A strong, determined and charming sign. He’s so positive he knows exactly how to act like nothing has happened. An Aries does not accept the refusal of anyone, he always wants more in every way. You can see him defeated, but he’s not going to give up. What you don’t know is that there are nights that become eternal, in which to think and think, make your thoughts boil over and make you believe that you are worthless. Aries, wonders several times how long will this pain shaking his chest stop. He saves everything because he doesn’t like to worry about him. Aries, he just wants hell to end, he burns and no one notices.


It even seems like Taurus is demanding too much, but it isn’t. People perceive him to be very firm, however, all he wants is to feel loved. His dream is to be with someone who understands him, not just a partner, but also friends or family. Taurus is very brave and intense, but their mind is full of gentleness. He’s not always in control, he too collapses, silently cries and desperately asks Heaven why this is happening to him. It is a very loyal sign, but it is difficult for him to surrender and it has caused him to keep a lot of things to himself. All is not well in his life, but few understand it and it is better for him not to say anything.


Only you know that you are not that cruel sign that everyone has created in their minds. You are here to interact with people who truly value your peace of mind. It is difficult because you are hiding in one activity after another, when you feel like you are not productive you become anxious, because you are afraid to face what is breaking you. You get lost in your silence when things go wrong, it is much easier than accepting in front of others that it is not like that because it makes you feel weak. It’s not that you don’t want to move on, it’s that you don’t know where to start and your head is losing control. Gemini want a break and stop being judged.


Behind the kindness of Cancer, hides a sign that weeps while doing the activities of the day and that no one notices. Because he is not one of those who like to attract attention, on the contrary, when he feels that he is becoming a burden for someone, it is better for him to walk away. Cancer, several times feels repressed, sadness visits him, sinks and the charm is left aside. But the next morning, he claims everything is fine. He is so cunning that he takes out all his pain with anger. If a Cancer gets in your way and ends up saying hurtful things to you, don’t take it personally, they’re fighting their own demons.


What you like least is that everyone knows about your problems. You don’t want them to judge you, let alone believe that they have the solution to what is happening to you. Let’s say your pride doesn’t let anyone think of you as a small thing. On the contrary, you prefer to be hard on yourself. When you get lost in your bedroom things get pretty intense because you hate not feeling well. You can tell you can’t take it anymore when you get mad about everything. Before the slightest provocation, you take the opportunity to argue and this frustrates you, leading you into a vicious circle, from which you are the only one who can escape. There are many who want to help you, but you shut the door on them.


On the outside, meticulous, stubborn and hardworking. It’s part of Virgo’s personality, but that’s not all, it’s what he wanted them to believe so that they don’t have to struggle with their ups and downs. In fact, it is a very affectionate sign, he loves when they treat him in a special way and they worry about what happens to him. Virgo does not say that he is too stressful, that his thoughts make him very insecure and leaves many projects half-finished. Virgo isn’t saying that when she breaks, the enthusiasm for everything goes away and the least she wants is to be creative. You feel like you get lost along the way and just need a little help.


There are two types of Libra. At least the ones that most people are used to seeing. The first is the one who supports, the one who loves and who is very empathetic. The Libra who is always anxious and does not hesitate for a second to put his hands in the fire for the people he appreciates. However, the flip side is that you are not surrounded by people. As soon as you let your guard down and your spirits go, sadness becomes your best company, and it is virtually impossible to achieve peace and quiet. Libra, feels that things are not going as planned and that depresses him, but he keeps smiling because he doesn’t want to please anyone when they see him fall.


Scorpio has already lost count. You don’t know when was the last time you had a genuine smile. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that he lives in depression all the time, but he often keeps quiet, doesn’t say that he feels overwhelmed and that his emotions are almost impossible to control. It is difficult to accept that he is not always the strong, vengeful, intense Scorpio and that when he does, he destroys everything in his path. It’s just something imaginative, the reality is you can’t control everything. We feel in a labyrinth with no way out. He wants to, but he can’t, and at the same time that makes him very frustrated. Scorpio, you need someone to understand you and help you clarify your ideas.


Do you want to discover the weaknesses of a Sagittarius? All you have to do is pay attention to his behavior when he’s not busy. This is why you are looking for what to do all the time, because you don’t want to face your emptiness. There are a lot of things that break him, but he’s adept at disguising them with a new challenge. When you feel sad, you withdraw from everyone, your energy is depleted, and you have no motivation to do new things. He goes out and works the best he can, but inside he’s only waiting for the end of the day.


An enterprising, disciplined sign with a frightening touch of perfection. Capricorn, has become the inspiration for many and you don’t notice him for being so focused on one project after another. However, he has a noble heart, which is also shaken when cruel people discharge all their bad energy. It has become customary to cover his shell with a thousand layers, as it angers him that when they find out about his feelings, they treat him like he is not worth enough. It’s a brave sign, but it also hurts when you start to fail at something. If you want him to listen to you, start by not judging him, maybe so he can trust you.


The thing about Aquarius is, it’s such a smart sign that it can’t get enough of no minimal explanation. It doesn’t matter if something good or bad happened to you, it is important that they share all the details of how it happened so that you feel calm. His mind is like that of a scientist, but it is not easy for him to break the ice with people, and that is when he ends up breaking, as he begins to draw conclusions and ideas. falsehoods which only fill him with anguish and despair. Aquarius, he is very calm, he does not always want to be alone, he says that because he does not know how to express that he needs support and few realize it.


When you break your imagination, you no longer want to think, act, or strive to do anything. Suddenly, the magic of the unknown becomes boring and you get used to doing something outside of the routine, but inside you can’t take it anymore. Hope leaves you and you cannot find possibilities in everything that is offered to you. Negativity in you is not normal, it is a desperate cry for help, but only those who pay attention will be able to read it. The only thing you want is relief in your heart, to feel that you have already forgiven and that they have forgiven you, because you are fed up with keeping so much garbage and there is not just to continue living like this.


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