These zodiac signs are the worst co-drivers

Do you always start arguing when you drive next to someone in the car ? You are not allowed to speak when you are not behind the wheel and your friends always put you in the back seat while driving? Then you are probably one of the zodiac signs that have a reputation for being a bad passenger.

You can read here which zodiac signs are particularly annoying during car journeys.


We all know that Aries is not particularly patient. Yet another characteristic comes to light during car journeys: addiction to control! And that can be quite annoying as a driver. Comments like “don’t drive so far on the edge”, “watch out, speed limit” and “don’t drive too far into the front car” are not uncommon. This is why Aries often have to stay in the back seat while driving and promise the driver not to speak a word. All Aries know: this is easier said than done.


Twins are often seen as the kind of passenger who mistake a drive for a trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet. Most of the time, they get in with a large bag of snacks and drinks and crumble as much as they can. This can become a point of contention, especially when driving for a long time. Because the constant munching and chewing provokes the driver, who may be hungry but cannot eat anything because he should have both hands on the steering wheel. So twins shouldn’t be surprised if their friends “don’t have time” to go where with them.


If you have a rifleman as a passenger, you can be sure that you will have to stop about three times during a 60-minute drive. The reason: pee break! Because this zodiac sign often has a weak bladder and always has to go to the toilet exactly when it doesn’t fit at all. Of course, it cannot be just any toilet – shooters have to make sure that it is really clean. So half of the travel time is spent looking for suitable toilet facilities …

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