you expected and he gives you a YES or a NO that leaves you stunned. The good news is that Gemini will soon be their old self again. Good vibes come back with Gemini. It never lasts long.


You will always see Cancer as the soul of your family. In a Relationship, it is usually the one who takes care of all the details and who is always there for the good and the bad. With friends, Cancer is the one who listens the best and the one who hugs you tightly when he doesn’t have to tell you. With his hugs he shows that you can always count on him. And it’s true. Except in those moments when he gets angry. And when Cancer gets angry, it gets very angry. Almost always with reason, other times not so much. But it is that you can not abuse their love and dedication. And that’s what many people do: abuse. And Cancer, who always takes everything very seriously, wants to run away, wants to get into his shell and lose them all. Leave him when he gets like this. And as soon as his head pops up, hug him. Sometimes that’s all he wants to get a smile back on.


A born leader is one who knows where he is going, when and how. That’s Leo, from the time he gets up until he goes to bed. Let him guide you because he will take you to a good place and will always take care of you. Leo gives himself to others and asks only that: receive the same commitment from others. If he is a friend, if he is a relative and I no longer tell you what he expects from his partner: everything. But if you fail him, it will hurt Leo twice as much. Leo feels that he always gives a lot and that is why he is so demanding waiting. Be careful, he does not want you to give him much but to give him everything. And if he doesn’t have it, jump, and he can hurt you when he throws it in your face. But understand it, it is the pain because you have let him down, because he felt cheated because you told him that you were always going to be there. Leo will feel bad because he trusted, or more than that: he took everything for granted.


Virgo knows how to do things. In his head there is always a solution for everything. When you ask him for something, watch him. Look at his face, that charming half smile: he already has what you want, in his head at least. Give it time and it will get it for you in a real way. With Virgo you do not have to be afraid that he will fail you. It is like a Swiss watch that always tells the time on the dot, to the thousandth of a second. But once you’ve asked for help, don’t just take what interests you and push it away. Virgo knows how to do things, from start to finish. What bothers him is that you selfishly seek him out, get what you want, and run off with almost no thanks. Virgo does not want medals but does not like to have any. And as you go about your thing with him, he is going to freak out. You’re warned.


Libra is one of those people who, although they know how to be alone, find it difficult. But because Libra likes people: he likes to be together, to enjoy others. Libra is always happy to share his things, his advice, his clothes and everything that they ask of him. It gives you everything. Whenever you look for him, you will find him. And if he’s busy, he’s able to quit or finish it sooner because he knows you need him. But be careful when Libra is sensitive, because everything turns against him. All good vibes turn bad. Libra are so unaccustomed to having bad days that they don’t cope well. However you want to help him, he will accept your company but he will be negative, or abusing a bit of victimhood. And after a while he will tell you to forgive him for being like this, that he does not want to abuse your time … Heartwarming. For you and for all those who love your Libra. Don’t leave him alone. You will see how soon he smiles again.


Scorpio has a dominant way of being. He adds intensity to everything, even if you see him as someone calm on the outside. His mind is powerful, and his heart is not even telling you. Scorpio never does anything by halves: if you look for him you will find him forever, not for a little while. If you ask him for help, he will give it to you but he will want to know why. If you want his opinion, you will have to listen to him whether you like what he has to say or not. When angry, Scorpio doesn’t do it a bit either. When he gets angry he is a ball of fire that will destroy everything that is ahead. And when everything passes, the worst will come. Scorpio will have a grudge and it will take time to get back to being his usual self. It will be between sad at times and angry another. But he will return to you because if he chose you in his life it is because he cares about you. And he won’t want to lose you. Sure.


Sagittarius always knows what to do. When he is with someone, he is always the one who proposes plans and who keeps the flame alive. With friends he knows where to take them to have a good time. Sagittarius has always been in many places, knows many people and many things have happened to him. But Sagittarius doesn’t like trouble. They upset him a lot. And sometimes to solve them he goes over them. As if passing from them were to be solved. When given the wrong Sagittarius chooses to do what is faster, without thinking much if it is the best. He remains optimistic but his optimism now means: nothing happens, let’s not give it much thought that it is worse. And that doesn’t always work. Sometimes he damn it, and quite a bit. But Sagittarius knows how to listen if you know how to talk to it. Make him see where he was wrong. With very good words,


Capricorn knows what he wants and how to get it. Everyone ends up asking him for advice or wanting to work by his side because they know that he is never wrong and he works like the most. With his partner he manages the relationship. The other person trusts his way of doing things, controlling expenses, organizing plans … Capricorn does everything thinking of him but thinking of his own at the same time. No one is left behind. The problem is that sometimes it is wrong or not correct, but it does not admit of discussion. No no and no. He knows, he wants to let him do it. And he closes in band in not wanting to give in, or speak or anything. A wall. He is grateful to follow through with what he had in mind. And until you realize it, it will continue. Alone, because above it does not accept advice of any kind.


For someone like Aquarius who has felt very different from others all his life, it is easy to be alone. But in his loneliness, he ends up being someone so independent that he is envious. Challenges are a gift for Aquarius. With your Aquarius mind you already feel pretty good, and sometimes you see others weak with their dependencies. He pays them with the same coin: they separated him as strange, because Aquarius now separates them as fools. In that war, Aquarius can end up showing too much coldness and detachment. And if he loves someone inside, he knows how to keep it because he doesn’t feel like showing anything. As if now it was his turn to dominate the situation. But Aquarius, you know that in the end you have a little heart that needs others. You’re going to give in, and know it. But because with your intelligence you have understood that this is the best.


When you are with Pisces you always have the feeling that they know more about you than you imagine. And you haven’t told them, but Pisces knows, senses, observes you… It seems that they have lived a thousand lives and it is wise that you die. Pisces is good at everything. And when he tells you something, it grabs your attention immediately. All that when Pisces is fine. When he’s most discouraged, his sadness rubs off on you. It is magic that it had and it reached you, it becomes a magnet now that what it takes you is to impregnate yourself with its bad roll. And the worst thing is that Pisces is so used to their lows that they do nothing to get out of there. Wait for them to pass and that’s it. Don’t be mad at Pisces for all that. When reality is very harsh, Pisces needs to go through, dedicate themselves to dreaming about what is most beautiful and let everything pass. Pisces never strays for long. Wait and see.


Your Dark Part That At The Same Time Is Your Luminous Part According To Your Sign

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