When Every Sign Stops Believing In The Tale Of Finding Its Half Orange

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When Every Sign Stops Believing In The Tale Of Finding Its Half Orange

You never know what’s behind someone who says they don’t believe in love anymore. We grew up with the idea that being with that special someone would be easy, but no one warned us that keeping the flame burning could turn into a nightmare. The ups and downs can make you throw in the towel and when you least think about it you are already wondering if you are really with the right person. Being in love is nice, but what comes next? Loving without filters is not the same and that is when each sign stops believing in the story of finding its better half:


A long time ago you decided to let go of grudges because you realized that your independence is much more valuable than anything else. You love being in love, you don’t shy away from commitment, but you no longer need to believe in the fairy tale. Now, you bet on true love, the one that wakes up badly, but you still want to see it. You are no longer the same Aries that was easily wrapped up because you know that there are many who are capable of promising anything as long as you fall into their arms one night. You love, but with facts, and whoever is not prepared to leave. 


Of course, the couple doesn’t bother you, you really enjoy it when you have things in common and you can help each other improve in every way. However, you carry wounds in your soul that prevent you from giving yourself completely. Taurus, maybe it’s time for you to take a real breath, in which you can embrace your pain and let go. Just because the past has been complicated, doesn’t mean your entire love life has to be this way. I know that the better half no longer motivates you the same because mistrust has been sown within you. But, don’t let happiness go away because of the ghosts that don’t let you move forward, don’t give them that pleasure. 


Definitely, you have nothing against love, you know it, because every day you make an effort to take care of your own. You have been putting yourself as a priority in everything for a while and the truth is that it has been the best decision of your life because everything has been settling down. You are the one who allows yourself to flow, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow and you don’t care either, you leave it to fate, to put the pieces where it suits you best. Commitment doesn’t make you lazy, but people who play with emotions do. You don’t want a better half, you want another orange, so you can share your worlds and really love each other, not to save face. 


You were hurt by the lies, their betrayal, and your naivety. Above all, the latter, because you never thought that being a good person would bring so much pain. You are a kind being, you do not know how to love superficially, the deeper the connection, the better you feel. However, you have learned that there are people who pretend very well, they are experts in using the mask of love, although, in reality, they have no idea what it means. The fact is that you are no longer in a hurry, you care about other things, like your well-being. The day you began to be faithful to your convictions, you gave yourself your place and you no longer plan to take a step back. You don’t care about your better half, you want something more than being with someone who only takes advantage of your company. 


The scratches in the heart have taught you that you can always get back up, even when you have seen all your pieces on the ground. You are a self-sufficient Leo, you believe in yourself and in everything you are capable of achieving. The problem is that you have attracted people into your life who are not on the same channel and when they accompany you they become your shadow, always looking for a way to turn you off because your brightness makes them angry. You know that happiness is much more than a better half, sometimes not even half. They arrive so broken that they end up unloading all their pain on you. Not anymore, you will not tolerate becoming the garbage bag of someone who does not want to change. 


You’re made of magic, organization, and love, you’re a great match and it’s not to blow your mind, but you have to be honest Virgo, you’re not here to beg anyone. Enough with all the load of thoughts, you face every day, to still deal with people who don’t know what they want. For you, relationships are sacred, you are not one of those who walks around jumping into other arms when they are waiting for you at home. Perhaps that lack of loyalty is what has made you close the doors to the idea of ​​the better half. You are not going to put yourself in the hands of someone who looks like they will make you suffer. For that, you better stay alone a thousand times. Anyway, you are not in a hurry to find love. 


Once you believed, you kept quiet, you repeated to yourself a thousand times that it was probably something temporary, that that person would open their eyes and give you your place. However, that did not happen and you got used to a love that the only thing that gave you was a daily dose of bitterness. That was what made you change your mind about love. The tale of the better half makes you nauseated because it seems very irresponsible to you that someone is capable of harming you by using it in their favor. You find love in your friends, family, in your passions, your pet. Come on, you are not going to close the door forever, but you are not going to fall back with the first smile either, not anymore. 


Perhaps that day will come when the person who hurt you misses you at nightfall and hopes that you wish them nice dreams. However, revenge no longer torments you, you no longer want to become the villain of the story, because someone did not have the courage to show you how much he loved you. You are intense, much more than your better half, you want a love that not only gives you goosebumps but also encourages you, that doesn’t run away when your emotional downturns come without warning. You still believe in love, but not in the mediocre, not in the one that judges or the one that annoys you. Now, you believe in the one that heals you, makes you a better person, and inspires you in every way. The one that is not easy to find, but you trust that sooner or later it will arrive. 


They hurt you so much that you stopped trusting, begging and even crying. The moment came when you saw yourself in the mirror and you didn’t like yourself. You lost yourself so much for someone who wasn’t worth it that you didn’t even recognize yourself anymore. Right there you decided to turn the page and not allow anyone else to hurt you. You are a good lover, when you decide you commit, you enjoy falling in love, but you no longer believe in the story of the other half. Because there are many oranges that come to you to squeeze every last one of your emotions and then ask you what’s wrong. There are oranges that break with your natural state and are not interested in staying, they are just passing through while you are already dreaming of a whole life by your side. It’s not worth it. 


It is true, it takes time to leave a place where you are not happy because a part of you trusts the changes. So you look down, shut up, and let things flow, but many loves take advantage of that to hurt. Capricorn, you are a strong soul, you know what you want and when it comes to working no one can interfere in your decisions. You should also do that in matters of love because there are better halves that do not deserve your patience. Sometimes, you have to put the cards on the table and put a little pressure so that they finally decide what they want with you. You are your most beautiful project, please do not leave yourself in the hands of anyone. 


If there is something that this life has taught you, it is that the person who broke you cannot be the same person who fixes you, even if it is hard for you to accept it. Aquarius, you know that when you fall in love you are able to let the sound of the birds surround you, you are not really afraid to let your emotions flow until your heart explodes with so much love. The bad thing is when the other does not feel the same. That’s when the better half story goes off because it only exists in your head. It is time for you to become more demanding with love, to stay with those who are up to you. It’s okay, go looking if you want, and don’t settle for those who don’t know how to love. Because there are many of those. 


The reason why you stopped believing in second chances is that you are very clear that if someone did not give everything the first time, it is because they are not interested enough. You refuse to let that idea of ​​the better half enter your mind again because it has done you a lot of harm to adorn your partners, believing that they can give much more when it is not like that. Your imaginative and dreamy side will not disappear overnight, but at least you have learned to take steps cautiously, you no longer plan to feed dry hearts, the only thing they seek is to break you whenever they can. You may be romantic, but you are also strong and you are not going to let anyone put you down. 

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