When The Signs Are Melancholic


When The Signs Are Melancholic

A sad soul doesn’t always have tears running down its face. There are times when we disguise all that pain. We become experts in making up emotions, pretending that nothing is happening and inside our cracks are taking our breath away. When the signs are melancholic, most do not find out, because it is their resilient part that comes out to show their faces, although inside they only need a hug. This is how they carry it: 


What Aries hates most is becoming the victim of the story. He is used to carrying the banner of victory and when things don’t go as planned he makes friends with stress. He may pretend that nothing is wrong, but he is desperate, he wants a sign, someone to tell him that everything is going to be okay. You may not see him torn to pieces, but he takes refuge in sudden changes. It is very likely that he will end up resorting to a new makeover, changing his hair color, getting a tattoo, or even getting pierced. Aries doesn’t want to get bitter, he just needs an escape valve to keep moving forward. 


The sign that one has to take a deep breath to continue is the one that is looking for a break because he is tired of assuming a lot of responsibilities that do not correspond to it. There comes a point where he keeps giving and giving, without receiving anything in return, and that’s when he begins to break. Taurus is very brave, that’s why he keeps smiling, and although he still helps you, deep down he has discovered that he is alone and that there are few people who really value him. In those moments is when the only thing he seeks is transparency, he wants to spend more time with his friends. Perhaps he is the one who proposes that they go on a trip to break the routine, but behind that spirit lies a deep sadness


Yes, it’s clear that Geminis also lose hope, they don’t always see the bright side of things and there are times when they just want to be with themselves and disappear for a while. The changes overwhelm him and make him believe that he is not going to make it, but Gemini does not say so. Or maybe he does say it, but no one has tried to listen to it. And it is that he makes it more than clear when out of nowhere his absence describes him. By the time he stops answering messages, he doesn’t follow through on the conversation, sleeps too much, and it has become a habit for him to cancel plans. It’s not him, it’s his anxiety and sadness, both are cutting off his energy and all he needs is understanding, someone who is capable of putting himself in his place. 


No one beats Cancer when it comes to avoiding their own emotions. He may feel that breathing is not enough and that no matter how hard he tries to do his best, there is always something missing. His emotions are a constant up and down, they wish they weren’t like that, but they can’t. It is the energy of the Moon that governs your way of seeing life. However, when he is melancholic he does not say it, on the contrary, he focuses on the problems of the rest so as not to assume what he is experiencing. He suddenly becomes more protective, and more attentive, in his mind, he believes that if the people he loves are fine, he will be fine. However, it is not like that, it is worse because he is broken trying to heal others and that is breaking him more. 


How many times in your life have you seen a Leo torn to pieces? They have the cynicism to swim through his tears and keep smiling. They are made in an old-fashioned way, those souls that, no matter how many blows life gives them, continue to advance. And it is that they have a very large weight on their shoulders, the leader of the pack. Leo is the one who cares, the one who hugs, the one who sympathizes, but everyone forgets that behind that beast there is also a sweet kitten eager to be pampered. He’s not as strong as he seems, but he’s a master of pretending everything is fine and just dodging it when shopping. Yes, Leo seeks comfort in the material, in those whims that make him distract himself a little, although later the melancholy returns


Virgo plunges into their own world. When he brings sorrow to his heart, all he does is analyze the situation over and over again, even though that is synonymous with pain. He is the one who is not at peace with that strange sensation in which he gets lost, his body is here, but his mind has been wandering for a long time. Maybe it’s not the most expressive and you don’t notice when tears well up in his eyes, but inside she feels like she’s drowning. So she uses one of the older barriers, the kind where it’s best to disappear off the map. She goes away from social networks for a while, from meetings with friends, she simply no longer has the intention of impressing anyone. 


The scale, who should have everything under control? What nonsense that many have believed, Libra has everything but control. There are times when she doesn’t even know where he’s standing and that’s fine. Moments in which he feels sad, angry, desperate, and with a rage that seems to burn his chest and would like to rip her out of her heart forever. However, he hides it perfectly, he has become an expert in giving advice to others, but he forgets himself. So when someone is about to find out, he deals. That is, he gets lost in his work, he wants to do one activity after another, so he doesn’t have time to think and face what doesn’t let him move forward. Few realize it. 


Yes, rebellious souls also lose their way. There are people who dare to minimize the feelings of a Scorpio because it seems that they have no right to burst into tears at the least expected moment. It is a sign that explodes from within, it destroys itself so much that when its melancholy comes to light it is because it has been like this for a long time. The problem is that he looks for one stimulus after another, complicated situations that keep him entertained and make him forget his sadness for a moment. If Scorpio starts hanging out with new people out of the blue, if he’s jumping from bed to bed or has some sudden and drastic attitude, it’s because something is seriously wrong. 


There are few zodiac signs that have the gift of embracing their melancholy, that really allow themselves to experience every sensation and do not want anything. Sagittarius is one of them, he is capable of channeling his energy in the most beautiful way and that is why few manage to see that he is going through a bad patch. No way will he tell you that he can’t take it anymore, he prefers to hold on to the beauty of life even if it hurts. He may withdraw, want to be alone, and immerse himself in his creativity. Sagittarius paints, sings, dances, plays music, and does any other type of art when sadness knocks on his door. It is a healing way to grieve, to remind yourself that everything will be fine after the gray days. 


The Capri is an example in everything, that is why when melancholy accompanies them it is so difficult for them to assimilate it. There is a part of them that does not allow defeat, that asks themselves over and over again, why? But they don’t stop moving forward. A clear sign that they can’t take it anymore is when their day-to-day becomes excessive. Suddenly, smoking, drinking, eating, and exercising, reaches a point out of control. What he wants is to continue and continue, because if he stays for a while without doing anything he feels that he has already lost. Capricorn is not used to letting his guard down like that. Maybe all he needs is someone to hold his hand and remind him that he’s not alone. 


It is not easy to determine when this sign can no longer be. Aquarians are used to putting up one barrier after another. This is how they learned to feel more secure in a world of emotional piranhas. The problem is that they get lost in their solitude and there few can help them. When Aquarius feels melancholy, he becomes strong, he is an expert in saying that he does not need others and that it is better to be alone than in bad company. It’s the spiteful part of him that takes control, the one he desperately screams to be understood. That is, Aquarius needs a little empathy and less prejudice. Because there are few who know the battles he continues to fight. 


Melancholy can be like a whirlwind for Pisces, because just when you think all is well it comes and rolls over you mercilessly. The bad thing is that it doesn’t come alone, anxiety also appears and that’s when Pisces loses control. Suddenly, he feels that there is no way out and he puts aside his dreams, sinks into his solitude, and smiles to deceive himself. He doesn’t know how or want to ask for help and that’s very hard. Going through bad times after helping so many without asking for anything in return is the most complicated and Pisces knows it very well. He isolates himself and any little detail makes his sensitivity take control and tears flow. It’s not the movie that moves him, it’s all that burden that he carries in his soul and doesn’t tell anyone. 

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