The 5 most hated zodiac signs and why

The 5 most hated zodiac signs and why

All zodiac signs have their good and bad traits, but there are definitely some that are hated more than the others.

Not because of some negative tendencies either, but more because of their general personality.

So for example, while Aries zodiac sign has anger issues, they are not violent and they never lie.

Likewise, while introverted, Cancerians are some of the most generous people you can meet.

So hatred of certain zodiac signs does not arise because of their weaknesses, but because of their ideals and virtues.

So, based on a lot of personal observation and research, these are the 5 most hated zodiac signs.

But that doesn’t mean that the same applies to you, because they could be just the right people for you.

But if you also happen to belong to one of these zodiac signs, don’t take anything personally, because those who inspire hatred often inspire envy as well.

1. Gemini

Being an air sign, Gemini is talkative, intelligent, confident, but sometimes a bit cheeky.

With that fact, they are also expected to enjoy gossip and proving others wrong as this allows them to be the center of attention.

This is also one of the things that makes them extremely unpopular with others, as it makes them feel inadequate and stupid.

In addition, they are also known for their duplicity where they are nice to a person in one moment while being very harsh on them in the other.

Also, they love to gossip about them when they’re not around and talk about how unintelligent and flawed they are.

So while they have many positive and outstanding virtues, they also have this God complex that makes them think they are better than everyone else.

They also feel that they deserve more than others what they feel is their due.

Her humor is also very raw and always focused on the suffering and mistakes of others and most importantly on their bad decisions.

Who you may never have stopped dating, but they are an exception… and that doesn’t make them stupid, after all, they are the ones mentioned.

A testament to how arrogant and self righteous they are as individuals.

2. Virgo

The Virgo zodiac sign is one that mostly gets away with bad behavior and the bad things they do to others.

First of all, it is important to mention that these people are very selfish and hypocritical.

They care deeply about what other people think of them, and they almost create a simulacrum of themselves for the public.

One who is brilliant, well mannered and flawless while willing to stop at nothing to get what they want.

Therefore, they are generally envied or admired until their true selves are seen.

So they use the weaknesses of others against them, judge them, make them feel stupid, and try to change them.

Because their own insecurity and arrogance drives them to want to influence and control others.

Otherwise, they feel helpless and exposed to the possibility of being hurt.

This is very sad because it means that they play a bad role all their lives just to fit into society.

And because they are not emotionally mature enough to be their true selves and work on their weaknesses.

3. Scorpio

Oh that horrible Scorpio zodiac sign, where do we start with the bad things about them.

First, they are one of the messiest personalities you will ever meet and one that is sure to ruin your life.

Because they are so used to manipulation that they don’t even seem able to act normally and sanely.

Everything they do is therefore calculated, scary and planned well before they approach you.

Also, almost bizarrely, they have a great deal of insecurities and issues that they project onto the sane people around them.

So you make them believe that it’s them who have problems and that they don’t deserve to have anything decent.

Simply because they are absolutely dark people who project their insecurities onto others.

Also, one should always be aware that any emotion you pick up from a Scoprio is ten times stronger inside, so it’s no wonder people mistake them for potential serial killers.

After all, they radiate this very energy and thrive in the chaos and deviant behavior they indulge in.

So if you want to surround yourself with someone more sensible and stable, Scorpio is the worst possible choice.

4. Capricorn

While most Capricorn traits are admirable and pleasant, is it any wonder they are hated?

However, things become clearer when you start to get to know her better as a person.

The Capricorn zodiac sign is therefore somewhat silly and sarcastic and this approach seems to work for them all their lives.

They are also very fixated on their work and have little time or tolerance for people who have no influence on their lives.

So this makes them overly serious and boring people who never seem able to relax.

On the other hand, they are also not able to believe others easily and are always skeptical and pessimistic.

But what is perhaps their most negative trait is their critical attitude toward others and their high standards.

Especially when it comes to their partner, they want the best of the best, even if they aren’t themselves.

Thus, over time, their materialistic and superficial way of thinking begins to arouse revulsion and disinterest.

Because others soon recognize them as very arrogant and greedy people.

5. Aquarius

The Aquarius zodiac sign is one of the most hated because it is very unpredictable.

Because as smart and interesting as they are, boring routines drive them insane and they always have to do radical things in their lives.

So it’s no wonder they can be rebellious one year and become very spiritual the next.

This is because they have a very radical mindset that can get very scary.

Because they are capable of anything and can never be fully trusted.

In addition, they are also the kind of people who can live well with the bad things they do.

So you never really know what they’re hiding, and they’d never admit it anyway.

This is also due to their totally non-judgmental nature and the fact that they think making any kind of mistake is justified.

We are all human, but that is far from the truth and a wrong way of thinking.

After all, it would also mean that every action we take, no matter how bad, is justified.

The 5 most hated zodiac signs and why


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