Wolf Moon On January 7th: These Zodiac Signs Are Now Emotionally Buoyed

Emotionally Buoyed

Wolf Moon On January 7th: These Zodiac Signs Are Now Emotionally Buoyed

The very first full moon of the year is imminent. It may only have been a few days in the new year 2023, but astrologically a lot is already happening. Because on January 7th, the side of the moon facing the earth is completely illuminated, which is why the moon appears particularly bright. These three zodiac signs in particular are heavily influenced by the bright wolf moon on January 7th.

These signs of the zodiac are now feeling their emotional side particularly intensely, which is triggered by the moon in the sign of Cancer.


January 7th will be a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s time for Cancer to finally reveal the feelings that it has been carrying around silently for a long time. The game of hide-and-seek must come to an end now. Due to the influence of the Moon, the emotional side of Cancer becomes even stronger than usual. So there is no better time for the zodiac sign to put feelings into words. Don’t be shy – it will be worth it. Especially in love.


The wolf moon makes lions particularly sensitive and empathetic. In addition, the astrological event ensures that the zodiac sign can heal old wounds by finally dealing with its feelings. Some emotions come to the fore that the zodiac sign had long hidden within itself. The sign of the zodiac now gives you free rein and thus touches your entire environment. Because for a long time, they had no idea what was going on in the lion.


It is Capricorn month. Usually, the zodiac sign is known for its pragmatic and rational personality. But the wolf moon changes everything for him in the short term. Because many matters of the heart are finally given the space they should have taken up a long time ago. And don’t be afraid of tears in the dramatic love film. It is only positively received by the other person. Because the others are not used to seeing Capricorns so emotionally touched.

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