These 4 zodiac signs are particularly empathic

Do you also have this one friend who always feels immediately if something is wrong with you? She * He is always there for you, supports you in difficult times and is just incredibly empathetic. They are called empaths. They are guided by their feelings and have an incredible sense of how other people are doing. Maybe you are looking for someone like that in your life. Because let’s be honest: we all need a shoulder to lean on and cry on. The astrology might be here neither help times. According to the horoscope, there are certain signs of the zodiac that are considered to be particularly empathic.

According to the horoscope, these 4 zodiac signs are particularly empathetic

These zodiac signs are pure empaths


Compassion is an innate quality for this emotional  zodiac sign . Pisces are absolute empaths by nature and will always do everything to make other people happy. They are incredibly astute and even know when you’re not in a good mood, even though you don’t yet know yourself.

Pisces are simply the best listeners, always have a hug ready and have the great ability to calm you down in stressful, emotional situations. Absolute keeper when it comes to friendship!


The cancer is a star character that feels very deeply. In astrology he is also often referred to as a “crybaby”. Cancer-borns are overwhelmed by their emotions and shed a tear with every heartbreak song. They always have compassion, whether they know the person or not.

These people have time and space for everyone and are incredibly reliable, especially during difficult times. No other zodiac sign will understand you as well as Cancer. We admit: we all want to have cancer in our lives.


Libra are incredibly caring. Since they like to look at things from all angles before making a decision, they are very good at empathizing with other people and understand exactly how they are doing. They may not be as sensitive and emotional as fish or crabs, but they have the gift of empathizing in a way that no one else can.


And finally we end up with the virgin . The zodiac sign is a bit controversial in this matter, as it likes to judge and blaspheme others. But once you have a Virgo on your side, she will never leave you again.

They love unconditionally and their loyalty knows no bounds. This also makes them an extremely empathetic zodiac sign towards those who count them to their closest circle. But one thing has to be clear: you have to work hard to earn your loyalty.

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