What You Would Change About Your Heart According To Your Sign

What You Would Change About Your Heart According To Your Sign

I wish we could control the heart, maybe that way we wouldn’t end up entangling our emotions in cruel arms. It’s hard because you hardly know when someone is going to attack you from behind. There are times when the heart resists so much, that you stay there, next to friends, family, or loves that break you. That’s when you would like to be more assertive, bathe in coldness and not let anyone manipulate you. You would like to shout at your kind side to stop, to open your eyes because it is sinking you. This is what you would change about your heart according to your zodiac sign: 


When you love, you do it from your roots, in a very impulsive way, following your instincts and ignoring reason. You get carried away as if it were your last chance, which is dangerous because your heart ends up making up souls that are not quite good. What you would change about your heart is that he falls in love very quickly, he does not have patience and forgives himself so deeply he ends up suffering twice. You would like that before choosing someone you could listen to what reason tells you and pay attention to the behaviors that look like everything will be very toxic.


At first glance, it may seem that you have everything under control, even in your heart. You are a being that does not open up with just anyone, but when you fall in love you let yourself be carried away like a tourist on a slide, you are really too flexible and that puts you on a very thin line. You worry too much about making the other person happy and you forget about yourself. Suddenly, everything is giving and giving, but what you want takes a backseat and is not fair. What you would change is to be more logical, draw conclusions from reason and not let yourself be carried away by your passionate side, because that does not forgive anyone.


What you want most in this world is to trust your heart, but many times it lies so cynically that you are terrified of being wrong again. When you fall in love, you do it as if it were your first love, you give yourself so much that you don’t know if the other person is really interested. If you are fickle, your heart is triple, it really changes your mind in the blink of an eye, causing your emotions to enter a constant battle. What you would change is so much instability, thinking more with your head, and not giving yourself up with a blindfold. On the contrary, being able to see the flaws and hobbies of the person you like to see if it really suits you.


If your way of loving were a fabric, without a doubt, it would be velvet. You really give yourself in a very soft way, but at the same time you are intense, you do not walk with half measures and the more direct you are with what you feel, the more comfortable it is for you. The downside is that not everyone is ready to receive so much honesty in a kiss, caress, or hug. What you would change about your heart is that it is less passionate, a little logic wouldn’t hurt. From time to time in this of love you have to be cold because by not doing it they end up trampling you in the worst way and that is not healthy. In addition, your heart has a naive side, it trusts too much and there are loves that are gods when it comes to handling lies. Many times your heart does not let you see further because it hopes that everyone can change, but it is not like that. There are bad people and it is time to accept it.


In your heart, there is courage, sincerity, pure love. Leo, you are the lover who deserves all the attention in the world and you know it. Then, from so many disappointments, you have learned to set limits and not let yourself be blackmailed by loves that all they want is to pass by and hurt at will. What you would change about your heart is the intensity. You would love not to get hooked in such a devastating way, in which you ignore those who love you and are only looking for a way to get you out of a toxic bond. It is complicated because your heart does not forget anything and that is when you suffer when memories visit you without warning and steal your tears. I wish your heart could release more quickly, it is one of your dreams.


People may say that you do not surrender, that you put a barrier to your emotions, but the reality is that they have not managed to enter the depths of your heart because those who do know that you always give. The downside is that you don’t set a limit, which can be very exhausting. You surrender without expecting anything in return and that’s when people can abuse your feelings. It is not your responsibility to save anyone, keep in mind that there are those who come into your life to show you what you do not deserve because deep down you know that you are not happy by their side. What you would change is your unconditional side, that mania of yours to be by his side no matter what happens. Your reason understands, but you have a foolish heart.


You are the one who exudes sympathy, affection, generosity. When you fall in love you are an expert in not seeing the cruel side of who you have in front of you. Suddenly, everything becomes the perfect fairy tale, there is nothing to change and you idealize so much that you end up falling in love with someone who does not exist. Your heart is too tight, when someone enters you hardly have eyes for someone else. That’s when your loyalty can play a bad game on you because being with the wrong person is missing a thousand chances. What you would change is your sensitivity, you do not want to continue sinking for someone who is not worth it. It takes a lot to accept that your bad decisions are taking you to the wrong place.


On the outside it seems that your heart is made of iron, the one that nobody breaks, but when someone touches it awakens the beast in you. However, that’s just a stereotype, people love to describe you as the villain of the signs because they don’t really know you one bit. Your heart is very fragile, your emotions really shake it so much that many times you end up wondering if you are in the right place. Scorpio in love is capable of anything, he does not think, it is his crazy heart that makes the decisions, and when he least realizes he is already doing something stupid for love. Surely that’s what you would change, mastering your impulses would help you not get involved with the wrong people.


Your way of loving has two very marked contrasts that can confuse your loves. On the one hand, there is the Sagittarius who makes himself a priority and who does not intend to release his convictions to please anyone, and on the other the one who ends up giving his whole soul to people who the only thing that contributes to their days is toxicity. The downside is that you never know which side is going to take control. Your heart is so unpredictable that even you don’t know it at all. What you would change is that uncertainty, be clearer with your thoughts, and choose only what generates peace, what helps you raise your self-esteem and improve your mental health. Maybe you would experience less painful scenes.


Actually, you are a very brave person, pushed forward and you are not one of those who allow themselves to be sweetened by the first beautiful words that come across them. That is the reason why when you fall in love the coldness speaks for you. Deep down, you are not entirely confident and prefer to be too cautious before ending up with a broken soul. What you would change is to be less harsh, you would like to let yourself go a little more and really show without fear to the other person what you feel. Sometimes the fact that you are so distant ends up pushing the one you love away and not because they don’t love you, it’s just that they don’t feel valued enough.


You are not one of those people who jumps from love to love, when it comes to surrendering your vulnerable part you put a million obstacles because you don’t want to put your heart in the wrong hands. Life has taught you that you never finish meeting people and it hurts that they betray you mercilessly. That is why you have become much more selective, especially when you learned to deal with your loneliness. Before your company terrified you, but that has already changed. Now, the only thing that you would like to change about your heart is that it was less attached to the time to let go, you may no longer see the person or look for them, but deep down the thorn remains stuck and it takes a long time to heal, although not say it.


What you would like the most is to have something to lower two lines on your romantic side, because when it is activated nothing stops it, you just try so hard to love that you forget everything, even paying attention to bad attitudes. You are emotional, you feel double when someone hurts you, but also when you are in love. That puts you at a disadvantage because you can’t control your pain when things go wrong. What you would change about your heart is that it is so confident, it destabilizes you that they do not treat you as they deserve you, but many times instead of turning the page, you stay there, waiting for the other to change and that is what most It hurts to realize that people are not going to act as you expect, no matter how much love you give them.


What You Would Change About Your Heart According To Your Sign

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