These Zodiac Signs Should Not Go Back To Their Ex

Not Go Back To Their Ex

These Zodiac Signs Should Not Go Back To Their Ex

Sure, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently teasing us about a comeback with the ex. But returning to the past does not always bring the hoped-for happy ending! Sure, it may be that love just needed a fresh start and then everything is just great, but it can also be that resuming an old relationship backfires badly!

You can find out here which three zodiac signs should not warm up an old love!


Basically, for Aries, a relationship either ends in a fight or with a bitter realization and the decision never to see their ex again. But its impulsive nature sometimes makes the sign of the zodiac act thoughtlessly. And that’s precisely what can lead to her ending up in bed with her ex. But they can’t expect more than a quick story. The Aries should think twice about the revival.


Sensitive Cancer finds it difficult to close old relationships. Even if Cancer would never admit it, it takes them a long time to forget their ex. It also doesn’t matter how long it’s been over, the cancer basically has a hard time letting go. But there are good reasons why the separation came about. The zodiac sign should not even come up with the idea of ​​writing to the ex.


Without a doubt, Gemini is one of those zodiac signs blessed with an excess of charm. But this character trait is both a curse and a blessing. The Gemini is never averse to flirting. And the ex could shamelessly take advantage of that. Because mostly it’s not about big feelings, but about the attention that the ex would like. The Gemini must therefore be careful not to fall back into old behavior patterns because a third chance could actually end in heartbreak for Gemini.

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