The greatest egoists according to their zodiac sign. Sorted from rank 1-12.


The greatest egoists according to their zodiac sign. Sorted from rank 1-12.


In the last place is selfless cancer. He has a big heart and is therefore often disappointed and hurt in life.

Cancer puts the needs of others above his and almost always without realizing that many will take advantage of it.

It is known to be the most sensitive, loving and understanding zodiac sign, which is a society like today is a curse.

He does good to make others happy and to make the world a more beautiful place. He is not looking for recognition for his actions. He does well because he feels he is doing the right thing.


The ibex is a hardworking worker. He usually works to get ahead in his life. And he doesn’t care about his ego, he wants success in life because it gives him peace and not for the applause of others.

He is practical and belongs to the humble people. They don’t have to brag about what they have already achieved, it is enough for them to know who they are and therefore they do not care what other people think of them.

If the Capricorn discovers his passion for something and his ambition is awakened, then nothing will stop him from becoming the best and most successful there.

What distinguishes the ibex, among other things, is that it hardly ever does anything for its own benefit, but always for the good of its family and its closest friends.


The all-forgiving nature of the fish does not allow it to be selfish. If you get into a fight with someone, it is you who are looking for a way of reconciliation and apologize even though you have done nothing wrong. Because their peace of mind is more important to them than being right in a trivial argument.

The Pisces people would never deliberately hurt anyone. They are more likely to get hurt themselves than to harm someone else.

The biggest curse of the fish people is that they voluntarily take a back seat, even if they deserve to be in the front. You are anything but selfish.


The scale knows that most things can be solved with a compromise, and with age, the scale becomes more relaxed and compliant. It learns until it dies, that is the motto of the Libra.

This is also the selfish part of the Libra’s personality. You will always seek a compromise and never actually agree with what the other wants, either you meet in the middle or not at all, that’s how the Libra works.

This selfish type is never malicious, but only serves the good. Why they are always available to help and advise everyone in their environment.


As long as you don’t attack, hurt or challenge a scorpion, you’re always safe and can be reassured. If a Scorpio trusts you and you seem important to him, he will do everything in his power for you so that you are not lacking in anything and you are always well.

But should you come into contact with a scorpion, you will get to know an extremely disturbing and cruel side of the scorpion. He will try to take revenge on you like an obsessed man, by all means, and over a long period of time. He seeks revenge because he is obsessed with justice and karma.

If someone wrongs the scorpion and he is not aware of guilt, then he will actually persecute this person until the end of his life and want to harm him. That is also the selfish thing about Scorpio, his irrepressible will for revenge.


Twins are self-centered, but they are also fair. The selfish thing about the twin is the tendency to like to talk about yourself and to praise yourself.

If they were successful in something, they’ll tie it up to everyone and talk about it for a long time. As much as they love to talk about themselves, they love to hear others talk about themselves.

The good thing about the twin is that he can handle criticism well and can also laugh at himself. They know their mistakes and deal with them openly.

The selfish thing about the twins is that they praise themselves and hang every little success on the big bell.


The virgin has two sides to her ego. On the one hand, they are perfectionists who don’t miss a moment to brag about their skills and successes.

On the other hand, it is precisely because of her obsession that everything can be done perfectly, her ego is also incredibly fragile and fragile.

Instead of being proud of having achieved something, they become self-doubting because it wasn’t “perfect” enough. Despite these small deficits in her ego, the virgin is always helpful and tries to help wherever possible.


At first glance, Aquarius seems to be anything but selfish, he likes to help others and is a good listener, and he does everything to make you smile again after a period of mourning.

The selfish side of Aquarius shows up when he doesn’t get help from people whom he once helped. This gives the impression that he only helps others with the expectation of getting something back.

If Aquarius asks you for help and you do not leave everything behind immediately, then he will really resent you and be resentful, it can even go so far as to exclude you from his circle of friends.


The Aries usually does not want to help anyone, not because they don’t care about the others, but because they want to keep stress and emotional dramas out of their lives.

The ram is not exactly a sensitive zodiac sign, which is why it usually stays away from quarrels, nuisances, but also from people who have to be constantly bailed out.

He can hardly imagine himself in others, which is why he is often perceived as self-centered. Add to that his impatience and lack of understanding for many emotional things, which only reinforces the impression that he is a selfish person.


Nobody can ignore other people like the bull. It can give you the feeling that you yourself are beginning to doubt your existence.

He is always right and there is next to nothing to change his mind. If there is a problem, there is only the solution that the bull offers and no other.

The bull can seem very emotionless and cold to strangers because it always takes care of its own needs first. If he has a problem or concern, it is important first and everyone else can wait.

Actually, he is anything but emotionless, just that he puts himself at the top of his list of priorities.


The Sagittarius is selfish but in a clever way, because he often makes his selfishness look different by trying to get away with his charming way.

The shooter is said to be a good friend and always in a good mood and only sees the beautiful things in life, yes that may be true, but they can also be very angry and calculating when it comes to their own well-being.

In other words, the shooter is very selfish but in a calculating way.

He’s pushy and bossy, plus everyone should dance to his tune, but he does it in such a smart way that most people don’t really notice.


Now we come to the egoist champion, the lion.

Yes, it is true, the lion is the greatest egomaniac, but strangely, he always has a good reason to be selfish.

Humans like the lion, despite its arrogance. Wherever he goes, they are usually the focus or at least a topic of conversation. The lion can handle it well.

If he has an idea, then he cannot stop him from implementing it. But the frustrating thing is that once they succeed with the idea, they tend to be selfish and arrogant.


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