Why The Signs Do Not Want To Be The Other Half Of Anyone

Other Half Of Anyone

Why The Signs Do Not Want To Be The Other Half Of Anyone

Without planning it, there comes a time in life when your way of seeing love changes completely, you no longer believe in fairy tales, now you focus on what is healthy, a relationship in which you can have something in the long term. It’s painful to take away the idea of ​​romance presented in the movies, but once you do, nothing is ever the same again. You do not want to be the other half of anyone, because you understand that you are complete. Every zodiac sign knows what I’m talking about. Why do the signs not want to be the other half of anyone?

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You like to take steps full of courage, that of putting things between a yes and a no, it makes you too lazy. You don’t see love as a game, you want someone who understands you and doesn’t run away from their emotions. You deserve a life partner, who paints your beautiful days and who does not embarrass you in front of others. You don’t need anyone if you’re by his side, it’s because he decides. 


Being aware of your partner’s life, 24 hours a day, is not your thing. It’s absurd to tell someone that you love them and that you can’t trust what they do. Your judgment is unique, you know how to recognize when people are not ready to commit and it is precisely the type of person you do not want by your side. Pretty phrases already bore you, you want something more than appearances. 


You are an exceptional human being, it is not necessary for someone to be your partner to show all the goodness that is in your soul. Your heart is sweet, but not naive, you would never allow your emotions to be mocked. You no longer believe in what the wind takes, now you want actions that show you how much they love you, there is no more. Only then will you truly surrender.


The engine of everything, this is how you see love, you like to put your feelings on the table. Sometimes you are a little scared to deal with people who make fun of what is in your heart, but you dare anyway because you know that behind the risk there can be a wonderful story that keeps your breath. You trust a love that offers you more than half, you want something real. 


For a long time, they made you believe that you are self-centered, that you always want more and that love is not that intense, but… you discovered that you had been with the wrong people. Those who fear commitment and when they feel their heartbeat speed up, prefer to run away. However, your standards are high, you know that you are not there to complete anyone or to be completed. 


The fact that you do not go through life with a sign screaming love, does not mean that you do not want to build a beautiful bond with the right person. Simply, you have not found someone who inspires you, with whom you want to share more than a couple of kisses. You are a loving, helpful sign with very tender feelings. But you’re not going to give all that to someone who barely offers you leftovers. 


Libra, you are a very positive sign, but not to the point of falling into exaggeration, because you know that sadness is also part of life and helps you in your personal growth. However, when it comes to love, you prefer to be cautious, because you have experienced so many disappointments that you do not want to repeat them. A love that does not honor the grays, that is what you want, all or nothing, there is no more. 


The other half… you think it’s a bit dangerous to put your happiness on someone else’s shoulders. You’ve had a hard time keeping your head up after each battle, and it would be absurd for you to expect someone to give you satisfaction. You are full of yourself, you have learned to value yourself with everything and your dark side. You are going to stay with whoever has also worked in their best version. 


You already had to be the one who looked down when something upset his stomach, the one who shut up when someone humiliated him, you forgave many things in the name of love, but over time you discovered that there was everything but love. Now you bet on reciprocal relationships, those that awaken the best of you and that motivates you to continue digging inside yourself.


Self-sufficiency is the key for you in matters of the heart, but few dare to speak of it. Most people fall into the net of falling in love and end up being dependent, they confuse it with love. However, Capri, you want a company that has its own dreams, someone with whom you can talk about overcoming and who motivates you to keep moving forward. 


The less conventional love is for you, the better. Aquarius, you are a sign that is always looking for something that fills your heart and mind with adrenaline. However, that does not mean that you want harmful and unstable relationships. You prefer to stay alone until someone arrives who is capable of sharing their magic and every madness that invades their soul. That is the love that you deserve.


Your heart is firm, it is not as weak as many think. It’s just that your emotions most of the time don’t understand reasons, they get carried away, period. There are times when you can be calm and unexpectedly go into an altered state. You don’t care, you prefer to be transparent than to hide so that someone accepts you. Whoever doesn’t run away from all the charm that is in your soul will come. 

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Why The Signs Do Not Want To Be The Other Half Of Anyone

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