These three zodiac signs fall in love in September

“I keep on fallin ‘in and out of love with you …  These first lines of Alicia Key’s number-one hit are enough to put us in the perfect mood for this article. Because it’s about love relationships. At least potential.

Our horoscope tells you which three zodiac signs will fall in love in September.

These three zodiac signs wear rose-colored glasses in September – according to the horoscope


Even if it is mostly toxic: fish love to create their own dream world in the evening. In which they confess their love to their secret crush and are happy forever. But in September this fairy tale world suddenly vanishes into thin air, because a person enters the life of the watermark, with which reality is more beautiful than any dream.


Dear Sagittarius -born: At the beginning of September you have to keep your eyes open, because the stars predict you a fateful encounter that will throw you completely off track. It leaves you with butterflies in your stomach and floats on cloud nine for days. But be careful: despite the high feeling, don’t let your mind cloud your mind. Don’t rush into anything and think twice about whether your perfect match is really that perfect.  


“Tell her she’s the perfect mix of cute and lovely”. This quote from the hit movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with Hollywood hottie Ryan Gosling could well mean a scorpion , because the watermark is extremely seductive, wicked and at the same time incredibly loving.

With this mixture, the Scorpio is very popular with his fellow human beings and so the zodiac sign does not have to worry about a lack of dates. But that does not mean that he also agrees with the selection. Rather the opposite is the case: he is very picky. But the wait will pay off at the end of September … 

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