These zodiac signs should do a digital detox

The total failure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. has once again shown us how dependent we are on social media and how often we hang on to our smartphones. If nothing works online anymore, we don’t even know what to do with ourselves! Clearly: a digital detox is needed ! And some zodiac signs need it more urgently than others!

These signs of the zodiac really need a digital detox:


“What are my friends doing right now?”, A question that virgins ask themselves all day long. They can watch the stories of all kinds of people for hours – only to be amazed that they haven’t done anything yet. Virgos have to stay up to date all the time, life without a cell phone is virtually impossible for them. An online break would be all the more important for the Virgos! Meet up with your friends, go to the cinema with your Crush or go to Pilates with your BFF! The main thing is that the smartphone stays at home!


Scorpio is a very ambitious zodiac sign. But he also has a truck – he just hangs on his cell phone all the time. But not only for communication – no, the Scorpio actually holds back. Scorpios love to spend money! When it comes to styling, a very special appearance is important to the Scorpio. For this reason, the Scorpio spends a lot of time shopping online. He has installed countless shopping apps on his cell phone and loves to look for shoes, clothes, bags and accessories there. In addition, this zodiac sign is also extremely susceptible to Facebook ads and Co. A digital detox would really make sense for the Scorpio.


Aries are busy and have a lot to do both professionally and privately. And that is also reflected in their cell phone consumption. It is extremely important for this zodiac sign to always be up to date. If Aries don’t know something, they google it straight away to join the discussion. But that can also be too much of a good thing, because the constant googling means that Aries really only hang on the mobile phone! Highest railroad for a digital detox. Because Aries shouldn’t forget: You don’t always have to know everything! And if something really interests you: take your time and pick up a book from time to time!

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