the most painless way to end a love relationship

Are you not happy in a relationship, argue a lot and nothing is like it was in the beginning?

Do you know that your relationship has no future and have you made up your mind to end your relationship?

How do you get out of a relationship that you know is not good for you and that it is only a matter of time before you end that relationship?

The easiest way to end a relationship is to quarrel.

If you want to end your relationship as pain-free as possible, then we have the answer for you on how you can do it.

Knowing the zodiac sign of the person you are in a relationship with can help you end the relationship as easily as possible.

It is better to end the relationship sooner rather than later. The longer you wait to say goodbye, the more painful it becomes.

You are also losing your own time, as well as the time of the person you are in a relationship with.


Aries always take the initiative in a relationship. In love relationships he behaves like the born leader.

Take part in the initiative and thus reduce his dominance in the relationship.

Aries will feel threatened and uncomfortable in such a relationship.

Over time, he will enjoy the relationship less and less and the breakup will be less difficult for him.

If you let him know of the breakup, it would be better to have the conversation face to face.

It becomes easier when you are alone with him because public humiliation is a terrible thing for him.

Be gentle and kind when you tell him this. He is a very proud zodiac sign with strong emotions.


In love relationships, as in life, the Taurus is very down to earth. He doesn’t like change.

It’s hard for him to part with the partner he’s already used to.

At first he will refuse to accept the breakup.

If you choose to break up with Taurus, be direct, honest, and kind.

Explain why you are breaking up with him, what your reasons are.

That way, Taurus will best endure the breakup and communication between the two of you will not break down completely.


Gemini are very adaptable and that makes them good partners for all other zodiac signs.

But they’re also inconsistent. Over time they get bored of everything, including love relationships.

If he comes to the conclusion that they are boring, monotonous, and ordinary, he can’t wait to look for another love.

For them living together for longer is a real agony, and they will fly away quickly.

Or show him too much emotion. Whether jealousy, passion or greed.

Too much emotion will scare him and he will run away. Gemini is a zodiac sign that is very easy to end a relationship with.

It takes a while for the twins to realize that the relationship is really over.

Tell him the news in public and once they accept it they can remain friends with him.

Otherwise, despite the drama at the beginning, the twin will quickly recover from the separation,


Cancer is not afraid of showing emotions towards its partner.

He is very emotionally attached to his partner and has a protective attitude towards him.

Cancer will tolerate anything just in the name of a past love that it is too sentimentally attached to.

He will forgive you and be very persistent in winning you back because he doesn’t want to end his love affair with you in any way.

Abruptly part with him. Make it clear to him that the relationship is over. Once and for all.

Change your phone number and cut off any contact with him.

That way, the cancer will get over the breakup faster.


The Leo is very generous and loyal in a love relationship.

Sometimes he likes to take full control of the relationship and that repels his partners.

You can get a Leo to leave you if you attack their pride.

Don’t let him make all the decisions himself, try to overwhelm him in debates and he will feel threatened in his authority.

This behavior will drive him away from you.

If you do have to break up with him, tell him it’s not his fault and that he must accept to end the relationship calmly.

If he refuses a peaceful separation, be ready for war.


The relationship with a Virgo can be incredibly unique because Libra is a unique personality.

When separating, please choose the words carefully.

A conversation without clear arguments does not lead to anything good.

If you want to part with the Libra, speak honestly, seriously, and reasonably.

She will understand you and will do anything to get away from you easily, no matter how much it hurts her.

Or bring restlessness, disorder and laziness into her everyday life and she will go away alone.


Tell the Libra the end of the love relationship as kindly, sensibly and positively as possible.

She’ll understand that.

Take her to a nice, cozy place and tell her that you are not doing well and that you want to end the relationship.

Explain that there is no point wasting time together and that it is better to part ways so that the two of them have a chance to meet a soul mate.

She will likely agree with you and be a little upset about the change. Just don’t be too critical.

Libra cannot be alone, they will immediately find another love partner and forget about you.


Scorpio has extraordinary intuition and can foresee a breakup in advance.

And then he will do anything just so that you don’t leave him first.

He’d rather do it first and cut the connection before you do.

On the other hand, if you need to end the relationship, keep that in mind.

There is no good way for Scorpios to convey bad news.

For them, the bad news is bad no matter what form it takes.

Be sure to break up with Scorpio in great privacy. Be honest, determined, and simple.

The separation will certainly be difficult for him, but he will try to stay cold, apparently.

The Scorpio will haunt you for a long time and will not give you any rest.


Capricorns can be very passive on difficult subjects. Be prepared to conduct most of the conversation yourself.

People of this sign hate the criticism, so be short and direct, stop listing their mistakes.

Try to resolve any open questions as quickly as possible, for example if you need to send something back. Return it asap.


With this person you can easily break up without trauma.

He will extend his hand to you, smile and wish you happiness in future life and love.

He’s a logical guy, and if you decide to break up with him face to face, just do it.

Without revealing many details and explaining the reasons.

Chances are he still wants to keep in touch with you, but that will pass and he will quickly move on with his love life again.


Separation is always difficult for Pisces. These people cry and feel depressed when someone decides to leave them.

They get sad and unhappy, and then they love and long for those who have left them even more.

Still, they are aware that they don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with them.

They will accept a breakup no matter how difficult it is for them.

Tell him this very gently and kindly.

And don’t forget that Pisces are very emotional, more so than most zodiac signs.



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