Signs That May Be Easily Hurt

Easily Hurt

Signs That May Be Easily Hurt

Sensitivity is the clothing of intelligence. He is more emotionally brave and allows tears to caress her face. Facing problems is not pretending anything is wrong, it’s okay if you feel like your soul is breaking. There are those who do not give themselves that opportunity and suffer in silence, but there are also the signs that can feel hurt easily, those who seem to be more fragile than a rose because they do not hide when it comes to crying. But that even in the midst of pain they are able to pick up their pieces and move on. 

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the soul that seems to be in control, it is the one who often comes into your life in a stealthy way and then disappears. They call him cold because he puts a huge gap so you can touch his heart. It is true that he has a hard time giving himself up when it comes to opening the vulnerable side of him but once he does he lets go of the filters and simply opens the door for you so you can immerse yourself in his world.

That’s when they can easily get hurt because they don’t understand the reasons when they love someone, they can give in and give in, but one day they get tired. Aquarius can feel the strongest pain in his soul, but even if it costs him too much when he decides it’s over, there’s no turning back. He will teach you what it means to be resilient in this life. 

2.- Libra 

Libra is the person who goes through life looking for balance in everything, that is the reason why it is so difficult for them to make a decision, they would like to have things under control but they know that it is not always possible. In her heart, there is an accumulation of kindness to give to anyone who crosses her path. Her intention is not bad, she becomes an open book because she hates hypocrisy, but the problem is that there are those who approach her days just to hurt her. 

Libra can become overly trusting and people notice, so they become a parasite absorbing their energy. That’s when he has a hard time saying goodbye and allows one abuse after another. He is the one who can feel hurt easily but that does not mean that you are going to do what you want with his life, he will put an end to it. 

3.- Pisces 

The sensitivity of Pisces may be the reason why they are between a rock and a hard time all the time. They have a dreamy, intense, and idealistic side, which leads them to trust people who are not worth it, liars who only have the intention to hurt them, and who pretend to love them head-on. The worst thing is that they can have intermittent relationships because they easily fall into the hands of manipulative and treacherous beings.

That’s when the vicious circle begins to normalize in their days, but inside they can’t take it anymore, they feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted because they begin to absorb the bad vibes of whoever approaches them. However, the moment they decide to stop, no one makes them change their minds. 

4.- Gemini 

Gemini people have to deal with their sociable part, which is carried away by the intellect of people, but they do not take the detailed time to analyze the emotional part, the human quality, and that is when they can meet people who only have intentions. to badly influence It is not a sign that easily detects hypocrisy and if we add to that that they are very changeable things get worse.

That’s when they talk him down again and ultimately end up hurting his heart once more. He is a patient soul, but if you make an effort to show his dark side, you better be prepared to suffer the consequences. Geminis don’t sit idly by once he realizes what kind of critter you are. 

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