What Sign Would You Marry Without Thinking

What Sign Would You Marry Without Thinking

There are love stories that are like this, they have no explanation, they just happen and they can become the most beautiful thing in your life. Loves that fill your soul, embrace your body and nourish your mind. Sometimes, it is not the time, it is the person who makes you feel everything, who makes your skin crawl and breathes back every time you feel her close. That’s when you realize that he is different, when you discover that you want to wake up every morning with his smile, dance, sing, watch movies. You want everything with that person. That afterwards it turns out well is another story but if you get married, you get married! What sign would you marry without thinking?

1.- Aries

Aries needs much more than the perfect fairy tale to deliver what is in his heart. It is a fiery, bold sign, lover of emotion and risk. Few have the courage to follow in his footsteps, because his pace is heavy. However , Aquarius is the person who can remind you what it is to love without fear, what it is to melt in the face of a challenge. Their bond is noticeable from the first glance, you don’t have to force anything, just spontaneity does its thing and it becomes something unique. When they are together the magic is felt, the vibe rises and the passion does its thing. Two independent souls willing to become one.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is not one of those who dreams of walking down the aisle, at least not the first time. For someone to catch your heart you need to conquer your every thought. He is a kind, dedicated and sweet soul. He does not take love lightly, if he decides to have something it is because he really is sure of losing himself in the heart of the other. That is why they can have something nice with Cancer, a sign that puts sensitivity first. Both signs take relationships very seriously. His is synonymous with loyalty, respect, that desperate desire to see success. They do not cut their wings, they are inspired and that is the reason why they steal glances.

3.- Gemini

Yes, Gemini is moody, drastic, adventurous. It is the sign that was not born to tie itself to anyone, it wants to decide to be with a love, but without neglecting its essence. So that you decide to walk down the aisle is because that person really makes you feel everything. It is a very intelligent sign, so it does not settle for pretty words, it wants something more. Find a partner in which creativity, risk and love are part of every day . Aquarius can be the person who enlightens your soul in a very beautiful way. His spirit is free, spontaneous and independent. Their relationship is one of those in which they don’t need each other, each one makes their life, but at the end of the day they look for each other.

4.- Cancer

There are few people who have the gift of understanding the crazy things that are in the heart of Cancer. A sign that does not intend to silence what it feels for anyone. He is the one who seeks love, care and perfection, when it comes to loving. That is why they can have something unique next to Leo. Despite the latter being somewhat impulsive, he is also very loyal. Both signs honor the home and don’t play games when it comes to showing their underbelly. When they are together it is synonymous with intensity, they shine in an unstoppable way and remind you that every moment is worth it. Yours can last a lifetime.

5.- Leo

Bright, rapt, sweet, but proud. If there is a sign that uses one and a thousand armor when it comes to love, without a doubt, we are talking about Leo. He is really very special, he is tired of relationships that only absorb his good energy. Now you want something genuine, you are not willing to settle for leftovers. That is why you can find the love of your life and marry a Pisces. And it is that Pisces is a sign that puts love relationships ahead, gives great importance to its partner and has the empathy to be in good times and bad. Their bond is comforting, tender, and with an outgoing touch.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is the one who always bets it safe, wants to feel that he is with the right person, it bothers him to share time with those who are only passing through his life. He is so meticulous when it comes to love, that he prefers his singleness a thousand times before ending up in the wrong place. That is the reason why you have a high chance of having something genuine with Taurus. And it is that both have their clear objectives, they are not conformists, on the contrary, their standards are outside the norm and they love to have that ambition when building their dreams. They are the ones who love commitment and are not afraid to share deeply.

7.- Libra

A charming, sweet, sociable and very passionate sign. Libra may struggle with his indecision, but once he decides to give his heart he no longer has eyes for anyone. It is the sign that appreciates fidelity and is not willing to invest time in toxic relationships that do not have the intention of something lasting. Hence you can find the person you are going to marry in Taurus. This is because it comes into the life of Libra, to give him stability, to remind him that he is willing to give him all his time and attention . Taurus loves deeply and is not afraid of Libra changes, on the contrary, it shows him that he will be there to shake hands.

8.- Scorpio

Emotional, temperamental, impetuous. The character of Scorpio is only for those who are not scared when it comes to love. It is for those who do not shy away from commitment and who do not minimize everything that goes through their heads. It is for those who are not scared to see its cracks. Just someone like Pisces, that’s where you can find the person who is willing to walk down the aisle. Pisces is synonymous with love, reflection, it is the one who gives himself from the depths and in a spiritual way. This gives Scorpio a lot of security, makes him feel that he is correct and gives him the opportunity to show his most sensitive part.

9.- Sagittarius

Traveler, fun and spontaneous. Without a doubt, Sagittarius is one of the most complicated signs when it comes to love. It is very likely that they feel out of place many times, because they do not go around looking for a commitment, but when they decide to reach the altar, it is because that person really moved everything from the roots. It is very likely that you will find that in an Aquarius , because it allows you to be in a free way. Aquarius immerses himself in his own world and although he loves his partner he does not suffocate her, which is perfect for Sagittarius. His is something liberal, that love that few understand, but that they end up respecting, because it shows that it is genuine.

10.- Capricorn

Plans, discipline and perseverance. Capricorn’s life is not unpredictable, he likes to embrace structure in everything he does. He has an ambition that he does not understand reasons and that is why he always complies with what he sets out to do. Love the organization and respect the life of the other. So they may find the right person to walk down the aisle, in Cancer. It may be a bit emotional for your liking, but they strike a nice balance. His is synonymous with motivation, love and a lot of learning. Well, Capricorn also understands that not everything is work and sometimes you just have to listen to the heart.

11.- Aquarius

Independent, distant, intelligent. Aquarius is a sign that does not have time for just anyone, he is the one who needs too much understanding, because few can deal with his so liberal way of seeing life. It is clear that marriage is not something that is in his priorities, on the contrary, he flees from ties, he believes more in an emotional bond than in what a paper says. Therefore, you could find your love in Gemini , they both have a weakness for feeling free. They like to live together, but there comes a point where they need to get away from everything to regain energy. Even before being a couple, they are best friends.

12.- Pisces  

Dreamer, intelligent, delivered. The love of Pisces is the one that does not understand reasons, the one that loves in a deep way and forgets everything. He’s very understanding, doesn’t pressure you, and just wants to see you fly. That is the reason why you can find your ideal partner in a Scorpio, a sign that is not afraid to walk down the aisle . Scorpio may seem intriguing and reserved, but once he allows you to enter under his shell you discover one of the sweetest souls. The bond between Scorpio and Pisces can last a lifetime. Because they support each other instead of judging each other and they show that you can love from the gut.


What Sign Would You Marry Without Thinking

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