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When we are in love, we are constantly thinking about how to make the other person feel loved, feel special, feel that he really has all your love. Each person is different and making them feel special is not easy. To begin with, if you want to make your partner feel special, the first thing you should do is show him what you feel for him by being of whatever sign. If you resist, here we help you make you feel really special:


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For Aries to feel special, what he needs is to feel that at your side he can remain free. He has to know that you are also a very active and dynamic person, who never gets bored. To do this, prepare a surprise trip. Aries is an adventurous and full of energy person, he loves to travel and is always thinking about what his next getaway is going to be. Therefore, if you really want to show all your love to Aries and make him feel special, you should make him enjoy at all times and reinforce all that passion he has for travel.

Aries makes him feel special when he encounters a person with whom he can be free, with whom he can continue to enjoy the life he had before being in love. What Aries most desires are to find a person with whom her day-to-day life is full of exciting adventures.



Even if you find it hard to believe it, Taurus is a pretty romantic sign. Once you enter his heart, you discover that he loves to be affectionate and treats the people he really loves with love. And you also have to know that Taurus is quite elegant and exquisite, has a rather peculiar taste. Making him feel special is complicated when you hardly know him.

If you are going to spend some money or want to give the bull a gift, you better invest your money in some quality.

Taurus does not want you to buy his heart with money, but there is no harm that for good does not come. Although if you really want to be right and want to make him feel special from the first moment, what you have to do is take care of the small details and especially be a very detailed person. Prepare a romantic dinner that does not lack any detail, in a beautiful place with beautiful views, good wine, and good food. Make him feel that you know him perfectly from the first moment.



For Gemini, the most important thing in a relationship is not to fall into monotony. Nor does he ask for much more, simply having at his side a person with whom he never gets bored. So, to make him feel special, what you should do is a plan from time to time small surprises. Anything that catches Gemini off guard will make him very happy and make him feel that he really cares.

Gemini is very attracted to people who create curiosity and those who are constantly stimulating their creativity and intelligence.

Plan small surprises, it doesn’t have to be something great, just surprise you one day with dinner at your favorite restaurant or with a small impromptu trip. To make him feel special, Gemini has to see that you care about keeping the flame alive, that you are also involved in the relationship. That is really what a loved one makes you feel.



Making Cancer feel special is much easier than you can imagine. Cancer is a very romantic sign and just by seeing that you are too and that you care about him/her, you have earned him. But to make him feel that he really is someone special in your life, you have to see that you care to understand him at all times. Cancer is a sign that has many mood swings and there are times when you don’t even understand yourself.

To make him feel special, you have to be there in those moments to make him see that you are trying to understand him and that you will listen to him in everything he has to say.

Cancer makes it feel very special to feel heard, to feel that there is a person there willing to endure anything. Cancer needs a lot of attention and if he sees that you are going to give it to him whenever he needs it, he will feel very, very special.



Leo is a sign that is already quite special in itself. It happens a little like Cancer, which needs constant attention. He loves to attract attention, let everyone look at him, feel special wherever he goes. Therefore, if you really want Leo to feel special by your side, what you have to do is know how to value everything he does.

Leo needs to know that at his side he has a person who knows how to value his company, someone who appreciates everything he does.

There is nothing that makes Leo feel more special that you return everything he/she does for you. Nor does he need much more, just to feel that you will always be there, that you are proud of him/her, that you value him for being the way you are. Yes, Leo is a very strong sign, but he rarely finds himself on the road with people who know how to value everything he keeps inside and when he finds someone like that he feels VERY special.



Making Virgo feel special is quite complicated, for this, you have to get to know him very, very well. Virgo is a fairly critical sign that pays a lot of attention and attention to all the little details.

Virgo is that person who realizes any minimal failure and who cares a lot about improving things and making everything right.

But you should know that this Virgo may end up exhausting him more than he can recognize. That is why Virgo makes him feel very special when he finds a person who is just like him, a person who is also concerned with small details. Virgo at his side wants a person who knows how to understand his hobbies and helps him take the pressure off him. You need someone who knows how to value all the effort that Virgo is constantly making to make things go perfectly.



To understand Libra, the first thing you have to know is that your mind and your emotions work like a kind of balance. You always need one of lime and another of sand. If you really want to make him feel special, you have to know how to balance that balance. To start, you should know that Libra is a person who needs a lot of love, someone who loves to feel heard and, above all, loves not to feel judged or criticized for being different.

If you want to make him feel special, the first thing you have to do is to know how to value all that potential that he has inside, to know how to listen to him and to know how to give him the love he needs, but in the right doses.

Remember that you must balance the balance at all times, Libra does not like to overwhelm you with a gesture of love or to go over romanticism. Libra wants to have his freedom, his time alone, his space in the world and to make him feel special, you have to respect all that. Once you understand it, it will be much easier.



There is nothing that makes Scorpio feel more special than passion. For the scorpion, passion is something very important in any kind of relationship. And knowing that you have a passionate person by your side is something that makes you feel the luckiest person in the world. He is someone passionate and very hot, and that is why Scorpio feels comfortable with people who appreciate all that passion.

If you want to show Scorpio that he is a very special person for you, surprise him with a very romantic dinner, a dinner that does not lack any detail.

It doesn’t have to be something fancy, it can simply be in privacy. Even, the fewer people there are around much better, much more passion may be in the environment. Scorpio loves being able to feel what love is to the fullest and feels special when he can share all those emotions that are born inside him with another person.



To Sagittarius what scares him most in a relationship is having to give up part of his independence. That is why he is afraid of commitment and is terrified of starting a relationship. Sagittarius prefers to live in singleness rather than start in a relationship where he has to feel obligated to do things he doesn’t feel. Therefore, if you want Sagittarius to feel special by your side, what you should do mainly is to show him that he will not have to give up his independence with you.

You have to make him see that you are also a free person and that you will know how to respect all existing limits.

Show him at all times that you will always respect him and that you will never force him to do something he does not want or something that does not come out of him. Sagittarius feels special when he is close to people with whom he knows he can be himself and with whom he feels he will never feel judged.



To Capricorn, what makes him feel special is to have at his side a person who listens to him at all times. Although it seems a quiet and somewhat reserved person, deep down, Capricorn has a lot of things to say and usually does not say them for fear of playing with their feelings or criticizing him without knowing. Therefore, when he meets a patient and knows how to listen, he feels like a god of Olympus.

Capricorn appreciates that you are patient, that you know how to wait for the perfect moment.

Another small detail that will also make you feel super special is that you know how to value your effort and your work. Normally, Capricorn meets people who only know how to take advantage of him and your effort. So, if you really want to make yourself feel special, what you have to do is show him that you value everything he does for you and everything he does for others.



To make Aquarius feel special, what you have to do is to encourage and support him in all those ideas so different that he usually has. Aquarius what you are looking for in a relationship is to find a person to support you and help you bring to light those unconventional ideas you have. When he finds a person who does not judge him, who does not look at him badly and who knows how to listen to him, it is at that moment that he feels super special.

Normally, Aquarius feels that it does not fit and feels out of place at all times.

Therefore, when they find a person with whom they can be opened and with whom they do not feel judged, they feel at home. If you really want to make Aquarius feel special, remember that you have to keep your mind as open as possible and be prepared to listen to the most peculiar ideas in the world. Making Aquarius feel special is quite easy, you just have to know how to do it.



If you want to make Pisces feel special, the number one requirement you have to fulfill is knowing how to be romantic. Pisces loves to share his time with people who know what romanticism is and who live love to the fullest. If you want to show Pisces that he is a very special person for you, write him a letter, put on paper what all your feelings are. Pisces love these little details and the more intimate they are, the better.

Something as simple as writing a letter to Pisces symbolizes having something physical to cling to, something that can be reread whenever you feel lost or something is wrong.

It is a way for Pisces to know exactly what you feel for him/her. Pisces always needs to feel special, he needs to feel that there is someone who understands him, that there is someone there who wants to spend time with him. You need to feel loved and that is really what makes you feel special.


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