Which Netflix series suits your personality. According to your zodiac sign.


You can determine a few things based on the zodiac sign. Because each zodiac sign has its individual personality. This article will tell you which Netflix series best suits your zodiac sign. 


Daredevil is an action-packed Marvel series and fits perfectly with the ibex. The series is particularly impulsive and exciting, which will certainly not bore the Capricorn.

It is about lawyer Matt Murdock, who went blind as a child and is now on the trail of evil as a superhero in New York at night. In the fight for justice, he will experience one or two adventures.


I prefer Aquarius, you don’t like a series with a feature film. Instead, you like reality shows and documentaries. You also love to cook yourself.

That is why the series “The Final Table” is made for you. In this cooking show, you can learn a lot from the most talented chefs from around the world. I am sure you will love it!


You won’t be as addicted to any other series as this one. “Orange Is the New Black” is a mixture of humor and tension. It suits you so well because you have a very curious, but also extroverted character.

And that’s what the series is about: The inmates of a women’s jail always create intrigue and one or two drama. It never gets boring here!


Honestly, dear Aries, how many times have you seen this series? “Friends” is a legendary sitcom with which you can make yourself comfortable at home. Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, and Ross are the main characters in the series.

If you have never seen them before, you will love watching these six friends because they share exactly your kind of humor.


This series is about an outsider who has never really been noticed at his school before. Suddenly the introvert becomes a school star because he offers his classmates a very special therapy – namely relationship and Love therapy. This series is full of incredibly funny actions and therefore fits perfectly with the open nature of the bull.


Gemini is one of the smartest zodiac signs and they love to analyze things. In the series “Suits” exactly these two properties are shown. “Suits” is a series of lawyers in which Meghan Markle no longer plays, but which is still exciting and handsome. This series will surely be on your favorites list soon!


“American Vandal” is certainly not one of the most famous series. But this series clearly has the potential to become the favorite series of cancer. This is about a conspiracy theory at an elite school that represents the Catholic faith.

In addition, the true-crime satire has already been nominated for an Emmy. So she won’t disappoint you, dear cancer!


If one thing is important to the lion, it is an adventure. The lion loves tension and crime and believes that this is one of the most important requirements for a good series. The drug series “Narcos” is therefore made for him. Since it was released, it has been celebrated by everyone and could therefore also be your perfect series, dear lion.

The story is based on a true story from the 1980s and is told in an incredibly exciting way. It also gives an insight into the time of the Mexican drug wars.


Virgins love series based on real events. That is why this series fits you perfectly. “Dirty John” is about a swindler who has a wealthy mother who is fooled by.

Her daughters soon find out about him and want to take revenge on him. Exciting and dramatic at the same time – just the thing for a virgin.


Libra, you really should have seen this series! The story is about a cancer-sick chemistry teacher who becomes the boss of a drug mafia because he wants to support his family financially. “Breaking Bad” is currently the most popular series on Netflix.

Since the scales are always up to date and always want to know what is currently popular, they will also burn for this series. 


Scorpions not only love dramas in real life, but they also love dramas on Netflix. “Maniac” therefore fits the interests of a scorpion perfectly. The series is about two people who are mentally ill and who are taking part in a pharmaceutical study.

Playing with: Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and Justin Theroux. This mix provides the necessary tension in the series, what the scorpion will celebrate.


The shooter is less into tension, action, and adventure. It is not his thing. He’d rather see something calm. The documentary series “Blue Planet” could, therefore, be one of his favorites.

Here he will see breathtaking animal and nature shots that will surely impress him. Sunday evening is saved!


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