When The Signs Are Sad

When The Signs Are Sad …

Some are more noticeable and others do not notice anything. Or depending on the reason, some cry their eyes out and with others it is difficult to appreciate that little sparkle in their eyes that they get when they are down. We are going to review to see how our dear signs show their sadness. Do not make bets that you still get a surprise!


Aries cannot stand being bad in any way: neither sad, nor tired, nor overwhelmed, nor stressed… all these feelings dislodge him because his energy is always to pull forward, and when he is not well, he slows down. And of course, when Aries feels slowed down, they get angry. And there he looks sad but mood off at the same time. But of course, we all have moments of the downturn, but Aries faces them directly, he will cry, and kick on everything, then he will go back to being who he is. Don’t expect him to be bitter for a long time… It’s not his style.


Taurus, in your line of taking life with philosophy and a lot of tranquility, when it looks bad, you first have to assume it, recognize it … Then place the feeling. Where? Wellbeing practical. If you do not know what to do to make the bad disappear, then assume it. And try to make it disappear by focusing on others and taking care of them, giving and receiving love. In the end, everyone wins from the Taurus slump. But Taurus not always … Like so many other times … It will take time to be well again, but he will get it, if only because of his stubbornness.


Geminis, between jumping and jumping through life, sometimes he doesn’t even realize how he feels because his life is so busy and his relationships are with so many people that they don’t even give him time to notice that something is wrong with him, that he is sad, that is not right. When he already assumes it, he tries not to pay attention to it. And it is easy for him for the same reason that we said: his life is very entertaining and some things over others. And Geminis is pulling … Perhaps with more pain than anyone, but they will find their life to fix it.


Cancer has two constant and certain things in his life: sadness (a certain vital sadness, let’s not be alarmed either) and many people who love him. Well, all those people are your best medicine every time you feel down. With your support, love and attention, Cancer overcomes every slump. If he also vent with a good cry and then there is a good meeting with good food, drink, joy and company, who spoke of sadness? Of course, sometimes it also isolates itself for a few days, and that space is also necessary so that in the end it returns with more force.


When he is sad, Leo goes from being a beast of the jungle to being a cuddly kitten that only seeks attention, affection, hugs and a lot of compassion. Holy hand. Besides, Leo is strong and gets up fast from each fall to continue on his way so we will not see him sad not many times or for a long time. That said, with Leo the best recipe is his people and his desire to improve. Bye-bye sadness. Go away, and don’t come back …


In Virgo’s analytical mind, any “strange” sensation that does not know where it comes from has to stay in a kind of quarantine while Virgo explores what “it” is. When he finally has to admit that he sees everything fatal, that he wants to cry and that he has many unanswered questions, then he takes the next level. He rationalizes everything, looks for an explanation and turns around. And while he walks in the opposite direction, he scratches himself, a lot, and turns everything around a thousand times, but the best thing is that he knows very well that nothing lasts forever. It will happen…


When Libra is sad he needs his people, to go out, to enjoy beautiful and frivolous things, or not so frivolous, but to get his senses drunk from shared sensations and experiences. The thing about staying at home with the box of tissues of course. For Libra, the best thing is a distraction and as in life there are so many things that he likes and gives him pleasure because he looks for them and takes a double portion. And if they are not things, they are people, much better! Come on, Libra has no anti-sadness friends!


Scorpio, in his self-destructive line, when he is sad or feels bad and with his spirits on the ground, he goes deeper, thinks, explores, dives … By stirring among the “dumb” he finds a stimulus to solve the downturn. Perhaps before rising to the surface again, it will become worse. But it is reborn. And when he returns he brings several lessons learned: he knows himself better, it is harder and he has taken note so that what should not be repeated does not happen again.


Sad or not, Sagittarius is not going to recognize you unless you have a lot of confidence in others. No way. It is not his style. Especially because inside he finds a thousand reasons not to be. Besides, he does not like anything at all that is bad for him. Therefore, first he puts all his effort into hiding it; second to fight it. And it disappears, I think so. Sagi overcomes the bad by cheering herself up and not paying much attention to it. He will take it inside but he will convince himself to come out as soon as possible.


When he looks bad and pessimistic, Capri isolates himself. Before that, Capri usually senses when a downturn is approaching in her life. Because he gets very defensive, and that is a sign that the wolf is coming. Sometimes it feels bad but ignored, and it goes on, and on, and on, until it falls off completely. But he knows how to get out of the bottom because he is used to it. And go out, it comes out safe. As in everything Capricorn does. Before or after.


When Aquarius is sad it is difficult to guess, you will only know it if you have known him your whole life and sometimes, not even like that. He doesn’t show it, he doesn’t let it. In his mind, Aquarius rationalizes this feeling, like so many others, and seeks answers for himself; sometimes he utters a muffled scream that no one hears because Aquarius screams it inward, not outward. And the downturn grows while Aquarius looks lonely and misunderstood. But … he goes out alone. Like so many other times. You know it’s a matter of patience. And the triumph is greater than who receives help. Much older.


Pisces is very affected by sadness. It is a nostalgic and emotional sign and is always floating in the world of feelings and unrealizable dreams. But it is one thing to dream and live in the clouds and another to touch earth and assume a reality, some reality that makes Pisces really sad. And Pisces does not know how to ask for help, it does not even know how to express what it feels. Sometimes someone hugs him and that is enough, sometimes no one hugs him and he ends up leaving his sad moment alone. But it always comes out. Although he stays in the dumb more than the rest. Let no one doubt that.


When The Signs Are Sad

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