When The Signs Decide To Tear You Out Of Their Lives

When The Signs Decide To Tear You Out Of Their Lives

The final point hurts, nobody teaches you to turn the page and continue writing the book of your life. Especially because there are characters that you would like to leave until the end, but you can’t always. They say that you never finish knowing people, no matter how much love you have for them, they can betray you at the least expected moment and that’s when your desire to love pauses. Once someone breaks the vase, the pieces never come back together in the same way. The signs of the zodiac know what I’m talking about because when the signs decide to rip you out of their lives there is no turning back.


Your character is exceptional, it’s not that you don’t understand reasons, it’s just that you don’t waste time on absurd justifications. If that person does not have the courage to face the consequences of his actions, you have nothing to do next to him. They say that you are impulsive, but if you decide to remove someone from your life, it is because you have already analyzed them thoroughly and you know that nothing good will come of it if you stay. Romance is important, but no more than your dignity.


You are one of those who commit to the bone and worry that the other person does not. When it comes to your emotions, you take care of them like a treasure, you do not take anything lightly, because you know that a wrong step can change everything in the blink of an eye. You give your best and expect the same, in return, you are not going to continue living with a person who can only offer you a lot of crumbs. Even if it hurts, you go.


Without a doubt, you and your versatilities are one and the same, you love to go against the clock, put your emotions to the test and rejoice in the adrenaline. You are reckless from the side that they see you and that is the main reason why you are not afraid of love, if something makes you feel out of place you paint your line. Your happiness matters as much as that of others. You rip out people who lack intelligence in every way. You want the complete package, someone mentally and emotionally mature, there is no more.


Sometimes, people get the idea that you are a permissive person and that your sensitivity is not capable of stopping. However, you are usually twice as resilient as you appear, especially when it comes to love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member, or partner, if he’s doing you more harm than good, you know it’s time to move on without his company. There are goodbyes that are very painful, but over time you realize that it was the best decision.


The world thinks it knows you, assumes that your main goal in life is to shine and that when it comes to getting emotionally hooked, you prefer to pass by. It is not true, what happens is that people do not tolerate your devastating side, the one that does not give up, the one that always goes for one goal after another. You have an egocentric part, but who doesn’t? There is no need to justify the lack of love of others with that. If they betray you, insult you and disappoint you, it is better that they forget you.


What you have as a perfectionist helps you a lot when it comes to giving your heart because you discard those who are not at your level. It is not that you think you are superior, simply, you have established a standard and you do not intend to lower it to let in those who only do hurt you. You cut people out of your life mercilessly, the faster the better. If their intention is to ruin you, let them look in other arms, you don’t want toxicity.


What you need in your life is tranquility, not an insecure person who does not know what he wants and who breaks you emotionally whenever he can. You know that when your intuition tells you that it’s not there, you have to do something before you end up in the wrong arms. You tend to get attached quickly, but that does not mean that you will tolerate bad treatment just for not starting the page. Do not underestimate yourself, you are one of those who leave and do not return.


Without a doubt, the intensity flows in each pore, you are not worried about what they will say, if your heart asks you to let yourself go, you do it. You like to get emotionally entangled with people who inspire you and test your fears but in a good way. You know it’s time to rip someone out of your life when the relationship becomes chaotic. If by not seeing that person you feel much better, it is a sign that everything is over, do not prolong it any longer.


Your social side has led you to meet a lot of people in every place you step on. However, not everyone approaches you with good intentions. There are those who just want to take advantage of your energy, they feel comfortable putting their responsibilities on your shoulders and it is just at that moment when you should put a stop. If that person gives you more worries than what he does for you, there is no doubt that you should leave.


Despite the fact that there are times when you feel that your world is suddenly shaken and your insecurities are exposed, deep down you are aware that you deserve companies that make you happy, with whom you have fun and at the same time give you peace. It is true, you are a very sweet sign, but not naive. If you perceive that the relationship is not being reciprocal, you leave, life is too short to stay where there is no love.


You are known for your independence, you are the sign that does not ask anyone for permission, having the approval of a few has never been your goal. However, you do not stay in a bond that fills you with uncertainty. There are people who assume that because you are so liberal you won’t say anything when they don’t give you what you deserve, but they are wrong. You don’t want love for a while or false friendships. If you have to cry, you do, but you’re not going to get hooked on something so insane.


You are a little annoyed that you are always labeled as the dreamy sign, the one who makes castles in the air when it comes to love. However, you have your earthy side, you don’t get wrapped up easily and you want much more than pink clouds. Love is magical, but it is not an argument to allow yourself to be trampled on. Life is one and if you don’t start with negative people once and for all, the positive ones won’t be able to enter.


When The Signs Decide To Tear You Out Of Their Lives

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