They say that who does not value you today, misses you tomorrow, so some people realize it until they see you in other arms. There are those who feel that you are the one who must accommodate their agenda, that they treat you at will and for some reason you end up giving in to their whims, because there is no love there, only a person willing to show that they have you in their hands. These are the signs that are not there to be loved only when it suits them but they forget. 

Sometimes, you stay where you only get crumbs, you become a kind of second-table dish and you get used to it. That is bad, when the habit becomes part of your days, when you normalize that he does not call you, that he does not write you, that he does not want to see you. When you only look down at being mistreated, that’s when you give them a chance to treat you like a puppet.

Signs that are not there to be loved only when it suits them but they forget

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There are selfish, cruel love affairs that leave traces that are difficult to erase. They are the ones that instead of filling you with smiles, they fill you with tears, anger and despair. That’s when these signs forget how much they are worth. You are not here to be loved only when they please, you are here to be truly loved and shouted proudly from the rooftops. These signs should remember:

4.- Virgo 

The problem with Virgo is that he is very accommodating, he likes to give himself deeply to his partner and does not sit idly by. When things go wrong they strive to solve, they are not the type to throw everything away overnight. In addition, it is a very patient sign, they fail you and can give you second chances, because they believe in change. The bad thing is that sometimes they blame themselves, they feel insecure and a bad partner can bring out the worst in them, so much so that they end up believing that they are not worth it. It is not you Virgo, it is that person who does not let you shine.

3.- Capricorn 

The Capricorn are signs controllers, like knowing them that they are taking the lead, but also very stubborn and when an idea gets them to the head, hardly change their minds. Sometimes, Capricorn stumbles over the same stone several times because he wants to show that the opposite will happen. The downside is that their partners realize it and take advantage of it . Do not tell Capricorn that he is in a mistake, better remind him that he deserves something much better than crying for someone who is not worth it.

2.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is a walking duality, the same they are strong and mysterious, that a sweetness that shows everything of itself. The problem is that when someone gives them confidence, they can hit their weak spots. That’s when he enters an unhealthy relationship that only fills his life with sadness and bitterness. Scorpios can be very patient, but once the blindfold is removed, they will not allow anyone else to use it as they please. Scorpio puts on a shell after disappointments, itwill cost a lot for his next love to show that he is worth his talks, his time, his life.

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1.- Pisces 

There are people who only come into the life of Pisces , to take advantage of the goodness that is in their heart, because they are the ones who honor love. Pisces truly surrenders when she loves, when she has a partner she is her priority and she is not afraid to show her feelings. The point is that Pisces is not afraid of loneliness, so they have a hard time noticing when they only want you for a little while. Not to mention that it is a very empathic sign, if your partner is victimized many times they end up convincing him. 


Signs That Are Not For You To Love Only When It Is Convenient To Them But You Forget Them

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