Here’s how each sign reacts in quarantine according to an astrology professional

Astrology enthusiast Julie Kim explains how each star sign is responding to the coronavirus crisis right now.


Of course, our main sign has a big influence on our personality, but it is not the only one! If you do not recognize yourself in your sun sign, look at your Ascendant and even your Moon!

All the details on each sign can be found in the video above.


Here is how each sign reacts to quarantine according to Julie Kim:


Sign of fire, therefore of action, Aries can experience a certain frustration in quarantine. Since they are governed by the planet Mars, that of action, conflict and aggressiveness. Those who are beaten for toilet paper are probably Aries!



People of this sign are practically born ready for quarantine! Their planet is Venus which is associated with harmony, beauty and art, so Taurus knows how to look after themselves. As long as they have a good supply of food and series to listen to, that’s fine.



The very sociable Gemini have difficulty during this period of isolation. However, they find other ways to socialize with technology! You may see them on a “live” on Instagram or in the process of Facetime with their BFF.


This rather maternal sign adores the family, so if they can be quarantined with their loved ones, they will be fine. Cancer tends to be a bit dramatic, so during this crisis situation, they may experience great emotions!



Another fire sign that likes to be in action is the crisis for the Lion right now because they can’t see people or do activities! They will then direct all their energy towards creative activities and wait before they can redo the party.



Hypochondriacs and very nervous, Virgos must do everything to not panic at this time. They even tend to be afraid of germs so if you are looking for the last bottles of Purell on Earth, they are at a Virgo!



These people of this sign are rather relaxed and the type to “go with the flow”. In quarantine, they will love to read and write. It is a sign that can tend to be superficial, so they will take this time to get masks and nails!



Solitary, the Scorpions are secretly happy not to have to see people at the moment. They like to spend time alone, but if they are in a relationship, this moment of isolation could happen quite a bit in the bedroom …



The poor Sagittarius probably had a planned trip that had to be cancelled. Their governing planet is Jupiter, which is associated with optimism, so they will keep smiling while strictly following government rules.



No break for Capricorns, they continue to be productive even at home. Inside, they are worried about the situation, but they do not let it appear. They were very careful to take precautions and make reservations so it will be fine!



The Aquarians, always a bit out of the ordinary, prefer to watch conspiracy theory videos all day. Despite this, what they most like to see right now is how the community (virtually) approaches and helps each other.



For emotional Pisces, this period can be very draining and they can feel a little depressed. On the other hand, since it is a sign governed by Neptune, planet of imagination and spirituality, they are busy creating at the moment.

Finally, stay at home and wash your hands. Make personal projects that you’ve always wanted to do, it’s time!


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