What To Expect From Zodiac Signs On A First Date

On A First Date

What To Expect From Zodiac Signs On A First Date

In dating, there is a range of possibilities to choose from and it is not superfluous that you prepare yourself in case of dating any specimen of the astrological fauna. So what can you expect from your crush when you are going out for the first time? Knowledge is power, so soaking up astrology would come in handy so you don’t get unpleasant surprises and get out of the situation majestically if you so require. Let’s see what to expect from the zodiac signs on a first date:


If you go out for the first time with the fire of Aries, be sure that he loves you. Aries has no time to waste. He saw you, he liked you and he did what was necessary to make them see each other. You are not going to get bored on this date because a plane with Aries is characterized by being energetic, hot, and quite intense. You decide how far you want your fire to burn. You can expect him to ask for a lot of spicinesses in food and to encourage you to try new flavors. Aries knows what he wants and needs. If during the date or after he decides that you have no future, you will not see him again. Get ready, enjoy, and hope for the best. 


Taurus is a “Romeo” by nature. Since he knows how to extend the good times, he will suggest you go to a good restaurant and finish off the talk with dessert and coffee. Don’t be impressed if he orders a little of everything on the menu. You will leave very well rewarded / or from a date with Taurus. He loves everything in life that produces pleasure, so he will make sure to give it to you and that you feel comfortable next to him. Depending on his preferences and yours, he will stimulate each of your senses creatively: be it with a musical concert, a wine tasting, a walk through the newest art exhibition and even buying candles in a bazaar. Let yourself be pampered.


The thing for Geminis is to express themselves, so do not doubt that the appointment will be in a stimulating place where they can be inspired and talk, something like in a bar, in a coffee bookstore, and even in a ceramics workshop. At times, you’ll feel like you’re in a job interview because of the overwhelming number of questions he’ll ask you, but don’t take it the wrong way, he really wants to get to know you and discover what you have to offer. Geminis need stimulation with new information and curious facts. If you’re not up to talking to him on the first date, he’ll get bored and drift away over time. He is not one of those who abruptly cut you off, he will know how to leave. In any case, if you manage to keep their attention you will have a fun, vibrant, and amazing first date. 


On their first date, Cancer may act aloof because he’s not ready to have his heart broken again. If you see this tenderness putting up barriers at the beginning of the date, give him his time so that he feels confident. A good option is to go for a walk with your dogs or go to the movies. Cancer loves movies because he builds fantasy worlds out of the characters that inspire him. This plan is perfect because, in a movie theater, they shouldn’t talk so much, then, as the movie passes, Cancer will feel moved by the story and when they leave they will be able to exchange opinions about the characters that will lead them to quite interesting conversations. If you are not ready to deal with emotions, consider dating Cancer. If you are pure sensitivity you will enjoy his company.


Leo’s brilliance cannot and should not go unnoticed. Simply this beauty is majestic in his appearance. He will divinely arrange to attract you. Of course, he expects you to, too, because courtship with someone who matches his beauty is what excites him—and keep in mind that the definition of beauty is flexible and diverse. Leo loves interacting with sunny ones like him and will go out of his way to make you feel like you shine just the same. And where better to shed light than at the latest fashion spot or a party with his friends? Let him share with you what turns his heart on. Take advantage and throw him a couple of compliments because he will fall at your feet. 


Virgo can be very scrutinizing on the first date. He is going to ask you many questions to find out who you are, what you like, and why you like what you like. If you love talking about yourself this is the perfect date. Without exaggeration, he will be missing his notebook next to him for his field notes of the guy she’s dating, and, even if he doesn’t, he bets because she is taking a mental note. In addition, she likes to be practical / or: better to know everything at once and not get surprises later. Since Virgo pays attention to details, he will notice how you eat, talk, breathe, look, and smile. Please don’t feel bad about it, she does it because he doesn’t want to miss any part of you. That will be valuable information when it comes to pleasing you. Try to be on time because your Virgo date will appreciate it and it will be the perfect entry into his life. 


If a Libra has asked you out, it is because they have already evaluated whether you meet their checklist: style, grace, and beauty. Not that they are the only values ​​that he appreciates, but since we are talking about the first date, they will surely be the ones that helped him make the important decision to ask you out. Sometimes they criticize him for being “superficial” but he pays a lot of attention to aesthetics, so don’t be surprised if he shows up with a fashionable outfit and impeccable from head to toe. The visual element is vital to his rapprochement with human beings and the decisive factor in igniting his flirtation. They will surely go to one of those instagrammable sites and will want to share what they did with you on social networks. Don’t take this the wrong way, let him know how far to share the information. 


Scorpio is so passionate that any banal encounter simply does not interest him. Oh honey, get ready to experience different levels of intensity while you are by his side. Maybe you want to turn brunch into dinner, then into drinks, and later into…. His powerful magnetism will make you agree to spend more time at his side, perhaps Scorpio will propose to you until the end of time. In short, for Scorpio a little coffee is not enough, you always want more. He may bring up somewhat unusual topics, but they will blow your mind if you give him the chance. There is a dark undertone to their conversations that will leave you wanting more. If yours is the depth with Scorpio you have it guaranteed. 


Sagittarius You will be happy with any plan because it excites you to meet all kinds of people. Any experience that you propose will be open to trying. From a picnic in the park to a walk through the city’s historic center. In reality, the place doesn’t matter much to him – he is a chameleon that adapts to all kinds of circumstances – what interests him in the background is exploring you. You will be his focus of attention and he will sniff out what you like the most. He will be able to tell you about the latest Shakira gossip, the most recent theories of physics, and even Hindu mythology. Her vast knowledge combined with humor will put you on one of the funniest dates ever. Don’t worry, she won’t judge you for your appearance, for what you say, for what you do, for absolutely nothing, she just wants to see you laugh and have a good time with her. 


Hey, with Capricorn you better be prepared to present your real adult side because, although he can be very respectful, he doesn’t tolerate immaturity or lies. The premature Capri smells falsehoods for miles so show yourself genuinely as you are. It can be a lot of fun, but with someone who shows you that you have clarity and direction in your life – no matter where that direction goes. It is not necessary for the first date to end in the romance of their lives, but it is necessary for each one to learn something. Capri is concrete and directed with what he is looking for and if it is not you he will let you know; If it is not him for you, he will also appreciate it if you inform him. Clear beads, thick chocolate. 


Aquarius is so gentle that you will feel very pleased from the first date. The ability of this cutie to perceive others is brutal and she loves to attend to those who interest her. She will always ask you what you want and if you are okay with what he/she wants. It’s nothing routine. On the contrary, it is surprising, innovative, and different, so don’t expect stuffy or traditional plans when you decide to go out. They may go for a beer and unexpectedly end up on the roof of the tallest building in the city. Anything can happen and Aquarius knows how to take advantage of it. It is possible that he has a work emergency and asks you to continue his appointment at his workplace, or that he arrives at the appointment with a rare object that he has just bought from an artist on the street. Relax and appreciate it as it is.  


The intuitive Pisces will make their first date with you unforgettable. He believes in the meeting of soul mates so he will not miss the opportunity to test you and find out if you are the love of a past life incarnated. It is not for you to be scared but for you to let yourself be enveloped by a moment of fantasy. If you don’t like galloping with unicorns let her know because she’ll find out anyway. Pisces feel everything and feel so much. That’s why sometimes he needs to step back and process. Crowded places will not be a good option for your first date. He will prefer romantic, mysterious, or quiet places so that he can show you what is inside. If what you are looking for is reciprocity, Pisces will know how to give it to you. 

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