Why Signs Are Not Satisfied

The pursuit of happiness is something complex, each person has their own concept, but in general, there are things that make us feel totally dissatisfied, above all, by our personality. Take note and read on if you really want to discover what makes you feel totally dissatisfied and how you can get over it, according to your zodiac sign.



Aries is a determined and bold person who finds happiness in battles. He is always looking for his next conquest, working to improve his careers, relationships, finances, etc … However, if he feels trapped in a routine, he may feel truly dissatisfied. That is why you need to find something to re-ignite that fire that characterizes you, find something that will throw you and be him / her 100%. You should try to try something that gives you that sense of satisfaction, such as learning to play an instrument or joining a local sports league.


Taurus is a very powerful person and is always determined to face everything that comes his way. The problem is that he is not as good as he thinks to do the things he does, especially dealing with conflicts. He is a very stubborn person and this can lead to great dissatisfaction. When he realizes that all this, he begins to distrust himself/herself. Taurus should learn that he cannot change the past and should focus his attention on the things he can achieve with his potential and intelligence.


Gemini is a person who gives off joy wherever it happens. It is that light that makes everyone with a smile, full of happiness in the lives of others. His prospects are usually optimistic, but unfortunately, although he seems to be living his life with positive and unparalleled energy, it can explode with the slightest provocation. He cannot handle disappointments and bad news, they end his peace of mind, but in order to get out of that dissatisfaction, he needs to slow down and back off. If you focus on the things that make you smile, you can rebuild your life in the happiest way possible.


Emotions are somewhat difficult for Cancer to manage, his way of thinking is too sensitive, which means he experiences incredible ups and downs. In fact, he doesn’t need much to turn on that switch that makes him live in a constant drama, his life looks like a roller coaster because of all the emotions he feels. If you feel weak, it is normal for you to know why, but you are stuck in negativity, which makes you enter a loop from which it is almost impossible to leave. Instead of focusing on the problems of others, Cancer should focus all his attention on giving a solution to all his emotions. He should give thanks for his life and keep his mind positive to get out of that feeling of dissatisfaction he has gotten into.


Leo can become very motivated when he has a new purpose at hand. He knows that he is in this life for something and that is why he does not miss any opportunity and lives his life to the fullest. This is the real reason for his happiness. However, if you feel it does not connect with your goal, you enter a rather serious loop of dissatisfaction. To get out of it, you must do some self-reflection and see what it is that is doing wrong. You need to realize that it is what is holding you back to eliminate it once and for all. You must focus on your passions to stop being dissatisfied.


It is not surprising that the source of the misfortune of not being satisfied with Virgo is the feeling of not meeting all your expectations. He is very perfectionist, so much so that he sometimes becomes obsessed with something and loses control of everything else. The problem with this is that most of your expectations are impossible, which means that you are fighting a losing battle. The road to happiness will not be easy for Virgo, but you must change the chip and start eliminating those silly expectations, all they do is waste a lot of time. Virgo will not stop until he is completely satisfied and everyone knows he will get it …


Libra’s biggest challenge is that he must learn to overcome that feeling of being lost constantly. He wants to do everything and try everything, but that means that whenever something new begins, he ends up leaving it if he finishes it. This makes Libra feel dissatisfied with everything he does. What Libra has to do to eliminate that feeling is to make a small list with everything that is pending and prioritize to be able to close chapters, once you get that feeling of dissatisfaction will disappear.


Although Scorpio often gives the impression that he is completely at ease with himself, without the need for others to accept it, that is not entirely true. A Scorpio if he cares to fit in, he needs to feel good about all the people around him. He is a mysterious and intense person and this does not fit in all places, that is why he sometimes has that feeling of dissatisfaction. Scorpio what you have to do is learn to value yourself and be he/she always, without fears or ties, once you are aware of all the potential you have there will be nothing and no one to make you feel dissatisfied.


Sagittarius has a life full of emotion and happiness. As long as you are outside and live your life as you want to live it, your smile will always be on your face. However, there are moments in this life when responsibilities become more present than ever. In these Sagittarius cases, you will be forced to paralyze your life plans and focus on what is important, this can lead to great dissatisfaction because being realistic is not Sagi’s life. To overcome this feeling, you must find a balance between seeking adventure and keeping the responsibilities of your life covered because otherwise, you will end up being an unhappy person who can never give a solution to the problems that arise.


Capricorn is a person who is very focused on success, moving forward and having a decent lifestyle. The main reason why Capri often feels unhappy is simply due to the fact that they see no reason to feel that way. Capri may become a very negative person, but he has come out of every battle that has provided him with life. That is why you should learn to be a little more grateful and value everything around you that is not a little. Once you manage to value everything you have, you will have a life full of happiness and satisfaction.


No one can say that Aquarius does not strive to be happy. Aquarius is a free being and has no limit, he will do everything he has to do to be happy and if it is necessary to break the rules, he will. He has a very open mentality, this means that on more than one occasion he feels overwhelmed with everything they have in hand, he is a person who helps in every fight, whenever it is a just cause, sometimes he gets involved so much that when he does not It goes well things feel a great dissatisfaction. Aquarius should learn to focus on living his life, respecting others as he always does and not getting so involved in things that neither go nor come, that way, he will be much happier.


Pisces is a person who lives dreaming and the problem is that he spends so much time in his world that sometimes it is hard for him to distinguish the reality of his dreams. He is a very sensitive and creative person, takes refuge in his fantasy worlds and when he is forced to leave it, it is when he realizes the shit ** of society he is surrounded by and feels totally dissatisfied. to. This can break your heart, what Pisces has to do is be more realistic, but without losing the desire and enthusiasm to make all your dreams come true, because if there were no people like him/her, the world would be chaos.



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