You are not the type to fall in bad times, on the contrary, your temperament makes you find strength where you least imagine it, but you rarely leave everything to chance. You know that to get what you want, it’s important that you stand up to fight even when the tears are there. However, what scares you is that you will never find true love, not just in a relationship, in general. Because when you focus on your role of independence, you ignore everything and end up alienating very valuable people.


You are a very focused sign, almost no one is able to manipulate your decisions, because before embarking on a path, you weigh things and you feel safe enough to stand up for what you want. However, doubts inhabit you and torment you at every step. You are afraid to go out and pursue what you want because your mind has tricked you into believing you are not capable of achieving it when you are not. Trust Taurus, it’s the key to moving forward. You know that you are capable of giving your all and that you have come out of the worst, what is to come will not be complicated, start believing in it.


It is not easy to beat your personality, because you have a very strong contrast in the way you let yourself go. Sometimes you’re the Gemini who just needs to feel calm and other times you just want to run away and do something totally different, just whatever breaks up your routine. This is precisely what scares you, that your indecision prevents you from finding the middle ground in everything. It’s not healthy if you don’t have Gemini balance, try to set limits and not get carried away by your instincts all the time.


Of course, your sweet nature isn’t always the best option when it comes to relationships. And it’s that there’s a part of you that has no right to see the bad in the other, it seems that everyone has good in their souls, when it’s not the case. There are those who break you down and don’t even bother to try to heal it. That’s what scares you, that your love causes you to repeat patterns in which toxicity is normalized. Cancer is not worth it, you are too much for this type of people and you know it. It’s time for you to add a little wariness to your interactions.


You don’t like to do things stupidly, not only do you put your heart into it, but you also have a lot of focus and this has led you to success in a short time. However, there are times when you overdo it and your request leads to episodes full of stress and frustration. Leo, so much perfectionism harms you and the worst part is that you don’t always realize it. You are so used to running to beat the clock that you forget the most important thing, your essence, your tranquility and the desire to be happy. So many efforts become negative and this is a reason why you end up ignoring your dreams.


You are too controlling and you know it, there are times when you make it your goal not to fall into the wrong hands again, but your panic leads you to ignore the good hearts. Virgo, even if you don’t want to put your emotions in a crystal ball, sooner or later they have to come out. What scares you is that you’ll end up sabotaging everything beautiful in your life just because you’re not willing to set healthy boundaries, and when you don’t like something, you walk away. instead of trying to fix it. This is the main reason why you find it difficult to have a long-term relationship.


Your feelings are very sweet, you are not the type to be limited. It may be a bit difficult at first to give your heart, but when you do, you let yourself go with the rhythm of the waves of the sea, you never know how affectionately you will react. What scares you is that your kindness ends up leading you to souls who don’t understand reciprocity. It is not worth taking advantage of the fact that your character is not demanding, many know that it is difficult for you to say no and that is when they are impregnated like humidity. The kind of people you know hurt you and find it hard to say goodbye.


You are a very intelligent sign and you like to feel independent in every way. However, it has become one of your habits to stay away from everyone and it prevents you from connecting on a deep level. You know that you are demanding and that you are not satisfied to lack affection, but often you do not say it and that is when time passes and you find yourself in a relationship in which you are not. not happy. It’s not worth conforming and confusing the need for companionship with true love because not everyone is going to give you the same as you give and that’s where it’s going to hurt twice as much.


Flow, let go, let live and enjoy the moment. You are the one fighting with all your demons. Sometimes you also have to take things from the heart lightly, as you are very selective when the word commitment is included. What scares you is that the ghosts of the past are hurting you, preventing you from giving yourself completely and giving true love no chance. For you everything is fine as long as your feelings are not in danger. However, Sagittarius, it’s time you understood that love is also about tossing a coin and waiting to see what falls.


You like to follow a structure in everything, a part of you feels very good when you are in control of everything that happens to you, but at the same time you can become obsessive. It’s not all about perfection Capricorn. Ups and downs are essential to keep progressing and improving in many aspects. However, you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone and this is worrying because it prevents you from thriving in many ways. You are a very meticulous being and do not let any detail escape you. However, remember that falling to the bottom is also healthy and helps you find your best version.


What about the other side? Changes and you don’t get along very well. You have many dreams in your head, but there is something that prevents you from realizing them, because you are afraid to leave what is known. You’re afraid it won’t come true, but it’s time for you to start trusting the doors the Universe opens for you. Aquarius, remember it’s your time, not other people’s. If you believe in a project, work on it, the important thing is that you start setting short-term but real goals. As long as you keep bringing a grain of sand, it’s often more than enough.


To start building your self-confidence, the first thing you need to do is distance yourself from gray people. You are such a good sign that you often end up saying your things to people who only want to hurt you. Not everyone has your heart, even if you have a hard time accepting it. What scares you is that you never learn to give yourself the place you deserve, because until you learn to respect yourself, everyone will come into your life and do what they want with your emotions. Stop saying yes to lovers who have no intention of truly loving you. You are here to be held by the hand and shout out to the world how much they love you.


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