How You Will Lose The Woman Of Your Life According To Her Sign

Lose The Woman Of Your Life

How You Will Lose The Woman Of Your Life According To Her Sign

The woman can keep quiet, she has the ability to continue smiling even if inside she can no longer. Sometimes, she stays by someone’s side because she hopes that they will change, but little by little she fades away. She lives the duel as a couple, she says goodbye to her without you realizing it and when you want to get her back it’s already too late. When a woman gets tired there is nothing to make her return, because all that exhaustion took away the love she felt for you. Maybe you still have time to recover it, maybe not. How will you lose the woman of your life according to her sign?


She is brave, she was born wanting to go into battle, there are few things that scare her, and even when she is afraid she throws herself into the ring. The problem is that not everyone values ​​her company because she is so dedicated, and so passionate, that there comes a point where they think they have her safe. How wrong they are because even if Aries melts with love for you, she leaves. She leaves when they try to turn off her shine when dominating her, and minimize her and she realizes that she has to keep quiet about many things so that her partner does not get angry. She doesn’t deserve such a dark place, she gets tired of being the one who always gives in, the one who has to move everything to keep the flame burning. Aries doesn’t stay long in a place where her smile is stolen. You’re losing it, your days are running out and you don’t realize it.


Taurus is so determined that there are many times when she puts herself on hold and questions if she is really exaggerating. However, for her to make a decision, it is because she has already looked for a way to return everything to the way it was before and she did not see any results. She is a woman who is tired of hearing one promise after another, without seeing a change. You are losing her, you did it from the first moment a lie came out of your mouth. She is not willing to deal with so much falsehood, she cannot trust her heart to someone who does not know what honesty is. Now, everything you say puts her in doubt, no matter how hard she tries, she won’t trust you anymore. She wants to leave, if she stays it’s because she’s not ready to let go yet, but eventually, she will. Little by little she has been moving away, but you are so distracted that you have not paid attention to her absence.


And suddenly she wakes up and doesn’t feel the same anymore. Gemini is leaving pieces of what one day was, she stealthily leaves. She already realized that they do not value her individuality, that they seek to put one tie after another so that she changes. She doesn’t want a relationship where they make her a puppet. She is no longer there to be manipulated, she may not tell you anything, but the moment you least expect it, she will say goodbye, and that is when you are going to regret not having accepted her essence because she will not give you another chance. Gemini may love you so much that he feels his soul is being cut to pieces, but he will wipe away his tears and not look back. Do not underestimate her pride or her own love for her because she will show you that she prefers her world a thousand times, in which her friends, her family, and her hobbies do fill her with life.


It’s funny, many think that loving a Cancer woman is simple, that it’s enough to give it to her and ignore her sensitivity. It’s much easier to minimize all the emotions he’s struggling with than to actually put himself in her shoes and try to help her. If you don’t know how to address her and you don’t care either, believe me, that sooner or later she will decide to leave her. She is a woman who is full of love from whichever side you see, she likes to put her partner on her list of priorities. However, that does not mean that you are going to treat her as you please and she is going to shut up. She can have a good heart, forgive, and fight for a relationship, but do not put her self-esteem and dignity to the test because you will find her defiant side of her, the one that she is not willing to tolerate any rudeness from anyone. If Cancer does not feel loved, valued, and listened to, you have already lost it.


If Leo is clear about something in this life, it is that the woman falls in love every day, not only when they feel that they are going to lose her. There comes a point where it becomes very exhausting having to deal with someone who is only nice and detailed when he feels that everything is getting out of hand. Leo is no longer to settle, he wants someone who really enjoys being by his side. She does not want to become the woman who takes on the role of mother to her partner, in which she has to tell him what to do to feel loved. Leo wants to be loved without being demanding. She is dedicated, and brave, but she also likes to be conquered, and the routine is not an impediment to adding sparkle to each day. If you are going to treat her as if she were just another piece of furniture, just to satisfy your needs and ignore what goes through her mind and heart, you have to know that you will not have any chance next to her.


Virgo is a woman who can be very broken, but she shakes her heart, gets pretty, and moves on. The truth is that begging is not in her information. She was born to assert herself, she likes to be given her place and when they start treating her like one more on the list, forget it, she is not going to stay with someone she does not know the term to love. Yes, she can be very tolerant, maybe she will stay a little longer, she wants to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if she sees that you do not lift a single finger to change, she will leave. Virgo is everything you want, except conformist, she knows that she deserves someone who is willing to take her by the hand and show it off in front of the rest. However, she not only wants a beautiful relationship outside the house but also within the four walls of her bedroom. Let her realize the place she deserves in your life and the only thing you will see of her is her shadow as you pass by, because she will never come back.


The bad way is that’s how Libra has had to learn the idea of ​​letting go. She knows that if someone loses her it’s because she wasn’t worth having by her side. She is a woman who charms with all the kindness and simplicity that is in her soul. Her sweetness is so great that she prefers to lead the party in peace, although inside she knows that the fire is consuming the last drop of her love. She doesn’t like fights, that’s why she keeps a lot of things to herself, but… what nobody says is that sooner or later the glass is full and that’s when the bomb explodes. When Libra opens her eyes she understands that she doesn’t deserve anyone’s leftovers and that it is not fair that she is the one who always has to do something to maintain harmony. She truly loves, so much so that many times she gives opportunities that others do not even deserve. However, there comes a time when the only thing left is to let go. She is the woman who leaves silently, who raises a barrier and closes the door, do not try to beg her because there will be nothing to change her mind.


A deep breath for all those times when a Scorpio woman had to look down, swallow her words, and keep smiling next to a love that did not value her. That woman is in the past, she is no longer going to allow anyone to break her that way. Life goes by in the blink of an eye, we don’t realize it but we have very little time to continue wasting it with someone who doesn’t look at us as if we were the cutest thing ever found. Scorpio is a very intuitive woman, she is not exaggerated, when something tells her that things are wrong, it only takes a couple of weeks for her to check it. She pays attention to every detail and the moment she connects the dots until she discovers the betrayal, she is synonymous with putting an end to it. She is not going to allow them to see her face, it does not matter if it is a relationship for a short time or for years, she simply wants you out of her life.


The Sagittarius woman knows very well that it is not about goodbye, it is about loving each other above anything else. She gets annoyed when she feels they want to treat her like she’s a naive child, and aside from her, they think she’s going to forget all the hurtful comments overnight. Sagittarius does not want drama, she hates living with the uncertainty of determining if she is loved or not. It is already complicated enough to deal with the pile of ideas that flood your mind, to still let someone else dirty your emotions. You are pushing Sagittarius away when you want to put rules on him, you order him, you want him to dress a certain way, to go out with only some people, and to stay away from others. She is not a happy woman, she can’t stand that kind of attitude. She leaves at first because she is clear that no one dies of love and that her peace is more important than any couple that gets in her way.


Capricorn is a woman who is certain that what she wants regarding love will sooner or later come to her life. So, she’s not going to get stuck with someone who brings more tears to her eyes than smiles. She knows her worth and if someone isn’t prepared to deal with her safety, she simply doesn’t deserve a seat in her heart. She wants to love with gallantry, that she does not hide, that she is able to accept her quirks and defects, Don’t let your guard down for any nonsense. If she is the one who always gives more, the one who gives in, the one who looks for a way to make you smile, I think what you are doing is signing your goodbye letter. Capricorn is exhausted from fighting, from making up a personality that really has no solution. If you don’t give him security, you don’t give him anything. Capricorn does not want to be wondering all the time if he is with the right person or not, because of his evident lack of interest.


That part of Aquarius that endured everything is over, the one that always tried to paint a smile on his face, even if inside he was desperately broken. Not anymore, now she is the woman who has the courage to face what she doesn’t want, who knows how to set limits and who leaves when she feels that they are only playing with her emotions. She is an intelligent woman, capable of achieving everything she sets her mind to, she is not going to continue to depend emotionally on someone who loves her every other day. She is deep, and she is not satisfied with superficial ties, so if she is still by your side it is because she is only waiting for the right moment to say goodbye. Inside his heart there are no grudges, but neither does he want to beg anyone. At the moment that she feels that they do not understand her, that they judge her, and that they even criticize her way of seeing life, she realizes that she has nothing to do next to someone like that. She expects many good things to lose for so little.


Pisces doesn’t go away overnight, you lose her long before, when you don’t pay attention to her, when she feels abandoned, used and unwanted. Little by little she is erasing you from her heart and she can continue spending time by your side, but her goal is to turn the page. For Pisces, love is sacred, she cannot conceive that someone to whom she is giving the most vulnerable part of her, does not take her emotions seriously. When she starts to turn off when she no longer lives together like before when she doesn’t respond to an “I love you”, he is leaving. He doesn’t intend to stay by the side of someone who doesn’t know empathy, who only cares about satisfying his needs and ignores those of his wife. Pisces, she loves like no one else, in a very natural way, but even if you are someone very important in her life, in the end, she loves herself more and that is more than enough for her to say goodbye to you. . Do not try to get her to come back to you with false promises, because she will no longer fall for your toxicity.

How You Will Lose The Woman Of Your Life According To Her Sign

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