What Reason Do The Signs Have To Ignore Your Messages?

Ignore Your Messages?

What Reason Do The Signs Have To Ignore Your Messages?

Why do we despair so quickly when we don’t have instant answers? It’s real, there are people who can get very dramatic when they don’t answer their messages. On the other hand, there are people who stop answering because they have more important things to do. Each zodiac sign has its own motives or reasons for not answering text messages. If you want what reason the signs have to ignore your messages, keep reading:


If Aries’ response doesn’t come, it’s probably because he has important things to fix. Aries is a person who knows how to organize his priorities very well. If he has some urgent task, he will focus on what he is doing and answer when he has time. He doesn’t like to stop his work to reply to a message that he can perfectly wait for. 


The reason why Taurus does not answer your messages? Very simple: he has nothing more to add to the conversation. Taurus is quite a consistent person, and if he does talk, he does it to say interesting things. He does not like boring or meaningless threads of conversation. If Taurus realizes that his answer is not relevant, he doesn’t say anything, period. 


It is very rare for Geminis to leave someone on seen. If he doesn’t reply to a message right away, it’s probably because he’s mad at the person he’s talking to, or because he has something more interesting to do. Geminis may be watching videos on Instagram, Tik Tok or wherever sometimes that interests them more than answering… 


Cancer is quite a forgetful person in this regard. He can open the message and think hard to see what he can answer. He leaves it for later because he surely wants to do a thousand things at that moment. And what happens? Well, he forgets the message he received and reopens it after 15 days (approximately) with all the peace of mind in the world


If Leo doesn’t reply immediately to a text message, bad. That is not good news for the person who has sent the message to the lion. It’s probably because you don’t find it an interesting conversation or it’s just a way to get attention. Sometimes his favorite pastime is to see how far the patience of others can go… 


There are times when Virgo is so lazy that the only thing that happens to her is that she doesn’t want to look at the phone screen or anything else. Most likely, she ends up replying to the message because her sense of responsibility is very good, but if she ignores the subject, she also does so professionally. Her response would be “I’ll answer you when I have free time…”


Libra can forget that message for hours, days, or even weeks. Libra is a very clueless person, she is what she is, she lives in her fantasy world. Now, there is also the possibility that she does not reply to a message out of sheer boredom. When Libra doesn’t feel like talking because she doesn’t know what to say, she skips the topic and leaves that message on her to-wait list. 


Scorpio is a person who is always quite busy. Don’t expect an immediate response from him if he is working or doing things. The Scorpio greatly values ​​his time alone, and if he is focused on something specific, you will not be able to capture his attention. However, there may also be ulterior motives that justify their silence, the scorpion is quickly offended… 


If Sagittarius doesn’t answer immediately, there is no drama, they will end up doing it. He is probably on some adventure of his own, it is very common in Sagittarius. The truth? He usually has a lot of things unread, unanswered, and unattended, because he doesn’t feel the need to be trapped / on that screen. He will answer when he has time and desire… 


The truth? If Capricorn doesn’t issue an immediate response, don’t insist. He does not like to be pressured or affected by more messages, so he responds as soon as possible. If the goat doesn’t answer you, he waits patiently, period. She will answer, but she won’t when you want. At that moment, I’m sure he has something more important to do, that’s what it is. 


In Aquarius, forgetfulness is very common. He is a person who is in his world almost always and the truth is that he does not give much importance to this issue. Aquarius is a very independent person, so it is very likely that she is involved in her affairs and nothing else. Aquarius prefers real conversations in person, rather than being glued to a screen all day… 


If the fish does not answer you immediately, bad. There may be several reasons that justify their silence: on the one hand, there is revenge. He wants his indifference to leave its mark. Indeed it is with someone with whom you have dramas. Sometimes he prefers silence because he knows that he can mess up if he says everything he thinks. Another reason may be forgetfulness, which is quite frequent in your life. 

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