What Irritates Aries The Most

Irritates Aries

What Irritates Aries The Most

Wanting and not being able to be one of the things that can irritate you the most, Aries, but if it’s someone’s fault, even worse. You can’t stand slow. You can’t think slowly, act, or love… That’s why you have a special hatred for people who take all the time to move a single finger. This is what irritates you the most, Aries:

And we better not talk about those people who take the privilege of pointing fingers at you and accusing you of something you haven’t done. There is no word to describe what is born inside you when they do that to you. Only you notice how your blood starts to boil and how warm your ears get. Others only see your “run away while you can” face but inside people like that poison you.

People who have a very hard face and question you without arguments. Very closed-minded people with half a brain instead of having a whole one like almost everyone else. The icing on the cake is always left in the last position and this is your icing.

What can take you to the extreme, the most despicable destiny that ends with your limited and exclusive patience, Aries, is that you send a simple message and you don’t get any answer. You hate it. You hate it with all your might.

That kind of rudeness stirs up the devils, hell, and the darkest part of your head. Since you waste time writing, the least would be for the other person to have the nerve to make the same gesture towards you. Fair treatment. Many bad manners, words, or inconsistencies can irritate you, but being ignored on purpose is what irritates you the most in this crazy world and you know it.

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