Top Of The Signs That Are Not To Be Anyone’s Second Choice

Top Of The Signs That Are Not To Be Anyone’s Second Choice

At this point we are no longer for insane loves, we have already learned to deal with our loneliness and to work on our own love as if to settle for something so empty and exhausting. No one deserves to live with the doubt of whether they love them or not, much less feel inferior just because of their partner’s lack of commitment. This is the top of the signs that are not to be anyone’s second choice. You choose them now or you leave them forever; do not get in the middle of the road because you are getting in the way, do not stay or let someone else enter your life. Sorry, they already understood how much they are worth to become a secret.

1.- Gemini 

Fortunately, Gemini, you are the best of the signs when it comes to saying goodbye to love, it is not that you do not love deeply, but above all else, there is your own love and when they break it you draw strength from within to defend your emotions and leave. You don’t like obsessing over the past, on the contrary, you love dreaming of a future where you can laugh out loud. You are not to be the second option, no matter how adventurous you are, when you commit you do not want crumbs and if someone does not give you the place you demand, you are not going to wear yourself out in begging.

2.- Sagittarius 

For you, this love becomes a challenge, because your relaxed personality fights against ties and when you feel that someone makes you more bitter than it makes you smile, you know very well that it is time to turn the page. No matter how in love you are, you are not going to allow yourself to be treated like the extra in their life. You are tolerant, but not stupid, so when they try to see your face your fury is unleashed, more than angry you feel hurt and disappointed. It hurts because you gave your time to a person with great fear and did not mind taking refuge in other arms. Really, you are not for such a small Sagittarius thing. If you want something for a while, look elsewhere.

3.- Aries 

You are the most intense, passionate, and determined heart in the zodiac. You may be very unpredictable, but when you change a chapter in your story it is because you listened thoroughly to your emotions and you trust that they are warning you that it is not there. Your anxiety can put you between a rock and a hard place, but you know you don’t deserve to be with someone who sees you as a second option. When you surrender you are very genuine and the least you want is to be lied to. You will not let them manipulate you with fairy tales, because you stopped believing in them long ago. Now all you want are facts, the rest is superfluous and there are those who are experts in blackmailing. You do not intend to fall for that.

4.- Cancer   

For hurtful emotions of yours. It’s hard enough dealing with everything your mind tells you and the way your heart breaks over other people’s negativity. You like to be given your place, but you are also not willing to go into battle for someone who is not worth it. Your pain is genuine, you feel insufficient to discover that someone pretends to see you as their second option and is not worth it. You better stay focused on yourself to ward off those people with so little love in their life. People tend to see you as the one who always gives, the one who does not tolerate injustice and does many beautiful acts for those who love. However, you have a cold, strong, and very determined side. Whoever seeks to treat you as defenseless beware because he is going to find a huge wall and I am not exaggerating.

5.- Libra 

Of course, you have to be in the first place, Libra. In the cemetery was that time when you allowed yourself to be treated to the tip of your foot in love. You are no longer for such mediocre relationships, you have become more aware and you know that you do not deserve to carry the emotional wounds of people who do not have the courage to respect a commitment because they have never been respected. It’s hard to realize that they want to label you the second option. Especially because it is difficult for you to surrender to the first and there are times when you feel very insecure, but you dare to continue because you are a sign that honors love. The fact that you are so empathetic and supportive does not mean that you are going to allow your face to be seen. You are not here to share kisses, hugs, and less attention.

6.- Virgo 

Loving makes your head spin a thousand times, it is an area in which you do not feel like an expert, contrary to everything you do. One part of you is desperate to control everything, but another wants to trust and surrender in a relationship. It is clear that you do not like lies, much less end up involved in a relationship of three. It is so much time and energy that you invest at the beginning of the courtship, that it seems a very low act to meet someone who has no idea what loyalty is. You may break at the moment, but no matter how much love you feel, it is not enough to give you second chances. You do not intend to stay with someone who did not respect the relationship, it does not matter if they promise that it will change, definitely that with you is no longer compatible.

7.- Pisces 

It is very disappointing to discover that someone did not value your delivery. It is not that you believe yourself better than anyone, but when you start a relationship you want to be as honest as possible, you do not want to start badly, because for you emotions are not a game and what you least want is to become the one who hurts. What you want is to free yourself from anguish, because it becomes an ordeal to fight with your thoughts, they make you believe that perhaps you did something wrong and that is why they did not speak to you with the truth. The only thing you hope is that time passes quickly and that the wound becomes a lesson. You don’t mind crying as many times as necessary, if that will help you get over it, you do. You are very brave and have overcome other emotional battles, this will be no exception.

8.- Aquarius 

It is difficult for you to get close to people because you are not emotionally open and that prevents you from getting carried away. Although it may not seem like it, you pay attention to every attitude that the person you are dating has, because you don’t want to be the victim of some betrayal. You may not show it, but you are one of those who breaks down and cries until he says goodbye deeply to a bad love. Being the second option is not something that interests you, because you do not plan to live in an eternal ordeal, just because they do not have the courage to give you the place you deserve. If someone is not able to give you exclusivity, why have a relationship? You are not afraid to enjoy being single, it is better to stay with yourself and wait for the right person to arrive.

9.- Scorpio  

You may be a rather complicated sign when it comes to love, especially for those who do not know intensity and transparency. You are not someone who allows himself to be defeated just because his dignity is trampled on, on the contrary, you turn the page as soon as you find out. You are simply not interested in hearing silly arguments in which they try to justify their lack of fidelity. You are much more sensitive than you appear, you can fall apart in the blink of an eye, which makes the person think they have you in the palm of their hand. However, you will not allow them to continue humiliating you, you would never allow them to treat you like the second option. That for you would be a constant headache, the worst act of heartbreak towards yourself. You want a loyal and passionate love, not instability or the leftovers of their time.

10.- Leo 

The difference between you and the rest of the signs when it comes to love, Leo, is that you tend to live with wounds for a long time. Really, you don’t take emotions lightly and if you surrender it is because your goal is to build something beautiful in the future, you don’t want to have to worry about knowing where and with whom your partner is. It is very painful when you discover that you are the second option and that you have given your best moments to a person who does not deserve that you even speak to him. Leo may cry in front of you, but that does not mean that you will continue to humiliate him, it is simply synonymous with that he feels deeply and that although the duel makes him believe that everything is a nightmare, he knows that he has to be strong and face reality. It better hurt right now, before more time passes.

11.- Capricorn 

It is normal for you to become too distressed when betrayal haunts your relationship. And there is a part of you that cannot assimilate that things go wrong, especially because you are very meticulous about giving someone your heart, and the fact that it turns out to be the worst makes you question your abilities at the time to choose a partner. You may be obsessed for a while mulling over the matter. In fact, you need to know in detail the parts of the story and how it was that you ended up in a relationship in which you were the second option. It’s not because of a masochist, it’s just that clarity helps you let go and you prefer it to hurt so you can say goodbye. Over time you understand that the lack of commitment to the other is not your responsibility, as they say, it is preferable to be alone than in bad company.

12.- Taurus 

Once you decide to have a relationship, it is because you have already analyzed the pros and cons. Not only do you let your emotions speak for you, but your logical part also decides what is best and that has helped you to realize that something is not right with the person who supposedly claims to love you. You are the strongest sign of the zodiac, for your fidelity is the law and you are not willing to become anyone’s second-table dish. If your partner is not able to respect you, you know that you have absolutely nothing to do with him and that even if it costs you a lot to let go, you are not going to stay in a place where they emotionally blackmail you by making you feel guilty. For you, it is simple, if you do it once it is very likely that you will repeat it and you will not put your mental, physical and emotional health at risk, for someone who does not deserve your essence.


Top Of The Signs That Are Not To Be Anyone's Second Choice


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