According To Your Zodiac Sign What Mythological Creature Are You?

Mythological Creature

According To Your Zodiac Sign What Mythological Creature Are You?

Mythological creatures have always aroused great interest in most people. We have all grown up listening to fairy tales or reading tales about elves and goblins. So much so that even Santa Claus has an army of elves that help him in his mission! So, it is not surprising that the question about what creature we would be according to our way of being has come to mind on more than one occasion, right? Well, if you want to find the answer, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you which mythological creature you are according to your zodiac sign.


Surely you expect it, right? You would be the dragon, the most passionate creature of all the stories. Although they have not always been well regarded, dragons are characterized by having a fire inside and fighting for what they need. We could say that their passions are what moves them. Do you still wonder why this creature represents you? Instincts dominate you.  


The gnome is the creature that represents you and it is not surprising. You both love being home, doing your thing, and living life to the best of your ability. Gnomes are hard workers, quite serious (even a bit grumpy), and with a great sense of responsibility. Of course, they can be the most fun and affectionate when they are among their own. Same to you. 


The werewolf is the creature that best represents you, Gemini, because, like him, you have two faces and each one gets what they deserve from you. You can be an open and caring person, but you can also be quite cold and withdrawn. Werewolves change their appearance with the phases of the moon and what do you change with? Be that as it may, what is clear is that you have two very different personalities between them. 


The house elf, the caring elf, the providing elf: this is the creature that matches your personality. There is nothing you like that fills you more than taking care of those you care about. You love being a host, making everyone around you feel good and, without a doubt, helping in whatever is necessary. But, you also have a part of the dramatic, right? Well, don’t worry, the house elf has it too. 


This Duende is a most efficient creature, capable of leading and with great willpower when it comes to getting everything he needs. That’s you, Leo. Have you seen yourself reflected in his personality? Clear! You are both the same. We can even tell you that elves are people who have a hard time showing affection but with big heart. Like you.


Virgo, without a doubt, the mythological creature that best represents you is the witch. But, not in the bad sense of the word. In fact, it’s unfair that they’ve always been treated like the bad guys in the movie when, in reality, they’re just looking to help others. What happens to you? Well, easy. You can become a bit cold and not show affection quickly, but you always come up with solutions to all problems. And, even if you end up being (unfairly) the bad guys, you know that you always do everything with the best of intentions. Really, at the end of it all, you are simply a somewhat misunderstood person. 


The mermaid, Libra, is the creature that represents you and that is that you are sweet like her, somewhat dreamy, but also with your dangerous side. Like her, you know how to be the most affectionate and sweet when you put your mind to it, although you can also become dangerous when you need something that you don’t get. Sweet, yes. And, somewhat volatile, too. 


If you had to be a mythological creature, Scorpio, you would be the Loch Ness monster and you are both very mysterious. You do not let your personality be seen in its entirety and you hide everything that can make you vulnerable to others. This, without a doubt, is the same thing that this monster does when it does not want to be attacked. But, be careful, when they bother you: you become the most evil. There is nothing that annoys you more than those who seek to provoke you and then, on top of that, blame yourself for your reactions. 


Sagi, the centaur, is the creature that best represents you and that is that you are both loyal and have clear ideas about why you fight in life. Although you like to belong to groups, you also love to run free through life. You need your moments and for this reason, sometimes, you do not see what many would like. Of course, with you by your side, there is no moment of sadness


The elf is one of the most hard-working creatures of all, so it is not complicated that it is the one that best represents you, Capri. Like him, you love to be busy and you obsess when tasks don’t go the way they should. Also, you’re both a bit of a grumpy person when plans don’t go your way. Hardworking, cheerful, and dynamic, but somewhat moody, and obsessive-compulsive.


Aquarius, the unicorn is the mythological creature that best represents you, why? Well, because you are always thinking about the good of others: you love helping others, even though this may be harmful to you. Also, you love to run free and feel loved, but not overwhelmed.


Without a doubt, friend Pisces, you would be the fairy in the story. Not only because you like to be in the lives of others and provide them with everything they need, but because you always know how to see the positive side of things. You are most creative and you see beauty in everything, like the fairies in all the stories. Despite all the good things, you also have something dark: sometimes, jealousy gets the better of you and you look for a way to recover what you believe to be yours without blinking an eye… Does Tinkerbell in love with Peter ring a bell?

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