Ranking Of The Signs That Suffer The Most Infidelities

Ranking Of The Signs That Suffer The Most Infidelities

I’m not going to pretend not, when someone cheats on you, it breaks your soul and you feel the way your self-esteem ends up ripped to the ground. However, over time you learn that the one who suffers the most, in the end, is the unfaithful person, that person who does not have the capacity to truly love and therefore is unable to commit. They do not know loyalty and the kind zodiac signs become their best victims. This ranking is one of those who suffer the most from infidelities:

1.- Cancer

Infidelity is that shadow that ends love from one second to another. Cancer knows this very well, because her beautiful personality is the reason why she has sadly earned the number place in this ranking. Yes, it is the sign that they betray the most, because it surrenders blindly and knows no other way to love. Cancer, you have to know that there is nothing wrong with you, that we are here to love, but there are people who have not understood it and it is not your responsibility to change them . Don’t wear yourself out, no one deserves your crying, much less second chances. To love is not to suffer, it is not to live with the torment that I will do it again. Don’t let other people’s trash turn off your light.

2.- Pisces

Second on the list. Pisces, the zodiac sign who is so compassionate, that you don’t even notice when you attract blots into your life. Bad loves detect at first that it is a very emotional sign, that they have no problem expressing what they feel. When you start a relationship, you have the assurance that this person is on the same page. That is, they both love each other and their goal is to build something beautiful, healthy, and mature. However, there are unbelievers who disguise themselves incredibly, they arrive dressed insincerity when even they lie to themselves. Pisces, you have to be clear that an infidel is someone who does not even love himself. The important thing is that you never let their immaturity affect you and that it is clear that not all are the same.

3.- Libra

Libra’s indecision may be the reason for his ordeal. And there are times when he is so sweet and understanding that he forgets his reality. When he falls in love he is an expert in idealizing, he loses himself among the apparent qualities of his partner and does not see the red flags. The infidels are not as stealthy as it seems, most of the time they warn you with their attitudes that something is not quite right. The problem is that Libra gets into tremendous confusion, one part tells him that it is best to finish, but the other already loves the person and that is when they can hurt him in the worst way. However, they do not see his face for a long time, the moment he discovers it he pays you with his indifference.

4.- Taurus

The reason infidels seek out Taurus is because he is very firm. It really is not a sign of playing games when it comes to loving. You like to put your cards on the table and you hope your partner is ready for the engagement. From the beginning, it teaches you the value of fidelity and loyalty, so for the one who betrays it is much easier to hurt him, because Taurus believes that he is in a reciprocal bond and has no idea of ​​the bad intentions of the other. And yes, it can be one of the most patient signs of the zodiac, but … that does not mean that you are going to see his face as many times as you want. Taurus is calm, but when his stubborn part kicks in, forget it, he will take your breath away.

5.- Capricorn

Let’s say Capricorn is almost in the middle of infidelity victims. And it is that despite being one of the most intelligent and meticulous signs of the zodiac when he ends up giving his heart he does so from the depths. Capricorn does not have time for games, if he is in a relationship it is because he wants something formal and with a promising future. The problem is that there are those who take advantage of such clarity, because he is not someone who loves drama, nor does he have time to become an ally of the FBI and review everything about his partner. Capricorn trusts that he is with someone loyal and mature, but unfortunately, there are those who know how to pretend perfectly and he realizes it very late.

6.- Leo

What a relief! We are entering the part of the signs that hardly betray. In the case of Leo, it is a sign that realizes everything, you have no idea how he perceives bad news long before the rest. Also, being honest he is quite impulsive and dramatic, so do not think that he will stand idly by. Let’s say that when Leo’s intuition warns him that something is wrong in the relationship, he simply detects the possible third person in the blink of an eye . Don’t think that their goal is to make a fuss, far from it. However, he will confront you without leaving time for a single explanation and then he will say goodbye. Once you betray Leo, he doesn’t want to see you again in his entire life.

7.- Sagittarius

Cheating on a Sagittarius? Well … the only thing I can wish you is luck, because the truth is that it is one of the most liberal signs of the zodiac and I do not mean that they are the infidels. No, it is just that it frees itself from everything, it does not get hooked and no matter how much it loves a person, it lets go of it easily. It is a rather impulsive sign from the side you see it and is usually one of those who prefers to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission. So infidelities really slip off him. At that moment it is repeated that he is not the culprit, it is the other person who loses it and does not think to continue investing his time in so little. Sagittarius lives today, the past trodden down on and continues to advance with their foreheads held high.

8.- Virgo

If there is someone who can detect infidelity like radar, without a doubt, we are talking about Virgo. Really, do not put his analytical part to the test because it makes the infidel discover things that he himself did not know. It is true, Virgo is one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac, their mind never stops and their desire for perfection keeps them in their own world. But … That does not mean that your partner can mess with whoever gets in the way. Virgo, can be silent when in reality he already knows the whole truth, he is only waiting for the infidel to have the courage to admit it, although if it takes a long time, he will only have to face him and open wide the doors of his life. Bye!

9.- Aquarius

Do you really want to be unfaithful to the most detached sign? Although Aquarius is widely known for not committing himself deeply to love, it is one of the things that keep him away from infidelities. Well, at least if you experience them they don’t affect you as much as the rest. Let’s say that sometimes it is better to be prepared for the worst, they say it hurts less that way. The truth is that Aquarius’ reaction is quite unpredictable, he will rarely end up crying or begging an infidel. That has already happened in his history, perhaps at the beginning of his first relationships he became quite naive, but now he is an independent sign, especially emotionally. So an infidelity does not shake your life, it simply shows you a new path.

10.- Aries

The truth is that Aries rarely ends up being the character of some infidelity. Perhaps it is because of his temperament, it is not that he threatens his partners, far from it, but from the beginning he sets the rules very well. It is not a game, if you want to be with Aries you have to commit yourself and if not, go your way. It is a sign that does not shut up when something bothers him and although he will not allow himself to make scenes of jealousy, it will put a stop to detect a bad action on your part. Aries does not have much patience, if you look at his face you will have to face the consequences, because although he does not go around hurting everyone who comes into his life, when they betray him he becomes the same fire. Great care.

11.- Scorpio

The second to last on the list, which means that Scorpio is not going to allow infidelity even as a joke and in any kind. Because there are times that they minimize the fact of conversing by messages. Scorpio does not have time to discover if the act is going to be consummated or not , at first he says goodbye. You may be head over heels in love, but that’s not reason enough to get trampled on. In addition, he has a resentful side, the one that neither forgives nor forgets and therefore does not give the opportunity to be torn to pieces. If for some reason you end up hurting a Scorpio, the only thing I can give you is my blessing because it will make you see the Moon and the stars, but… not exactly how you imagine it.

12.- Gemini

Look at nothing else … Who would say that Geminis would occupy the last place in the list of the most betrayed. And it is a sign that does not beat around the bush, when someone tries to hurt him he smells it, he feels it, everything. It is a sign that follows your intuition a lot, but also your intelligence. Do not really try to get on his level, because you are not going to reach his heels. In general, Geminis have a hard time taking the step towards commitment, so they will not give in the first time, much less fall for your lies. For that he has no tolerance, if he detects that you are putting one pretext after another he will end up saying goodbye before being unfaithful crosses your mind.


Ranking Of The Signs That Suffer The Most Infidelities

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