What You Don’t Deserve As A Friend According To Your Zodiac Sign

What You Don’t Deserve As A Friend According To Your Zodiac Sign

We have to know what we want and what we deserve in many moments of our lives, but it is also important to know what we do not deserve as people. It is essential to know what we do deserve to fight hard and go for it, but here we are going to talk about what you do not deserve as a friend according to your zodiac sign. Do not stay with the doubt and continue reading the article to discover it:


You don’t deserve to feel that your friends call you only and exclusively to ask for help and nothing else. You also do not deserve to feel that they are only looking for you to tell you some secret and little else again, those around you must value your friendship properly. You are a loyal, bold, funny, and resourceful friend and you do not deserve to waste your time with interested, boring, or controlling friends, because there is only one leader and it is you.


Do you know what you don’t deserve as a friend? Feeling that they have played with your confidence. You do not deserve to feel sadness because of deception, a betrayal, or a lie that comes from someone who was supposedly your friend. Your friend’s word has the same weight as a huge rock, everyone knows that you keep what you say and that your loyalty is greater than anything else. You don’t deserve to suffer for people who don’t value you…


You don’t deserve to be the one who always shows his face and says things as they are. The truth is that you are very proud to be like that and that is what counts, but then you eat the problems of the whole world because most people are not completely sincere as you are. You don’t deserve to suffer because of cowards who don’t say what they feel and who gossip behind everyone’s back. Be proud of how you are Gemini, with your head held high.


You take into account the small details that your friends have with you and you do not deserve to suffer because of that. You give a lot of importance to that kind of thing, you think about what your friends should do and when you realize that they do not act as you had thought, you are disappointed because you do give everything for them and in the end not all the world is willing to give everything like you. You don’t deserve to suffer because of your generosity, Cancer …


You are a very warm, smiling, and very funny person and you do not deserve to feel that you are making a fool of yourself because of the offensive comments that some of your friends may have. It is true Leo, sometimes you have felt that you are a very lovely weirdo because your tastes are very different from those of the people around you, but that is what makes you more special than you already are. You do not deserve to change a bit of yourself, on the contrary, enhance your style to the fullest.


You have very fixed ideas and you know what happens when you get an idea in your head. You are a very firm and resistant person and you don’t stop until you get what you want. And why do we say this if we are talking about what we do not deserve? Because you don’t deserve to change this intense and firm part of you. You hear many comments about your stubbornness and sometimes you have a hard time because of it, you don’t deserve to suffer for those comments…


You are always there, to help, to advise, or to support any friend in any way and you don’t want to be used by a friend with bad intentions. You don’t deserve to suffer because of this, because, in the end, you feel as if you were a handkerchief that has been thrown on the ground when it has no more use. You deserve respect and that your friends know that your help is appreciated, paid, or admired, but not trampled on as they have sometimes been.


You don’t deserve to feel like you’re the last person to find out about things or the last person your friends turn to for plans. You don’t deserve to have that feeling of exclusion because you always include everyone and you even remember the people that nobody remembers. And look, you have a tight schedule, Scorpio, but you always manage to make room for your people and it hurts you to feel that you don’t receive the same from them.


You are the mistress of the party and you do not deserve to feel that you are in the way or that you do not paint anything in a place or in a group of friends. If you are with a group of people who ignore you from time to time, send them to hell, of course, because precisely you do not deserve to feel that kind of pain because of such bad people. You have the feeling that people look for you only when you want to have a good night and that is not fair to you.


Look Capricorn, you don’t deserve to feel even a hint of guilt for all those times you’ve been honest with your heart. You don’t deserve to feel unsafe because of friends who have betrayed you or don’t know what true friendship means. You don’t deserve to be in tension, on alert all the time to see if someone fails you again and you know it. Your friendship takes the prize for the most authentic and sincere, keep that.


Do not change anything about yourself, Aquarius, whoever wants you in their life has to accept you as you are. You don’t deserve to feel like you’re a freak surrounded by judging eyes. Society should advance more and get out of that prehistoric cave in which they still live and you don’t have to let certain comments affect you. You don’t deserve to lose a single bit of your magical essence because of the retrograde minds that unfortunately live among us.


You don’t deserve to feel like you’re giving your all and not getting good things back. You are a very sensitive person, but you are not stupid and you have to learn to set your limits for your own good. You do not deserve to feel that they play with your friends or with your heart, because then you know what happens when you are left alone. You don’t deserve to have that knot in your stomach when you know things aren’t right and even though it hurts to admit it, you know it.


What You Don't Deserve As A Friend According To Your Zodiac Sign

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