What The Signs Of The Zodiac Will Never Tell You

What The Signs Of The Zodiac Will Never Tell You

There are things that the signs of the Zodiac are not going to tell you, at least they won’t as soon as they meet you, that’s for sure. They don’t want you to know certain secrets, probably because if you are a bad person you could use these weaknesses to do more damage… This is what the signs of the Zodiac will never tell you. They will expect you to see for yourself:


Sometimes Aries has no idea what he’s doing, but he does it. He moves by impulse, by what he feels at every moment. Many times he doesn’t think, he doesn’t stop to analyze things, he doesn’t stop for a second, he doesn’t examine or observe… And surely everything would turn out much better if he did. If only he would stop to think 3 minutes before launching. He would save so many messes that later he has to solve… But hey, obviously not everything is so bad, thanks to that courage, even if he is unaware, he also achieves a lot. The world is made for the brave, no matter what. And Aries is. And in the bottom of his heart, he prefers to mess it up a million times as long as there is one he gets right.


Taurus may never tell you this but he is very afraid of falling in love. When he is, he is happy and unstoppable, everything seems to shine around him… But it is true that he feels atrocious fear because he knows that when this happens, he is a person who gives absolutely everything. There are no half measures for someone like Taurus and giving that power scares him. That’s why it’s so hard for him to take that step, that’s why he has a hard time giving himself 100% and forgetting everything. The good side of this is that when he does it, it’s because he’s really sure. And if he takes that step, he does it with his heart first.


Gemini will not tell you that their emotions are changeable, that today they think one thing and tomorrow another. He doesn’t want you to be insecure, but the truth is that it happens to him, and it happens to him more than he would like. He is a curious person who is interested in a thousand things at once. That is why he himself can start doing something with great enthusiasm and suddenly get tired and bored and move on to something else. He sometimes doesn’t understand why it happens to him, why he does what he does, but he does it, he can’t ignore his emotions. He is impossible for her.


Cancer is very sensitive, yes, but he is also a grump, and many times it seems that he is messed off about everything. The archetype of Cancer is that of an emotional person, someone who gets excited about anything, but also has his genius and often his insecurities and it is those that lead him to be a person who gets angry with life for the same. He obviously won’t tell you, he doesn’t want you to run away at the slightest change. And besides, little by little he works to improve it…


Leo won’t tell you that he often feels very lonely even though he’s always in company, he won’t tell you that he’s often in the dark even though everything shines around him… He won’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to think he’s weak, or take everything very seriously, or even that you will no longer be the life of the party. Leo has very internalized that his role is to please others, the role of being in the center, of making the rest laugh. And sometimes he is able to let those needs break up sometimes as long as the rest is okay.


Virgo does not forgive himself for many things, he is a super critical person with himself and when he feels that he has failed, he puts weight on his back that nothing and no one is capable of taking away from him. Virgo’s worst enemy is without a doubt Virgo himself. But he won’t tell you, he doesn’t want you to think that he is stressed out by life, or that he is boring and doesn’t know how to enjoy the moments. He can do a lot of damage…


If there is something in which Libra fails, it is undoubtedly in its procrastination. Yes, and she won’t tell you so you won’t run away. Libra has a thousand super interesting ideas but unfortunately, it is not capable of carrying them all out. And not because he doesn’t have the skills, but because sometimes he is lazy. His ideas are great, very great, but he eats up the world one day, and the next day he does nothing. At least until the moment when she says “I’ll start now”, and then she doesn’t stop… It’s her little secret.


Scorpio wants to find someone in his life who holds his hand and takes him up, who lifts him up, someone who knows how to motivate him, who gives him security, who is decisive and helps him solve those problems that give him headaches. and they don’t let him sleep. Scorpio always has that role in life, they always pull others, they always grab the reins and solve the ballots of others. But they also need help from time to time, they need support and support, and rarely do they find it. But hey, they’re not going to ask you either because they’re not going to tell you either.


Sagittarius does not like commitments, in fact, he avoids them whenever he can. Despite being a super sociable person, he runs away from things he doesn’t like. In this sense, he can be a bit childish, a person who does not understand responsibilities. Because obviously not everyone likes responsibilities, but many times you have to be there and fulfill them. Maybe I’ll never tell you, it’s better for you to see it. He will always make an effort but he will do it with a bad face for sure.


Capricorn has big trust issues and not only with others, but with himself. He is a person who usually never gets out of the lines that are marked for fear of messing up. If he has always done well out there, what need is there to change? For that reason, many times he becomes a person who is too strict and authoritarian with himself and with others, an excessively inflexible person. It is a matter of trust and security in itself and you have to work on it little by little. You will realize little by little…


Although it seems that he goes his way a lot and that he is super independent (which he is), Aquarius feels like a weirdo in many life scenarios and he also has a little heart, and feeling like that sometimes hurts him… It’s true that sometimes it is known as superior in many senses. He knows that he is different, that he is special, and that he can go very far. But he also has moments of insecurity where he wonders if what he’s doing is really okay, or if he should take a step back. Of course, he won’t tell you about his doubts… You’ll see them later…


Pisces is a dreamer, he mounts his ideal in his head and without a doubt believes that in the end, he will be able to achieve it and if not, at least he knows that it exists. But of course, the world afterward is full of cruel people and life seems to smack him with an open hand when he encounters feelings like betrayal, disloyalty, or vileness… In the world of Pisces there was no room for these feelings and when someone betrays you in this way can sink or become just as cruel. But that Pisces will not tell you, he does not want you to think that he is a bad person.


What The Signs Of The Zodiac Will Never Tell You

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