What It Means If You Withdraw And Keep Silent In 2022, According To The Zodiac Sign

What It Means If You Withdraw And Keep Silent In 2022, According To The Zodiac Sign

When people fall silent, it can mean different things. Some become thoughtful, others are in their dream world and others, in turn, observe their surroundings.

It is not always easy to find out why people are silent. What does it mean when you keep silent? Your zodiac sign tells you.

1. Capricorn 

You are silent when you are too preoccupied with the scenarios in your own head. You then tend to become unresponsive to others as your mind is busy isolating yourself.

So if you keep silent, it means that you have succumbed to rethinking. You tend to get caught up in your thoughts and lose your zeal. 

2. Aquarius 

When people try to make you feel guilty or just try to make you feel bad, you keep quiet. As an Aquarius, you tend to have your emotions openly.

Even if you do not open up communicatively about your feelings, you become still and do not interact with anyone. Most of the time, the reason for this is that you’ve been belittled by someone. So when you go silent, it means that you are frustrated and upset, which will result in you turning off completely.

3. Pisces

When you are disappointed, you tend to be silent. As a Pisces, you are one of the most emotional of the zodiac signs. So if you keep silent, it means that someone you trust has let you down.

You tried to see the good in him, but he showed his bad side and let you down. You really believed in this person but are losing your faith. You won’t openly talk about how you are feeling, but your silence is enough for others to understand that they have let you down.

4. Aries

The feeling of no longer being able to identify with yourself makes you fall silent. If you suddenly feel that what you have set out to do is not right, you can feel overwhelmed. So if you remain silent, it means that you will need your time to evaluate the steps to be taken so that you can get back on track.

5. Taurus

You are silent when you just don’t care and there is nothing more to say. You behave indifferently towards others and leave the situations as they are. You think it’s not worth your time and you’d rather be mute.

As an earth sign, you’re not very emotional, but it also makes you suffer from your loneliness. You may seem heartless, but the truth is, you just don’t relate to those around you. Even in a room full of people, you feel alone. So if you keep silent, it means that you are indifferent to those around you.

6. Gemini 

When you are silent you feel like it doesn’t matter what you say because they don’t hear you. As a Gemini, you are both a quick and a deep thinker. So when you feel like someone is ignoring you, you think about it all the time.

You’re telling yourself that someone doesn’t bother to understand you, so why bother to say something? You feel that others don’t care about your opinion, so you keep silent.

7. Cancer

When you jump into the state of darkness, you fall silent. You feel like you cannot go any further without harming yourself, and you just want to survive. Like cancer, you are very sensitive and more prone to depression than other signs.

You try to pretend you can handle situations that are bothering you and you go underground with your feelings. You also feel that if you are silent, you cannot be called weak.

8. Leo

When you feel attacked by someone you trust, you feel hurt and become quiet. As a Leo, you are full of life, but sometimes when you put your trust in someone and they attack you, you can get really upset.

You just expect that someone to make amends and try to restore your faith in them. So you give him silence until he apologizes to you. Fortunately, you are quick to forgive.

9. Virgo 

When you need some time to yourself to process it all, indulge yourself in pondering to find the answers in your head. As a critical thinker, you can also be an over-thinker.

Your head is busy all the time thinking about things to do or how to move forward on your next project. You also become silent when you think about your emotions and relationships. 

10. Libra

When you question yourself and think about the decisions you’ve made, you keep silent. As a Libra, you think about the what-ifs when you fall silent. You get skeptical of what people are telling you.

You won’t believe what someone has told you, instead you fall silent and analyze the situation for yourself. That may be fine, but sometimes you become obsessed with it and you tend to draw your own conclusions.

11. Scorpio 

When you fall silent, it means that you have been betrayed by a human. As a Scorpio, you seem mysterious and cold, but you are really sensitive, and when you feel like someone is stabbing you in the back from behind.

At that moment all you can think of is revenge. You then channel all negative thoughts. If others hurt you, they will likely never have a place in your life again.

12. Sagittarius 

When you realize you’ve done something terrible and words can’t even help, you don’t say anything anymore. As a Sagittarius, you just keep quiet knowing that words don’t make it any better.

You have difficulty expressing your feelings and often hide your sadness from the world, especially when you feel like you’ve said something that you shouldn’t be saying. You do not justify yourself and keep silent because you know that it is better to give other people time to heal.


What It Means If You Withdraw And Keep Silent In 2022 According To The Zodiac Sign

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