What Prevents You From Finding True Love According To Your Sign

What Prevents You From Finding True Love According To Your Sign

True love , the one that breaks stereotypes, is much more than a fairy tale. It is the one that remains even when you are not new, the one that sees beyond your gaze. He is brave, because he recognizes your flaws and hobbies, but still decides to take you by the hand and go out to fight against the whole world. Sometimes it comes and goes so fast that we don’t even realize it. Each sign of the zodiac faces it in its own way , what prevents you from finding true love according to your sign? 


Aries you are one of the little understood souls and it is that when it comes to love you invite curiosity, it is in your nature to explore and let yourself be carried away in the moment. When you fall in love you do not know limits and what prevents you from finding the right person is that you are too impatient, you commit to people who are not worth it, because you fall in love with the idea, not the soul. There comes a point where you settle, what’s the rush? Nobody is pressuring you, it is your inner self that overflows with energy where it is not.


Taurus, sometimes being so meticulous is not so good, when you go to an extreme you completely run away from reality. You are the type of person who has a hard time giving your heart, you need to lose yourself in the soul of the other, in a slow way, you want much more than what the case shows. You are cautious and stubborn, but that makes you close the door to someone who is worth your time and energy. Not everything can be perfect, even if it is what you want most in the world. From time to time lower two lines to your demands, because you are missing your life.


Gemini, you get lost in a cluster of thoughts, it is your adventure that does not give in , the one that always wants more and when the opportunity to commit comes to you, you do not feel safe. You always have things to do and you put your partner in the middle of your priority list. Not everyone has the patience to indulge in such an adventurous soul. Your hustle is keeping you from loving. It is worth fighting for your dreams, working hard to overcome your fears, but stability is also beautiful. If you don’t love then what’s the joke?


Cancer, when it comes to love you know no limits, you are a protective soul, the one who gives itself unconditionally, but many times you trust excessively. You have to keep in mind that no matter how much love you give to others, it will never be enough for people to change or commit to a relationship. You are not here to save anyone, it is not your responsibility to heal the wounds of the past that are dragging your loves. It is fine to be empathetic, but do not wear yourself out in solving his life, you can fall into a codependent bond.


Leo, you really are very demanding when it comes to giving your heart to a partner. You are tired of settling for crumbs and because of the past you have become very suspicious and proud. You do not tolerate any anomaly, when something minimal causes your mental, emotional or physical stability to be altered, the first thing you think about is saying goodbye. You are self-sufficient, you hate being told what to do, but you should know that nothing happens if you give in from time to time. The moment youstop wanting to control everything,the right person will arrive.


Sometimes it is just a matter of deep breathing, there is no more. Your mind is the one that does not let you advance, the one that loses its sanity, because you have a constant worry that prevents you from giving yourself to love. When it seems that the right person arrives, you despair to look for a defect . You enter this duality in which you want tranquility, love and balance, but when you have it, you don’t know what to do with so much. Your thoughts are so deep that you forget everything and everyone. That is when your perfectionist part intensifies, because there you discharge all your energy.


Libra, sometimes, you are like the flower game, the one in which you cut one petal after another asking if he loves you or not. There is a part of you that believes in love, honors fidelity, and dreams of a bond forever. And you, Libra, what prevents you from finding true love according to your sign? Without a doubt,  your insecure side,the one who feels that things are not going to work out, who is terrified of love. Many times you feel like a chameleon, not even you know the humor with which you are going to face the situation. It is your indecision that does not let you surrender to true love, the fear that your heart will break.


Scorpio, you are that mysterious soul that needs to immerse itself in the essence of the other to discover if you are really in love. The truth is that you don’t get along with loneliness at all. You have learned to see the bright side of things and you work hard to show your best version to the world. The problem is that many times you focus so much on your individuality that you leave aside the part of the partner. You find it difficult to share with someone, it is more comfortable to hold on to your independence than to accept what you really feel.


Sagittarius, sometimes you get lost in a lot of emotions. Adrenaline takes control and you forget everything, you save your sensitive part and it is impossible for you to connect on a deep level. So much adventure can make you lose the floor , because you focus on your hobbies, on everything you want to achieve. So it becomes a barrier to finding true love, because your frivolous part is the one that takes control. It is not bad that you take a break from time to time, that you give the opportunity to those who want to be part of the intensity of your days.


Capricorn, you are the type of person who does not take anything lightly, you need to follow a strategy to feel comfortable in every way. However, in matters of love, you are not always sure if things are going to go wrong or right. What prevents you from finding true love according to your sign, Capricorn? You have to relax a little more, not take things so personally. You can share values ​​and goals with that person, it does not necessarily have to become an obstacle in your life. People are imperfect, you can’t control what they say or feel, just let it flow.


Aquarius, you are the one who immerses himself in his thoughts and forgets everything. Sometimes your emotional detachment and independence can be the reasons why you don’t create a long-term bond. You are a beautiful, dedicated, sweet soul, but you don’t always give yourself to the right person. Giving is fine, but you also have to say no, setting limits is synonymous with finding someone worthwhile. Someone with whom you can share your fears, sorrows, joys. You have everything to be happy, just don’t trust the first time.


Pisces, a minute of silence for all the times you have idealized a person and it ends up showing the worst of the faces. The problem is that your sweet and empathetic side may be the reason why you romanticize everything. And you are a thinker, you like to immerse yourself in your emotions and you worry about others. Which can be counterproductive because it can make you become the other’s savior. More than your partner you become their escape valve and once they feel better they leave, that’s when they break you.


What Prevents You From Finding True Love According To Your Sign

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