Your impulsiveness.
You are too impatient to really fall in love. When you meet someone special, you always wonder if there is someone better or if you just settle for that. You’re not giving people the chance to really show you who they are. Your energy and impulsiveness is ruining your chances of finding true, lasting love.


Your hesitation.
You have always been careful, sometimes to the point of excess. You are the type of person who falls in love slowly, thoroughly, and takes your time to open your heart to others. It’s not a bad thing, but when you’re too careful and stubborn to allow yourself to feel anything for someone, you push the important people out of your life. What keeps you from finding true love is your indecision; instead of wholeheartedly believing in the possibility of a connection with someone, you avoid it.


Your frenzy. You are a sociable person. You like to be the center of attention, you like to talk, you like having lots of things to do and people to be with. There is nothing wrong with it. But sometimes your craving for stimuli can get in the way of your love life. When you’re always on the lookout for the next thing to do, prioritize everything rather than worrying about opening your heart to someone special. Being adventurous and outgoing is great, especially when it comes to building relationships, but your constantly busy schedule hampers the ability to forge deep and lasting relationships.


Your need for security. You are an extremely protective person, you would give your life for the people around you. You would do everything in your power to be there when someone needs you. These are all good points, but sometimes your devotion and protective nature can keep you from taking risks. Above all, the “risk” of meeting someone new. You need security, similar to what you have created and formed with your loved ones. But what you don’t realize is that you have to be prepared to let go of some of that security to allow someone new to enter.


Your pride. You know what you want and you know how to get it, and most of the time you do it on your own. However, due to your independent nature, you sometimes get angry when it comes to relationships, thinking that you don’t need anyone. What really keeps you from finding true love is your pride. When you let go of your need to be in control or to be the center of your universe, you are allowing someone else to be a part of it.


Your excessive thinking. From the outside you are cold and shy, but a wild soul lurks beneath the surface. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. And overthinking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, until it starts to control your life and your decisions. You are a great listener, a deep thinker, and a strong but silent soul. You have the ability to find true love, but what you need to do first is silence the voices in your head. Don’t obsess over what you don’t know or can’t change.


Your indecision. You always try to make everyone happy, you always try to do the right thing and create harmony around you. When it comes to relationships, however, this can be your downfall. Instead of expressing how you feel, you often become a chameleon, changing to accommodate who you are with. If you want to find something real, you can’t keep changing yourself to be what someone else wants. Sometimes you have to be true to what you really want.


Your independence. You like to be alone and you are often the best version of yourself when doing things alone. You are extremely self-aware, to the point of ignoring relationships and focusing on yourself. But, underneath it all, you thirst for love. And to find that true love, you have to be willing to share your life with someone.


Your inconstancy. You are adventurous, to put it mildly. Whether it’s trying new things, exploring new hobbies, traveling to new places, or just questioning the world around you, your creative mind doesn’t like to fall for it. ‘rut. And that’s how you came to see relationships: as a drag. What really keeps you from finding true love is your take on it and your volatility when it comes to making any kind of commitment. To truly let someone in, you need to understand that love doesn’t limit you, but instead allows you to fully experience your freedom.


Your seriousness. You have always lived your life seriously: worrying about the future and always having a plan. When it comes to relationships, you are obviously no different – you are looking for someone with whom to share values ​​and goals. These are good things, especially when it comes to something long term, but what keeps you from finding true love is the fact that you take life too seriously to give someone a chance. a.


Your generosity. Generosity is something that is part of who you are; constantly give to others, putting them first and sharing all you can with those who need it. It’s the best thing about you, but sometimes you’re so generous that you give until there’s nothing left. What keeps you from finding true love is your inability to say no.


Your imagination. You are a dreamer and a deep thinker. You often imagine scenarios with your future sweetheart or romanticize situations and conversations in your head until they are so far removed from the truth that you can’t remember what really happened. Although you are an emotional and empathetic person, you waste your chance to find true love by always thinking about what it could be, rather than experiencing it and living it in the moment.


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