Why Your Relationship Is About To Break Up

About To Break Up

Why Your Relationship Is About To Break Up

I once read that every couple should have a pact, when love is ending they have to remember the reasons that made them love each other. I wish it were that simple, but even if you go back to the beginning, it does not guarantee that the feelings will return. On the contrary, it hurts to realize how much what they had has changed. What started with smiles, messages at dawn and love with a lot of adrenaline no longer exists. Each zodiac sign faces him in his own way,  why is your relationship about to break up? 


Deep down you know it, your relationship is no longer the same, but you have the hope of saving what one day was. The spark is fading and the chemistry is gone. Now instead of feeling motivated next to that person, you feel like you are sinking into bitterness and you don’t say anything. The questions disappeared, they have become nothing, two strangers who say they love each other and who are not aware of what happens to them. You’ve gotten used to distance and boredom. You know that you are about to throw in the towel, you have already given everything you could and you do not intend to continue fighting for the two of you. 


Take a break Taurus, because a relationship is for two, it is not fair that you take all the blame. Things have been cooling down, but it’s not up to you to fully recover the adrenaline. You love to give and give, but you never stop to think about what you receive. When you are in love you forget everything and your complacent side takes the reins, however, you should not put your mental, physical, and emotional health at risk for someone who does not make an effort. Perhaps all you need is to start putting yourself as a priority, think about your well-being, and not let the criticism of a couple who does not know how to love to break you. Do what fills you with happiness, do not settle or delay in a place where they do not treat you as you deserve. The fact that they take years is not synonymous with the fact that you have to lower your guard. 


The last thing you want is to end up involved in a relationship in which you feel overwhelmed. It is very hard to realize that you are still with someone out of habit, but love has long been forgotten. You lose the desire to fight when you feel that your independence is on the ground. You don’t like that your partner controls you, much less that he minimizes your emotions and your dreams. People say that you are afraid of commitment, however, what you don’t want is to end up with the wrong person and that’s why you put up a lot of obstacles. You like intensity and honesty, knowing that the person you love will be there the next morning no matter what, is gratifying, but you don’t plan to stay just for that. You need more and if they can’t give it they better let you go. 


When you give your heart, you do it in such a profound way that you leave aside everything that the rest can believe. It’s your own story, you and that person fighting for what you want. However, when the flame begins to fade your feelings too. You don’t plan to stay next to a love that you have to justify all the time. You are not worth finding arguments for their cold messages and their scarce love. You don’t even remember the warmth of his hugs anymore. However, what hurts you the most is the way in which respect has already vanished. Your partner now does not tempt their hearts when it comes to criticizing, when humiliation keeps them company, everything else ceases to exist. The fairy tale falls apart and you know that in a short time, yours will be in the past. 


Your standards are high, you don’t mince words when it comes to demanding what you want. The truth is that the simple fact of thinking that you have to wait for a person to change to meet your expectations makes you lazy. You don’t want to become anyone’s rescuer. Your relationship has faded, but what makes the distance more evident is the lack of trust. Do not wait to become just another piece of furniture, you are not here to beg for attention and you know it very well, Leo. It is better to talk about things in time before you continue to get excited about a relationship that is not worth it. You know you can’t keep pretending everything is fine, because you’re actually breaking down inside and it’s not fair. You deserve so much more than that. 


Of course, you love to take it easy, you are not the type of person who gets carried away easily when it comes to a relationship. However, once you feel safe, you do everything in your power to keep the chemistry as it was in the beginning. The bad thing is that you don’t do much to be effective and less with the passage of time. When you feel that your partner is settling, all you want is to put the cards on the table. You’re not going to stay with someone who doesn’t respect you, let alone pressure you. You are not here to meet the demands of a love that only gives you crumbs. That sooner or later is going to break and you know it. 


Your understanding can be exaggerated and make the other person believe that the responsibility of the relationship is yours and nothing else. It’s not worth it for your partner to put everything in your hands just because he knows you’re trying. It is clear that you do not like relationships in which conflict is something of every day, but that does not mean that you have to shut up every time something bothers you. Your partner is used to the fact that you are the one who searches, who calls, who forgives. It is not always about giving everything that is in you, Libra, no matter how much you love the person, it will never be enough for the feeling between the two to be maintained. It’s okay not to give up easily, but your dignity matters. Don’t forget, you deserve real love. 


It’s hard for you to open your heart. It is not easy for you to trust, there is a part of you that feels very insecure about being discovered that you are a very emotional being and that when you love you give yourself without fear. You are not afraid of commitment, you like to give your partner the place they deserve, but you are terrified of realizing that you are not being reciprocated, at least not as you would like. It’s okay to be kind, but not to the point of feeling like trash just to please the one who calls himself your love. People tend to think that you are always in control because they forget that when you appreciate someone you don’t listen to your manipulative side, you just want the other person to be happy, but when will you start to be? 


It is not fair that you try so hard to keep the joy in the relationship if your partner does not even take the time to thank you. You are someone who really enjoys his solitude, but when you fall in love you bet on something more formal and that means that you do everything on your part to not let the relationship sink. What you don’t want is to be with someone who judges you, who at first said that he fell in love with your freedom and now wants to put you in a cage. It’s nice to have unforgettable moments with that person, but don’t use them to justify their mistreatment. If that person turns off your smile, fills you with doubts, and makes you feel insecure, he simply doesn’t deserve a seat in your life. Also letting go is loving, don’t forget it. 


For you, a relationship is much more than romance, hugs, and caresses. It’s not that you’re a rock, of course, you have your sensitive side, but you value more when your partner puts the same effort into the relationship as you do. You know that the moment things are not balanced, something starts to break, but you hope that you are wrong. You don’t want a relationship that makes you fall into the toxic. Where you are the one who cares, the one who wants to improve, the one who does not want false love. Do not put all that burden on your shoulders, Capricorn, because that will be synonymous with stress and living on illusions that only exist in your head. If your partner does not respect you and minimizes your essence, then they have no idea what empathy is and that is going to hurt you. 


There is not much to investigate, when sadness enters the relationship of an Aquarius it can be perceived from kilometers away. It is a sign that one loves to go against the current, find new excuses to smile, and live in the moment without missing any opportunity. The fact that you have a partner does not mean that you have to change and become his puppet. The problem is that you let your partner believe it and when he realizes that he can’t control you, the arguments become part of every day. Sometimes you know it’s not there, but you don’t know how to leave. You’ve gotten so used to forced love that you think what you already know is better than trying again with someone else. You are letting happiness be taken from you, now open your eyes. 


Blessed be your intuition, because it tells you when love is running out. You are the most sensitive sign of the entire zodiac, it is not that they see your face, what happens is that you hope that everything will go back to the way it was before. You do not like to throw away a love in which you have invested time and quality. However, you cannot claim that your intensity is enough to relight the ashes. If you stay in a relationship in which the other does not do their part to keep moving forward, the only thing you are going to achieve is that your emotional stability is shattered. It is not worth living with uncertainty, you are here to be loved today and tomorrow too. The moment you value yourself and give yourself your place, the right person will arrive. 

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