What You Should Not Do In October According To Your Zodiac Sign

What You Should Not Do In October According To Your Zodiac Sign

We have entered a new month and things are always changing. There are months that are more favorable for love, while there are others in which relationships with friends or family benefit. In this month of October, things are going to change a little bit again for all the signs; for some more than others. And we want to tell you what you should not do during this month if you want to avoid somewhat conflictive situations.


Aries, if there is something you should avoid at all costs this month, it is facing those who are close to you. We are not telling you not to defend yourself if someone attacks you. We just want to tell you that you must stop being so defensive or you will end up exploding with those who have not done anything to you. Try to keep your cool at all times and let your instincts take a bit of a backseat.


Keep trying to save this love, Taurus, is something that will wear you out a lot. But, worst of all, if you feel so frustrated, you can end up making the mistake of starting a relationship just out of spite. And we already tell you that it will go very badly for you. But how bad? If this person doesn’t pay any attention to you, then he packs up your feelings and walks away. It’s hard being single, maybe, but it’s better than putting up with nonsense from others.


Beware of this happy, loose side of yours. You are going to create confusion that will later lead you to live hard moments, moments of those that you always seek to avoid. You are attentive when you want and very charming, therefore, people can confuse certain things. If there is something you should not do this month, it is precisely to give you so much confidence. Set very, very clear limits.


Without a doubt, Cancer, during this month you must show yourself less available to people. Above all, with this particular person to whom you show your feelings every day and they do not return a single sample. It’s not worth wasting time. Either you change the situation, or you change the way you take it. But, no way, you can continue like this.


You should loosen up a little this month, Leo. We know that you love to be recognized for your merits, but you are overshadowing many people. And it’s not fair at all. Let them also have a little prominence. Not everything should revolve around you. And, if it continues like this, you can be sure that this month will be complicated. The time has come when you should retire for a few days.


This relationship that drives you so much is the one you must solve, Virgo. You are an analytical and very critical person, above all, with yourself. Therefore, fights and fights. And you don’t realize when it’s better to throw in the towel. There are relationships that, no matter how hard you try, will never work out. Cry all you want, but take the step. Or things are fixed and agreements are reached, and you leave without further explanation. You have already given everything you should give. Say “No more” for something else, butterfly.


As much as you try to make everything go well and you want to mediate in certain conflicts, this month it will not be possible. And you better get it in your head already. Not everyone is willing to receive your help. Not everyone is willing to see what goes wrong. Therefore, if these people do not take the first step, you will not be able to do much. Limit yourself to being present in the lives of those who ask you to be.


Scorpio, put aside the old disputes and turn the page. It is possible that you have some revenge in mind or that you feel like doing something just out of spite. Stand up. Meditate, reflect, play sports… Whatever you want, but avoid falling into the actions of one for the other. Thus, things are not going to go well for you and you cannot play with the feelings of others either. As much as you like to go from flower to flower at times like this, now it’s not time.


Dear Sagi, this month you should not go beyond the commitments you have with friends, family, etc. You may not like them, but if you’ve agreed, you can’t just show up. We know you don’t like to be too tied down, but this is something you should have thought about before agreeing to anything. Now, it’s your turn to comply. During this month, you must be consistent with your actions if you do not want life to get complicated in a moment.


Slow down, Capri. This month of October is presented as a month full of opportunities at all levels. However, this does not mean that you should accept them all. You’re going to explode if you don’t loosen up a bit, and the body also has its limits. Use your analytical skills and focus only on what can bring you positive things. What you do not see clearly, to the garbage.


Stop for a bit, breathe, and let’s breathe. Pressure has never been good and you should know that better than anyone. This month, dear Aquarius, you will have to make use of your independence more than ever and, as much as you like this person, you will have to leave the room. Distance. Lots of distance. If he asks you to do so, it is because he needs it. Another thing is that this role goes to you… Here it is time for you to make the decisions.


You need to stop making plans. But right now. If you focus so much on the future, you are going to miss out on wonderful opportunities this month. As we say, mess up everything that worries you. Put an end to what doesn’t let you sleep and, best of all, remove from life those who don’t give you what you need. Things are ordered once, no more. Take people down from the pedestal, do not have so many expectations, and enjoy the moments that this month is going to bring you.

What You Should Not Do In October According To Your Zodiac Sign

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