The 4 astrological signs that fall in love far too quickly

If you are the type to have a new crush every week, you are probably one of these four astrological signs.

It’s not your fault: love is a feeling you want to experience every moment of the day. For this reason, you have the annoying habit of falling in love very quickly.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that fall in love far too quickly


The Libra are still looking for the thrill of the first relationship. They absolutely want to have the little butterflies in their stomachs and the intense feelings that come with the beginnings of love.

It is, therefore, no surprise that this sign falls quickly and OFTEN in love and will not hesitate a second to say: “Thank you, next”, as soon as passion gives way to routine.



Scorpions have the annoying habit of wanting to transform any hazardous encounter into a relationship of a lifetime. They tend to find ways to bond with people they are incompatible with, just to pursue a doomed relationship.

Indeed, they tend to ignore the warning signs of a love affair that leads to nothing, just because the person gives them attention.



No wonder the most sensitive sign of the zodiac attaches too quickly! Eager for comfort and profoundly homey, Cancer seek at all costs a stable romantic relationship.

This sign is in a way constantly in search of the love of his life, even if he is not aware of it, and tends to become attached quickly for this reason.



The Taurus problem? Their (too) big heart! This sign always wants to prove that he is THE ideal person for his or her partner and will have the annoying habit of doing everything and anything for this person, without taking a step back to analyze if he or she to whom he dedicates all his attention is definitely worth it.

It also happens that Taurus confuses a feeling of jealousy with love and becomes attached to people who cause these negative eddies.

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