These Zodiac Couples Will Surely Fail In 2022

These Zodiac Couples Will Surely Fail In 2022

Nobody is perfect and we certainly all have flaws, but some zodiac signs can be more than a little incompatible in a relationship. Love is an intricate art, but when the stars don’t align, we should expect drama, tears, jealousy, and heartbreak. Being with someone who we are absolutely not a good match for often creates a damaging environment, where we are likely to bring out the worst in each other. 

Compatibility is the most important factor in any relationship and when two signs get together and aren’t compatible, they can become dangerous for each other.

In fact, they will wear each other down and do nothing but destroy each other’s trust. The zodiac sign plays an important role in how you get along with people, and the influences of the stars can be very strong as well. 

Being happy and finding your perfect other half is essential to feeling good and fulfilled in love. Because of this, you should obviously stay away from people who can never make you happy.

Being involved in drama isn’t healthy for anyone, especially when the true matches are still out there somewhere. Stop wasting your time with people who only bring you down.

Here are the worst pair combinations in 2022, according to astrologers. Unfortunately, no matter how hard these zodiac couples try, they will never be able to make each other happy.

1. Capricorn and Pisces

Strict Capricorn is struggling to keep its serious head-on work and having fun, while bubbly Pisces is in constant party mode this year.

Capricorn and Pisces really know how to push each other’s buttons, and not in a good way! Because of this, there will be a lot of drama in their relationship. These zodiac signs should rather stay away from each other.

2. Aquarius and Taurus

Stubborn and pushy Taurus will corner friendly Aquarius, not allowing them enough space to express their ideas.

Totally incompatible, Aquarius and Taurus will have a particularly hard time together in 2022. They will have a hard time even talking to each other.

3. Pisces and Virgo

This pair represents a massive clash of characters that no one can overlook.

Dreamy and sensitive, Pisces is unable to withstand the harsh reality and practical side of Virgo. This pairing is an absolute nightmare this year. They will never be happy together.

4. Aries and Taurus

This couple must avoid each other at all costs. If not, explosive fireworks go off.

While Aries and Taurus have some things in common, they will never function in love because they are both too stubborn and argumentative. In no case should they enter into a relationship with each other this year?

5. Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus is far too gentle and laid-back for the party-loving Sagittarius, and that could be their undoing.

Sagittarius is a big character and this year he is definitely too intense and lively for Taurus. Taurus and Sagittarius are a disastrous love couple.

6. Gemini and Capricorn

It’s a wonder that Gemini and Capricorn can even be in the same room together, let alone in a loving relationship!

Capricorn’s serious demeanor and workaholic personality don’t sit well with the carefree Gemini. This year, things could fly between the two if they don’t keep their distance.

7. Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are the ultimate recipes for a disaster couple this year because their personalities are just too different.

Freedom-loving Aquarius will be frustrated by reserved and calm Cancer, which means disagreements will arise.

8. Leo and Scorpio

Vain Leos need constant compliments and reassurance that they’re on the right track, but the bad news is that Scorpios isn’t willing to accommodate Leo’s neediness.

Leo, on the other hand, becomes a crazy zodiac sign this year, jealous of Scorpio’s sensual flirtation. That’s why it just can’t work between the two.

9. Virgo and Sagittarius

With two zodiac signs that are commitment-phobic like Virgo and Sagittarius, this couple will definitely fall at the first hurdle and may not even be able to reveal their feelings for each other.

This couple has become so distant from each other this year that they will only disappoint each other. These are not good conditions for forming a bond with one another.

10. Libra and Virgo

Libra and Virgo are just like cat and dog because they can’t get along!

The critical Virgo is often pessimistic and will certainly not be able to hold back this year. She will belittle all of Libra’s positive ideas. Their different personalities make them a terrible couple.

11. Scorpio and Aries

If you love drama, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with this pair. Scorpio and Aries are both explosive, angry zodiac signs and a volatile mix.

They are also both unable to give in or find a middle ground and reach out to the other. Scorpio and Aries are a seriously toxic couple this year.

12. Sagittarius and Capricorn

Mature Capricorn will quickly tire of fun-loving Sagittarius this year. Sagittarius and Capricorn don’t have what it takes to bond romantically, but they’re great at starting a fight and making it last if they really put their mind to it.


These Zodiac Couples Will Surely Fail In 2022

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