These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Reconcile With An Important Person On September 15th, 2023

Reconcile With An Important Person

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Reconcile With An Important Person On September 15th, 2023

Generally, when a new moon arrives, we find ourselves in the early stages of a transition that could affect the rest of our lives.

We get ideas, embrace those ideas, and adapt to them, and by our full moon, we may be well on our way to manifest whatever we started at the new moon time.

This new moon falls on September 15th and will inspire some of us to reconnect with our true love.

There are times in someone’s life when drama and craziness are just too much.

We crave simplicity, and we suddenly see ways to bring that simplicity to us.

During the new moon, we will see our mistakes and get a chance to correct them.

If this means reaching out to someone we love, then this reunion is particularly auspicious. This is the time, after all, of reuniting with old loves and being reconciled with the love we call “true.”

These 3 zodiac signs will be reconciled with their true love on the new moon on September 15


The love you have for that one special person has always burned in your heart regardless of the miles, years, or other relationships that may have passed between you.

During the coming New Moon, thoughts of that person will become almost obsessive, and you will begin to believe that if you’re thinking about them that intensely, they might be thinking about you as well.

You’re right, and now it’s a matter of fact. The challenge is to turn those thoughts into reality and muster up the courage without thinking about the past or opening old wounds. Be in the here and now.

Are you ready to take that step to the next level and forgive that person? You feel the desire for it, and you can be sure that your deep affection will be returned as well.

Now it’s up to one of you to take the first step and propose a new way together, to try each other again.

Given your personality, you will likely be the one making the reconciliation proposal. This decision will be worth it, so overcome your fears and open yourself to happiness. 

You deserve to be loved. Be honest about your emotions and listen carefully to what your special someone has to say. This allows you to build new trust together and strengthen your relationship in the long term.


There is only one person who can meet the high standards of true love in your life. But you’ve been through so much with this person that you find it almost impossible to reconcile with them. 

You believe that the situation is hopeless and that there is no longer any possibility of a rapprochement.

The connection between you just seems too badly damaged and in your mind space repairing things seems impossible.

Because of this, you have long pushed that person out of your life and made a great effort to forget them.

But is that really what you are striving for? As the new moon approaches, the thought of reconnecting with that person becomes increasingly intense.

The hopeless situation suddenly doesn’t seem so bleak anymore, and you can even imagine shaping a future together with this person. 

The opportunity to convince this special person of your project will be revealed to you during this time.

There are numerous memories that you both share – the ease of your communication, the deep understanding without words, it was all really extraordinary.

The new moon will make communication between you more inspirational and effortless so that everything seems amazingly fluid and harmonious.

If natural reconciliation is your focus, use this phase to achieve what you desire. A rapprochement could affect your life in a positive way. The missing piece of the puzzle for your happiness could finally be found.


You are one of the three zodiac signs that will be reconciled with their true love at the coming new moon.

Although it is not easy, you overcome your inner conflicts and gather all your courage to reach out to that special person who still means so much to you.

You have never banished or abandoned this person from your heart. Although you may have broken up, it almost seems like you can still feel a connection.

The strong bond you have with that person is still there, and you now long to be close to them.

The new moon marks a new beginning as you both have had deep feelings for each other for a long time.

You may have to make compromises to achieve what you desire. But as long as you really feel the desire, it will happen. 

This person is your true love – someone who for some reason is always on your mind and upsets you.

You feel that he is your destiny and this knowledge accompanies you. Despite the fact that you banned him from your life for a while, he still exists – and frankly, he feels the same way as you do.

This point in time has the potential to restart the connection between you. If you both want to be present in each other’s lives again, one of you has to take the first step.

You will overcome yourself and be brave. The new moon will push your fears into the background and motivate you to approach the love of your life. Trust that the universe knows what it is doing.

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