When The Signs Know That, That Person Wants To Come Back

Wants To Come Back

When The Signs Know That, That Person Wants To Come Back

Disappointments teach you that love is not how they paint it on romantic dates. And after a broken heart, your sensitivity is never the same again. It doesn’t mean you don’t believe anymore, it just means you become twice as cautious. It is impossible for them to see your face, if they leave your side they better be ready for the consequences. I’m talking about when the signs know that that person wants to come back because she doesn’t know how to be alone. 


It’s amazing how far a person can go to get what they want. Now, that he wants to return to your side, all he does is confirm his level of manipulation of him. It’s clear that at the time she didn’t care about your pain, he tore your dignity to pieces and mocked the way the pieces of your heart fell. It is better that I forget it, you are not coming back. 


It’s hard to remember yourself next to that person because you gave her the best of yourself, you made an effort, and took care of each of your steps so as not to hurt her, but she was the one who ended up breaking your soul in two. That sank you, depression became your best company, but at the same time, it taught you that it’s not worth trusting someone like that again. She lost her chance. 


A part of you feels ashamed, but you have to know that it is not your responsibility, that that person has been so disloyal, and that they do not put into practice the true meaning of love. At the time you felt resentment, but you learned that not even that deserves from you. Today, all you want is peace and you understood that by your side that will never be possible. 


There are people who teach you to be alone because their presence fills you with bitterness and insecurities. It is impossible for that person to tell you to remember the beautiful moments they lived. At first, falling in love may have made you imagine a perfect story, but over time you realized that her true face hurts and you no longer love her. 


When that person made the decision to leave your life, you felt like the most miserable being in this world. All you wanted was for someone to tell you that it was a nightmare and the pain ate at you for a long time, but you managed to get back up. You no longer think of putting your emotional stability at risk with someone who did not value you when you put yourself at his feet. 


It’s amazing how a blackmailer is able to change history at his convenience. Now, he says that you have become cold and ruthless because you learned to set limits, and obviously that no longer fits with what he expects of you. What he does not know is that you already have control of your life and you are not going to fall into temptation again. That Virgo no longer exists. 


How easy isn’t it? Suddenly, that person dares to ask for another chance after all the havoc he left in your soul. He feels entitled to demand your love because he thinks you’re not over it, but you’re not. It is his ego that confirmed to you that you do not have to put up with his rudeness, mood swings, and unhealed traumas, let him continue on his way. 


Although it seems that the breaks do not affect you like the rest, the reality is that you break the same or worse. You tend to be very resilient in your processes, but that does not mean that there are no periods in which all you want is to cry in your room until the pain subsides. That relationship taught you how you are not going to allow yourself to be treated and you don’t want it back. 


If there is something that you trust blindly, Sagi, it is in the decisions that life makes, in the end, it is she who decides to put everyone in the place they deserve and there is no need for you to be the one to get dirty hands. That person saw you cry, you humiliated yourself when he left you and was not moved. For what reason does he pretend that now you are going to be the one to let his guard down? Never. 


Along the way you have met wonderful people, many times they are not very close and they have become the encouragement you need to keep moving forward. That is precisely the type of person you need by your side, the one who does not judge and makes you feel special for every word that comes out of your mouth. Don’t go back to the side of someone who made you feel nothing. 


You are strong and independent and if you decide you can stay alone for long periods of time, you have never liked that your stability was in someone else’s hands. However, when you surrender your heart you become extremely attentive to the point that you put aside your own desires. Although you already understood that not everyone deserves your pretty version, don’t even think about it. 


There are many times you looked down, and you thought that if you didn’t say anything about the things that made you feel inferior, everything would be fine, but you only gave that person tools to trample you as many times as they wanted. You discovered your most melancholic version, but you don’t love her and that’s why returning to her side would be one of the worst mistakes of your life. 

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