Why Signs Forgive But Nothing Is The Same Again

Nothing Is The Same Again

Why Signs Forgive But Nothing Is The Same Again

I am surprised by the way in which people have changed the concept of forgiveness, it is not about erasing what happened and continuing with a smile on the other. It goes beyond justifying or minimizing the damage that person did to you. It is a process that hurts, in which you have to be very resilient to understand that he did not think about your emotions, despite all the expectations you placed on his shoulders. It’s about letting go, but nothing is the same again. The signs of the Zodiac know it. Why do the signs forgive but nothing is the same again?


The type of person who is going to let you take out everything that you have inside is Aries. He is very strong, he tolerates things that hurt him, but he would rather know the truth than live in a bubble. He knows that relationships are not rosy and his temper may betray him and explode, but once he relaxes his heart softens. Even if you make no mistake, he will not allow the relationship to be the same. You will lose it and you will have to face the consequences. 


Deep down Taurus knows when they are right, only there are times when they don’t say anything, they keep things to themselves because they want to see how far the other person is capable of going. He is very stubborn because he trusts his arguments and hates when the other does not have enough pants to take charge of his actions. Once the hypocrisy kicks in, he knows he has no business there. Taurus disappears from your life and despite everything he wishes you the best


The way in which Geminis can separate things is admirable, they refuse to be the one who is always on the defensive, and they want to know the truth thoroughly. He is very astute when it comes to managing conflicts and although it may seem that you convince him, it is not. He may forgive you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll trust you again. Second chances are not in his vocabulary. In the end, you lose much more as a traitor than Gemini. 


One day Cancer was that person who was always there, the one who listened, the one who understood, the one who sympathized, but… got angry. He no longer tolerated dealing with so much evil and decided to start setting limits. So, oddly enough, he became the villain of the story and he loves it. He now can quickly scare away convenient people and he doesn’t feel guilty. Cancer learned to let go and understood that there are those who no longer have a remedy and will not be filled with grudges for his immaturity. So you better keep going. 


Of course, Leo does not consider himself perfect, he has had experiences in which he has had to be on the other side, but that does not mean that he is going to victimize himself. He is capable of assuming the consequences of his actions and works inside him so as not to repeat the same mistakes. However, he does not beg, if the relationship breaks he understands. If he forgives, he makes it clear that he doesn’t hold a grudge, but he doesn’t want to see that person in his life again. 


Virgo’s heart is so good that it is impossible for him to waste a bad attitude toward the person who betrayed him. However he puts up barriers to himself, he’s not going to let her use him as his emotional wastebasket. He becomes cold because it is the way in which he, little by little, cuts off the relationship. He is the type of sign that mourns before saying goodbye, so when he says it he looks very calm. He will never share how hard it was to forgive, but he does it for his own good. 


On an emotional level, it becomes very exhausting for Libra to deal with someone who did not care about their serenity. It is a very empathetic sign, but it is tired of relating to people who only take advantage of its sensitivity. He doesn’t like conflict, much less drama, so he prefers to put his cards on the table without any filter. It is direct and does not keep anything saved. He doesn’t do it to hurt the other, he does it to heal, to truly let go and make that person disappear from his days. 


What bothers and hurts Scorpio the most in this life is betrayal. He can’t conceive how the same person who one day wiped his tears while he was telling him his fears became his enemy, using what hurts him the most against him. Forgiveness is not earned that easily, just by coming with tears in your eyes. He will have to genuinely show remorse or he better leave. The bond will never be reunited anyway. 


Space, that’s what Sagittarius needs after realizing that the person they placed all their trust in turned out to be a traitor. They say that time heals wounds, but this is not always the case, they stay there, as a memory so that you will never allow anyone to treat you in the same way again. Sagittarius’s pain in those moments rarely shows it, because his ego does not allow it. He doesn’t want to be mocked by anyone, and he forgives from the heart, but he doesn’t even want to see the person, he’s not interested, it’s over. 


What Capricorn demands is that this person stops beating around the bush and has the courage to admit that they hurt a loyal heart. He expects him to look him in the eye with no excuses and practically explain to him with apples why he betrayed him. Once he has the full history, then yes, he puts the full stop. He is cold, disinterested, and even a little ironic because he doesn’t want to see himself as the weak one in the story. Then the tears she sheds in his room are proof that he did the right thing. 


The last thing Aquarius wants after a person harms them is for them to have the cynicism to pressure them to forgive them. Now the control is in his hands, it is he who decides when, how, and where. He hurts her, but he doesn’t play along with his relationships and doesn’t minimize his own pain. He prefers to end up with friends, partners, or relatives, who try to drive him crazy, telling him that he is exaggerating or that he can’t take anything. It’s true, he can’t take anything, because he shouldn’t do it and he won’t allow it anymore. 


The fact that Pisces is compassionate enough to listen to the justifications of someone who showed disloyalty does not mean that things will go back to the beginning, better not to underestimate their decisions. Because with a smile on his face, he says goodbye. He keeps the good times, but nothing more. That person did not think about the consequences or the emotions of Pisces. Why now does he have to understand? Forget it

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