What Each Sign Wants In A Relationship But Doesn’t Say It

What Each Sign Wants In A Relationship But Doesn’t Say It

Sometimes, we fall into the ‘we leave and we return’, those relationships in which there is no respect, where grudges are kept and they end in the worst way. It is not easy to say what you feel, because in the end each head is a world and it will take it in its own way. There are times when the zodiac signs prefer to be silent, they want something but do not dare to say it. Has it happened to you?

1.- Aries

Aries is the one who cannot avoid putting a touch of passion in everything he does, when it comes to love he does it as if it were his last chance, he really enjoys enjoying the moment and values ​​it very much when love is willing to accompany him on the trip. However, he is a leader, he likes to challenge and have his orders followed. Aries wants a person who is not afraid, who does not lower his guard when his impulsive side shows up and his stubbornness takes over. I want your partner to understand your way of being and not insist that you change.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is the sign that values ​​reciprocity, is the one who gives himself and wants to receive the same in return. He knows that not all people are willing to dive emotionally and that terrifies him. And it is that when Taurus loves, they do not know about filters, they simply show the worst and the best of their sides. You want a relationship where the other person loves and appreciates you in the same way that he does. He is the one who appreciates your time, your effort and wants to see you shine in every way. Taurus wants something safe, to know that when he wakes up that person will continue to be by his side.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is anything but perfect. He is the changing, adventurous, curious soul, he is the person who gets to shake your world in the blink of an eye. Geminis are reserved when it comes to showing feelings, especially at first, because they are afraid of getting hurt. He wants a relationship in which he is loved even after knowing his darker side. Look for that life partner who simply gets carried away, someone who is willing to fall in love and let them fall in love with him. Gemini wants someone who is not afraid of emotion, who is willing to understand and love.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the pure heart when it comes to sharing the days with others. It is the type of partner that gives you the assurance that they will be in the worst moments, but they will also applaud your victories. Cancer wants a relationship where he is cared for in the same way that he is. Cancer loves to immerse himself in the magic of falling in love. It is a sensitive sign that likes to surprise. Cancer is delivered with all its roots and it does so quickly. The moment they feel a connection they let go and feed that feeling every day. They want someone who won’t let them go.

5- Leo

Leo is the one who exudes brilliance in his steps, is confident in himself, and likes to add a touch of action to everything he does. They are the kind of couple who give their hearts and know how to paint bad days in color. Leo is willing to listen to his partner, to remind him of how much he is worth. He is independent, if he is with you it is because he really cares about you. You want a relationship where your partner understands how much you are worth, who is willing to yell at the world how much they love each other. Leo wants attention, but also someone who is enough with his heart. You don’t want to settle for the wrong person.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is synonymous with caution when it comes to love. He is the one who approaches your heart in a stealthy way because he does not want to hurt you, much less that you are the one who opens his wounds. In love he puts his analytical and critical side ahead, he is the type of person who has high expectations and hopes that they are fulfilled as a couple. Virgo wants a relationship in which they do not feel judged, in which they accept their peculiar way of seeing life. You don’t want them to leave when things get bad. He is loyal, loving, and independent, he wants someone who delivers the same.

7.- Libra

Libra is the sign that when falling in love exudes empathy, it is the person who cannot help but dream of hearts in the air. He has a side in love that makes him the sweetest person on the planet. Libra seeks to love with peace, where relaxation occurs naturally. You want a relationship in which you can find balance, a partner who is able to understand your fears, sadness, and aspirations. Libra expects to receive what he gives, that’s when he can talk about honest love. Simply someone who loves him without limits, demands what he deserves.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the one who goes through life with a mysterious touch, he prefers to be that person that many try to decipher, than the one who gives everything the first time and ends up with a broken heart. Scorpio is passion, it is so attractive that it becomes a magnet for anyone. They are emotional, so they seek a relationship in which they are heard, understood, and loved. That is why they are so selective, they really want to feel confident that the other person is trustworthy. They have a hard time breaking down walls to let someone into their heart, but when they do they teach you what loyalty is.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is that soul that is not willing to let go of its fanciful side, it is the one who bets on an adventure and has no problem in becoming a little one when it comes to playing. It is the sign that runs away from ties, enjoys flirting, and spending an unrepeatable moment. However, when it comes to a formal relationship, he wants someone who doesn’t shy away from his lifestyle, a loyal person with an exciting heart. That being who stays up to date, who enjoys the risks, and who is willing to go out and travel the world by his side. Although it seems ironic, he commits himself when he feels most free.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn can be too practical when it comes to loving, he really doesn’t like wasting time with people who don’t know what they want. At first, they are cold because they need to know what the other’s intentions are. They are extremely hardworking, so they always have a million things to do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time for the person they care about. Capricorn wants a relationship in which they are valued, in which they are not demanding and put kindness first. A partner who knows the meaning of respect and who carries it out.

11.- Aquarius

Like birds, they can fly and fly, but there is a time when they return to the nest. Aquarius is an unconventional sign, he is the one who has a thirst for adventure and who can get lost in conversations that test his logic. Aquarius is always challenging and is too attracted to anything that has to do with social causes. He wants a relationship in which he is given freedom and trust, in which he can show his essence without fear. He needs his space, he does not tolerate couples who are too demanding, that is when his heart sits in a cage and runs away.

12.- Pisces

Yes, Pisces, he is romantic, given, disinterested, the heart that goes to your feet. However, there are few who have the privilege of knowing its most noble part. Pisces does not want to be with someone who makes him feel distressed, which is why he now pays a lot of attention before having a relationship. You want someone who is willing to put the past behind him, who is not afraid to let his feelings take over. A relationship in which they can show love, respect, and admiration for the other. Pisces wants to be sure that they are worth showing their weaker side to that person.


What Each Sign Wants In A Relationship But Doesn't Say It

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